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Gmac Smartlease / they lied

1 1101 Spruce StreetAmbridge, PA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 412-908-1465

I leased a 2005 gmac chevy equinox. When I turned in the car, it was lived in but had no damage, except for 2 burn holes, one in each of the front seats. I never disputed that. And I paid those charges, no problem. $150 per seat cushion. But the other charges, I have disputed. The first was a damaged windshield; they showed pictures of the windshield severely out of focus which appeared to be circled in white, but the area was in plain view from the passenger seat, and I had just inspected it with the dealer and there was no crack or anything wrong with the windshield.

The other charge was a paint job I had done when I was in an accident. It was a hit and run, I had side damage on the front passenger door and panel area, and countracoup damage on the other side in the left passenger side over the left rear wheel. When the accident happened, I called my agent (nationwide) they sent me to a sister dealer (a gmac dealer) the same name, different location as the dealer I bought my car from. They fixed the car up and it looked very good. They never indicated the paint was not a match, and to my eye, the color was exactly the same. I drove that car another 6 or 8 months after the dameage was fixed, and never saw anything different in the color. Again, on the webiste the pictures are poor quality, and the only color difference is one of the pictures has part of the car in shade, the other in bright sunlight. That is the only place you would (and should) see a difference in the color. Shade makes it look darker, gmac, and your dealer is the one that fixed my car. They knew it was a lease so why would they change the color? And if they did, why was that my fault???

I disputed their claims for months. Finally, I received a call from someone who told me if I paid the $300 for the damaged cushions, then they would not ask for the rest, and in good faith, I accepted that offer. I paid the $300 and thought it was over. Months later, I was told that some "supervisor" did not agree with the deal, and wanted the rest fo the money paid!!!. Now, today, I get a call from a collections agent. I told her I disputed the claim, gmac lied, and I was not going to pay the rest. Put it on my credit, you think I care??

Oh by the way, I have bought another gmac car. I am not ever going to do a smartlease again. I like the cars, but not the company I am buying it from.


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