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Gmac Timeshare Division


False Promise

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Contact information:
5389 S. Kirkman Road, s103-106
Orlando, Florida
United States
Phone: 888 805-4622
To TS421, if I would have to post my property on the web and provide a link to their site, then I'm doing their job. It's up to THEM to do ALL the work, as they are paid to do. What you do not see if how all this transpired: I was overpromised and nothing but excuses were delivered. If they want positive remarks, let them do what they promised to do. Mr. Martin promised to have my properties rented and sold quickly. I haven't heard from them since they made sure to collect my money. When I mentioned that the economy was bad before the listing, Mr. Martin ASSURED me that he would get quick results still.
Additionally, you may not have realized that this is a COMPLAINT BOARD, not a COMPLIMENTARY BOARD.

To Dana Breshaun: 2008 is different than 2009. We see what a difference a year can make, i.e. the mortgage business, credit crisis, and the rise of unemployment. Additionally, EVERY large company can have a bad apple. I.E. it wasn't every employee of Enron that was a problem, but because of a few, the company failed. GMAC Timeshare hasn't proven themselves with me, and that's all that counts.

To sparkky692001, I bet they offered to lower the listing price for you! especially after "Talking to their manager!" No matter what it is, you'd be better off investing in Enron stocks!
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A  7th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
GMAC Timeshare Division
5389 S. Kirkman Rd. Suite 103-106
Orlando, FL 32819
888-805-GMAC (4622)

GMAC hounded me to list timeshare time with them. Taletha Kinkade called numerous
times saying; “I have clients wanting to rent condos for special occasions. I also talked
with Taletha, s associate, Eric Kennedy and was promised immediate results, if I would
list with GMAC. After all, “GMAC is Service you Deserve, People You Trust.”
On June 1, 2009 I sighed their listing agreement and paid $800. to GMAC, listing
The followint three units:

1BR Deluxe: 10/17/09 to 10/19/09 two nights Wyndham Ocean Walk,
Daytona Beach for Biketoberfest weekend.

1BR : 02/12/10 to 02/19/10 seven nights Wyndham LaBelle Maison,
New Orleans for Mardi Gras week.

1BR Studio: 02/12/10 seven nights Wyndham LaBelle Maison,
New Orleans for Mardi Gras week.

Results: NONE!
Never once did GMAC contact me with offers to rent or suggestions,
such as rates to quote. I contacted GMAC by phone several times and
spoke to Office Manager, Frankie Martinez. Frankie said; “We never
guaranteed you anything….but don’t worry we are working for you.”

In September, I received a call from Taletha Kinkade, wanting to list and
sell timeshare for me. It was obvious she was “coldcalling” timeshare owners from
a solicitation list. I said, “Taletha, you fool, do you know who you are talking to.
You have already scammed me for $800. and have done nothing for me.”

I cancelled the reservation for Daytona Beach on or about Oct. 1,
so I would not be penalized for late cancellation.

December, 2009: I listed the New Orleans units on Craigslist.
Both were rented by Jan. 6, 2010.
D  4th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
Timeshare Division GMAC Real Estate is a Marketing Company.. Not a Listing/Advertising Company. They do not advertise or list any of their customers inventory on a website. Advertising a property on a website means ( based from what several consumers have blogged about and personally from what I know of the industry) it's just going to sit on a website waiting for someone to scroll across it one day. There is a huge difference between an "Advertising Company and a "Marketing Company". Let me explain.. You will often find that many people confuse marketing with advertising or vise versa. While both components are important they are very different:

Advertising: The paid, public, non-personal announcement of a persuasive message by an identified sponsor; the non-personal presentation or promotion by a firm of its products to its existing and potential customers.

Marketing: The systematic planning, implementation and control of a mix of business activities intended to bring together buyers for the mutually advantageous exchange or transfer of products.

