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Hi For All
Dears :

I would like to inform you the truth and tell you about the right way to be ware from this cheater's,
First of all golden weeks company it is the same stuff and same company vacation international they Chang the name of them company from the economic department government of Dubai. And they shift from the previous location next to hammer ain center 21 St century building office nom. 501 to new location called almasood building al qarhood area floor number 11 with new name golden weeks, but the miserable things they still have the same stuff ( the most amazing cheater any where).

They do this because there is so many complain against them so they want to come with new solution and new way to cheat the people.

I am a new victim same all of you but I don't blame my self because once I do search on my I phone once I attend the presentation I didn't find any complain, until I went to the economic department then I know all the story, so for my brothers and sisters and family's be ware BE WARE, BE WARE, BE WARE, BE WARE. GOLDEN WEEKS COMPANY ITS THE SAME VACATION INTERNATIONL the one who cheated more than hundreds of family's in Dubai and they come with new solution to keep going cheating the people.

Even I asked them to show me the license copy the try so many times to hide it from me . But because I show them that I am interested to pay the head of management he brought it to me and I took the number to ask then I come to know the truth.

This people they will never ever stop cheating others unless we do one complains against them or we do some records for the presenter to use it or even take time to read our contract .

Finally to all my brothers, sisters and precious family's be ware from golden weeks they re same vacation international .

Apr 16, 2014
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  • Li
      19th of Apr, 2014

    You are totally me and my husband went to the presentation to take our guy started to talk for 2 husband agreed and started to pay by credit as he was thinking about our honeymoon...during this time i searched about the company as i had bad feelings... then when i noticed that they dobt even show in a search...they dont have a website and read a bad review about them...i asked my husband to stop everything, they started to ask about the reasons...i said i just dont feel comfortable about this quick decision and asked my husband to stop it...they followed me to the lift to ask about more about my reasons...i wonder how they can do that in such a country like dubai.

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