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Buyer beware!!! This is just a summary of our problem with the dune buggy we purchased.

On march 22, 2012 we contacted the customer service department of gokartsusa. We were advised to give the dune buggy the break in period of 10-12 hours and then perform the oil change. The machine now has 12.6 hours on it and we continue to have the following problems as well as new ones.

The following is a list of existing problems we still have with the dune buggy.
• there is heavy metal frag in the motor.
• the belt is cheaply made. This will cause us and other customers to have to buy another belt within approximately three months.
• the motor is only emitting 9500 rpm. We purchased the performance cdi box for $144.00 to improve the top end performance, yet the top-end remains to stay at 9500 rpm or below. The only improvement noticed was a slight throttle improvement.
• the struts are loose.
• the rear spindles are loose.
• the spot welds are broke/separated for the roll-cage adapter.

The following is a list of new problems incurred during the break-in period.
• weak spark (Bluish-orange)
• diaphragm spring is possibly weak causing the diaphragm to be bloated, like the elasticity is no longer performing. The diaphragm is bigger than the diameter of the carburetor top.
• rpm after break-in has decreased to 7200 rpm’s at quarter throttle. At half throttle we have a loss of power, spitting fuel back out of the carburetor.
O we cleaned the carburetor and have the same results
O checked the airgap on the pickup coil, it’s at the proper specs
O cleaned and regapped the spark plug, have the same problem
• removed the exhaust to check the sootage for excess fuel and there is a lot of black soot in the exhaust.

To resolve these problems we are asking gokartsusa to have a technician contact us to troubleshoot the problems we are having. We are also asking gokartsusa to provide the rearview mirror assemble parts, a new fender for the dune buggy and a refund for the cdi box or a replacement one that will provide the performance as indicated on their website.

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      29th of Aug, 2016 - No customer service and refuse to refund your money for their mistake
    United States

    Do not buy from these people! Ordered a part from them on their website last November. Sent the wrong part, actually the wrong part was listed on the website for my kart. Got the part sent it back within 15 days with the correct return number. Never got refunded. Called and got a hold of the part department and said yes they had the part and would refund my money. Several months later called again, and then said oops we forgot to give you a refund. Called again and now we are 9 months out, they now tell me they will only refund about half the cost, but yet they had the wrong part listed on there site. And still do not have a refund. Going on a year. Do not buy from them. No customer service and refuse to refund your money for their mistake.

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