The best way to distinguish between advertising and marketing is to think of marketing as a pie, inside that pie you have slices of advertising, market research, media planning, public relations, product pricing, distribution, customer support, sales strategy, and community involvement. Advertising only equals one piece of the pie in the strategy. All of these elements must not only work independently but they also must work together towards the bigger goal, the consumer. Marketing is a process that takes time and can involve hours of research for a marketing plan to be effective. Think of marketing as everything that an organisation does to facilitate an exchange between company and consumer.

Timeshare Division GMAC Real Estate provides the most comprehensive vacation property marketing program in the industry. With their affiliations, memberships, resources, and know how, they aggressively market each property through several different avenues but not by letting it just sit on a website. Infact, www.gmactd.com is strictly their resort directory. It allows the consumers to take virtual tours of each resort. They ask that customers not only create an account on the website to post positive comments and experiences of their resort but to also send in pictures to ad to the website www.gmactd.com, this gives any interested party a better perspective of ownership from the owners views of their ownership at each resort. Timeshare Division GMAC Real Estate mostly markets inventory by going to several different types of events. For example major conventions in the industry that target the appropriate audience, a monthly showcase at the International Palms Resort & Conference Center located in a major tourist spot in Orlando, FL., different types of leads groups, all kinds of business to business events, and daily networking events. To stay up to date on Timeshare Division GMAC Real Estate's events, visit: http://www.gmactd.com/blog/corporate-events. If any of the events are in the area you reside in, please feel free to attend! Plus, Timeshare Division GMAC Real Estate's recent partnership with Travelocity Partner Network gives us a powerful suite of travel products and are able to harness the resources and product lines of Travelocity Partner Network to help them establish their brand as a trusted travel provider. Timeshare Division GMAC Real Estate is now a full travel agency offering everything from accommodations through our owners inventory, flights, cruises, tickets & attractions, car rentals. Travelocity Partner Network is the leading provider of consumer-direct travel services for the leisure and business traveler. Through Travelocity Partner Network, Timeshare Division GMAC Real Estate's customers are also able to access offerings, pricing, and travel information about airlines, car rentals, cruise lines, tickets & attractions, and other travel related services.

