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Vacation International Cheaters in Dubai (Mostly Indian Victims)Posted on August 15, 2012 by tdomf_ec452

Dear sir,
My name is Rajesh, am living & working in sharjah for past 4 years. I am writing this email with heavy heavy heart that I was cheated by one of the company in Dubai, UAE. I am not the only victim of this company, so many people are suffering because of these cheaters. Even there was a news in Gulf News about this scam (Please click on link: As you go through gulf news link, you can find 113 comments on this article most of them were “I am also a victim of vacation international, please help!!” Most of the victims are Indians
Name of the company : Vacation International
Address : Abu Baker, Al Sedeek St
Rashid Al Majid Bldg
5th Floor, Office 502
PO Box: 22899
Tel no: [protected]
Fax no: [protected]
Please refer below link from complaints board website, where in so many people have put their comments on.
Please spare your time to read my full message. I’ve tried consumer rights but no use, even consumer rights accepts they’ve been cheating but their powers are limited. My intension is purely to save others from this scam & to get justice for all the victims. Being a middle class man, I am not fortunate enough to pay the court & lawyer fees. I humbly request you to help us in getting our deposit money 20, 000dhs from these cheaters.
Please read below complaint statement in blue color, which has been given to consumer rights.
“On first week of march 2012, I’ve visited Deira City Center, there was a stall by the name vacation international & one lady came to us & asked us to write the name & details for lucky draw, we just wrote it. By the end of that week on 9th March 2012 a marketing lady name FAZA called us saying that I’ve won a 7 days trip to any destination and she asked us to attend a party to receive that gift. On arriving that place we’ve found that it was not a party, it was a presentation invitation to brain wash people to buy timeshare property in Dive Inn resort on Egypt.
In the presentation they started telling about their timeshare package, starting with showing approval document by Dubai economic department, ADCB Certification etc etc..
The below promises were verbally made by the sales person Mr.Berhanu & sales manager Mr.Khalid, before signing a contract.
1. Customer can with draw his deposit money anytime, through ADCB Bank.
2. We (vacation Int) will rent your weeks through interval international for a minimum amount of 3000 USD.
3. Customer can get the deposit money back (by renting out weeks – Done by vacation international), maximum within one month from the contract signing date.
Believe me they were promising the customers in such a way, you cannot neglect their package. While they were not even giving enough time to read the contract fully, I asked them where it is written in the contract that vacation international will rent out the weeks & provide deposit money to the customers within promised time. Immediately that sales person starts promising me by saying that “Don’t worry I am here to get your rent out money back”. Once the contract is signed, that’s it, all their promises were broken one by one. First they were not allowing me to talk to that concerned sales person, instead asking me to contact customer service manager Mr.Mohammed Serry.
When I started discussing with Mr.Serry, I came to know that whatever these sales person promised me is not true. Then immediately I sent a mail to them saying “I want to cancel my contract” (refer attachment “Need to cancel my contract”) & want to meet my sales agent Mr.Berhanu. Starting from this instance, they started showing their real cheaters face. They didn’t allowed me to speak with that sales person, after long discussion finally they allowed. That sales man is acting in a way that “he doesn’t know about current renting out process” and again he promised me that he will speak to his manager & solve the issue. You know what, nothing happened and I stopped contacting that sales man. Meanwhile I tried to rent out the weeks in interval international website by paying another 200 USD in interval international website. To get this done, I have to waste most of my day by calling these lazy customer service (refer attachment “Delay in sending list & registration”) (refer attachment “Delay in registration & activation code”).
Still now I didn’t get any offer from that advertisement, and I realized that I’ve lost another 800 dhs.
These people are well organized to cheat innocent people, and that too in the presence of strict Dubai government. I cannot believe how these people are operating in the malls saying “we are approved by Dubai economic department”. Legally we are helpless, they put all the clauses in the contract to safe guard themselves. In the name of trust they blind us during contract interpretation & signing, there is no proof for us other than god.
I kindly request you to take this case seriously, to stop them from cheating other customers & to recover the deposit money of all victims of vacation international.
Last but not least, if you don’t believe me. Just book an appointment with them in any of the mall stalls to receive their presentation. For sure you will come to know, How they are looting money from innocent customers, by making false promises.”
After so many weeks of discussion with consumer rights, finally they favored the cheaters & told me to go to Dubai courts. They themselves accept that vacation international is cheating the customers by playing around the loops of UAE law. And finally inspector told me “only top officials of economic department can take action against them”, it seems like all of them were under their network, a common man cannot stand against them.
Already some cases against them are going on in Dubai court. And lot more people are not wealthy enough to file a case on them, like me.
Some of the victims of this company, now willing to file case against them. We need a lawyer to take up our case. Please help we need justice with your help.

NOW THEY CREAT NEW WAY THEY CHANGE THE COMPANY NAME TO GOLDEN WWKE TO KEEP GOING CHEATING THE PPL. by the way they will never stopped until there is real action agents them

Golden weeks
Golden weeks
Golden weeks

Apr 22, 2014

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