Gold's Gym / membership/fees/cancellations

So Mar 13, 2013
Contact information:
Phone: 602-368-1221

I was a HAPPY member of Golds Gym until they took advantage of me. I am so grateful that I did not attach them to my personal bank because I would have been taken to the cleaners. I signed up for a membership with Golds Gym not long ago. I use it frequently and really enjoy all of it's benefits. I have a pre-paid visa that I use for this membership and only put funds in the amount that Golds Gym will be deducting on this card. At the beginning February the third party company took out $39. They called this the annual fee (I was told this would be taken out on the fourth month of my membership) I was not aware that this fee was taken and because I only deposit enough money for the membership I did not have the 9.97 for three of the payments... I was charged a $25 fee for EACH attempt to collect the membership fee. When it came to my attention I called the membership number and was told what happened. I was very confused and said, we aren't even four months today for my member ship? I understand the fee but not clear on when it was deducted. I thought OK, well I owe it so I will deposit more for the weekly fee's that were not able to be taken. They said NO, you have to pay EACH $25 plus a SERVICE FEE plus the missed membership fees. I refused to do so... asked for supervisors, GM's and spoke to many, many people... there is nothing anyone will do for me... so I said then cancel my membership and she said again, NO! You can not cancel a membership when there is an outstanding balance on the account. I said I refuse to pay these fee's. She, Elaine at [protected] said we will continue to attempt to collect the weekly fee for 60 days and each time charge you $25. Then we will pass you off to collections for the entire amount. I feel like they are holding me down and rapping me until they are satisfied that they have had enough... I am so upset! I am being forced to pay all of their fees TODAY or more money will be charged... How can they be allowed to do this? They will NOT give me the number to the corporate office and they say that the corporate office will stand by them...

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