The recent economic downturn has had an impact on our industry and we understand every clients frustration when the turnover period is not exactly what they had anticipated but please be assured that we are continuing to maintain a positive scope and take every aggressive avenue to create the best marketing routes for each client. Timeshare Division GMAC Real Estate looks forward to continuing a positive business relationship with each Customer and assures you we are constantly working with the vacation industry for more exposure and marketing opportunities. If you have any discomfort with your service from Timeshare Division GMAC Real Estate please do not hesitate to contact the Customer Service Department immediately Toll Free 1-888-805-GMAC ext. 4 between the hours of 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Mon-Thurs & 9:00 -5:00 pm on Friday or simply email Customer Service: info@gmactd.com. Timeshare Division GMAC Real Estate takes pride in our name and stand by our motto Service You Deserve, People You Trust!
N  17th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
I paid GMAC Timeshare Division $1000.00 to Henry Cordts. I never got a returned phone call. At www.BBB.org : GMAC Timeshare Division has the worst possible rating an "F". They will never provide any proof that they have ever rented or sold a single property. GMAC Timeshare Division cannot n provide you even 2 or 3 clients that have had a good experience with GMAC. They are a scam and the only way to get your money back is to start a class action lawsuit and call your credit card company and dispute the charge and then take them to litigation. DO NOT PAY GMAC any money, THEY ARE A SCAM.
A  25th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
Ok I just got off the phone with Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum, he is head of the Economic Crimes Division, if you have ever paid Timeshare FSBO, Timeshare MLS, GMAC Timeshare Division any money and they did not do what they promised, then we can do a class action lawsuit against the owners of the companies, as well as the scam artist salespeople that work for GMAC Timeshare Division, and hold them responsible. Here is how we can get our money back, go to www.myfloridalegal.com and file a report about GMAC Timeshare Division and the salesperson that took your money, or call 1-866-966-7226 and ask for the Economic Crimes Division and file a report, GMAC Timeshare Division is currently already under investigation. This company preys on those who need help the most, and they bet on the fact that most of us people will not do anything to try to get our money back. Prove them wrong, call your credit card company and dispute the charge, and then file a formal complaint against them. TAKE ACTION!
A  13th of Jun, 2011 by    0 Votes
JUNE 10, 2011--It has been over a year now (from April 27, 2010 - Tues @ 3:30 p.m. until current) and I haven't gotten anywhere with GMAC Timeshare Division. I didn't petition them to do me a service; they came to me via phone. It was Katherine Castellanos who promised she'd do everything to get my condo rented. She secured me in stating how reputable GMAC was and didn't have to worry about them taking me for a ride (scam).
I trusted GMAC Mortgage whole-heartedly. I have had two homes through their mortgage division. And if TDGMAC Real Estate is a branch of GMAC Mortgage--I thought I could trust them—what wasn’t to trust?? Boy, was I wrong! She told me that she'd put me on priority status, so my unit would get rented out quickly, she made it sound as if were tomorrow. She assured me that I wouldn't have to lift a finger to do anything--they'd take all the necessary steps in getting it rented out (this was what the $699 was for).
Katherine told me she'd be our Marketing Rental Agent for LIFE!! She said she'd call frequently, asking if we would be using our condo, or renting it out from year to year. She said she'd continue to keep in touch with us on a regular basis with the status of the rental of our condo. After making all those wonderful promises, she was all too anxious to secure the money of $699. She said it would have been $899--but gave me a discount because I had my mortgage through GMAC. She assured me this would be the only fee I'd ever be charged--this amount would cover ALL her services from now until we didn't want her services (in other words, FOREVER).
Again, she assured me that my condo would be put on PRIORITY STATUS meaning, it would get rented between 30 and 90 days. I'd receive my money in a cashier’s check after 10 days, once the rental took place. She said we could get at LEAST--$2, 200 per unit and it could go up to $2, 500 X 3 (4) = $6, 600 to $7, 500. She also said the $699 was tax deductible?? She would send me a form around tax time (E-234)?? I never received a form, for either Tax year 2010 or 2011. *~*
She took my money and reassured me that GMAC Rental has been in existence for 20 years with 97% in experience with good standing. With my husband out of work (and still out) I felt renting our condo, especially since we can't afford to go on vacation ourselves, should help pay a few of our house payments among other bills. I also felt it would help cover those dreaded maintenance fees, which are now over $750 per year. I've called The Timeshare Division over and over again; I've emailed them, and when I do get someone they always have some sort of an excuse, now it’s the economy. They make it sound as if it’s my problem. They also said I'm the one that must continue to call them to the status of my condo. This one lady got very rude with me. Why should I do the work I’m paying them to do?
I'm so upset, I need my money! If I don't rent out these units, I will lose them. I have to pay a fee if I want to keep them past their expiration date so that I can keep them in circulation/useable. I've got at least 3 weeks, or 3 different times @ one week—located in Celebrity Resorts Orlando, Kissimmee, Florida. The unit contains 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, even a full kitchen--very nice. It is near Disney World. Now why couldn't GMAC Timeshare Div. rent this out????
They make a lot of promises, take our money and give us nothing in return. I never could get a hold of Katherine, always leaving her messages. I finally called a different number and asked someone why she wasn't returning my messages, they told me she was on leave. They'd have her call when she got back. I waited and waited. I called again and again. They said she was let go, that whoever took her place would call me. No one did, I called her old number which happened to be John Callaway’s number now. I left him a message and he hasn't gotten back, currently--but did I really expect it? YES! I want what they promised me for payment received of $699, and in return, the rental of my 3 to 4 condo units at $2, 200 per unit. They cannot get away with this!! HELP!! X(

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