Gold / disturbing window shows up my PC

1 Japan
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After I download free video, The small window shows up every 3 minutes " Thank you for your membership, you owe 50.000 Japanese Yen ($531, 00) 3 day to pay through bank transfer"
Immediately I send E-Mail that I don't want membership and I don't recall I consent or agree to pay.
I send follow up E-Mail asking to stop disturbing window shows up.
They returned E-Mail said " you owe 50.000 Yen and window don't stop unless you pay through bank transfer"
I never consent membership or payment and did not give my information. All they know is my E-Mail address. I did not pay any amount of money.
But problem is that disturbing window shows up every 3 minutes asking money.
All I want is to stop this window shows up
and little worry about they might go lawyer.


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