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My complaint refers to a post on your site regarding our company, Below is my response to Amy, who made these false accusations.

Hello Amy,

I am the founder of GoldFellow and would like to respond to your malicious post. I found your comments to be interesting to say the least. Please provide me your customer number to identify who you are.

Regarding your charges:
1) GoldFellow provides real time tracking, something you would know if you tracked your package
2)EVERY package received is graded and settlement posted the same day as it arrives.
3) There are no "Male Supervisors" employeed at GoldFellow or any other supervisors.
4)If a customer declines our offer we return their valuables via Fedex immediately, therfore providing tracking.

I certainly could be mistaking, but my guess is you are likely one of our competitors attempting to discredit us rather than provide the quality service and honest pricing that GoldFellow prides itself.

You are welcome to contact me directly to discuss this further.


Michael H Gusky

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  • Ms
      May 09, 2009

    Hello to all,
    I did not find anything bad about GoldFellow during my search for the reliability of this company. I have sent my gold and diamonds off to them. I was aware that diamonds did not increase the value of the cash offered. I found out after I sent them off; Yet I do have full faith in the honesty of the founder. I like the fact, he responded to the claim that was made by Amy! That in itself tells me alot. I have tracked my package with information that was provided by GoldFellow. I have not found a flaw in what they said they would do for me as the customer yet! If the BBB can give them an A-, they are not easy to give a thumb up, let alone such a high score to a company that is scamming people. As for now, I will say that I am pleased with the service. But there is one problem I do have: The program GoldView, it is a site that I think has some program problems within itself. I do hope that is working fine when my package is recieved by the merchant on the 12th of May. Even though I have the option to view what GoldFellow is offering me through a detailed breakdown, I hope Goldview doesn't breakdown! LOL
    I will definitly post another comment once the transaction has been completed, which ever direction it goes! Thank you for the opportunity to vioce my opinion on your company. We do need more companies that will make the consumer as reassured as you do Mr. Gusky.
    Ms. Ali

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  • Ms
      May 09, 2009

    Hello once again,
    I have to make a correction on my first comment! I WAS NOT AWARE THAT DIAMONDS DID NOT INCREASE THE VALUE OF CASH OFFERED! I had stated that I was aware of it in my prior comments. I feel it is important to make that clear. Actually, I should have prove read it better than I did. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Everyone have a Blessed day!
    Ms. Ali

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