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Dear Sir, I have received a massage on my mobile number that I won 520, 000 pounds in world Mobile Promo and that I need to send some info to this Email Address: [protected] or make a phone call on this number +[protected] . Please let me know what is this all about. my email qqqqqq.[protected] Thank you/ Nata

Dec 22, 2015
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  • Ro
      Jan 07, 2016

    i have also recieved the same sms

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  • Al
      Jan 12, 2016

    Me too: here is the text of the follow up message:GLOBAL WORLDWIDE MOBILE PROMO OFFICE
    London, United Kingdom
    Office Tel: +44 1513290190

    Batch: FR/45-300-15

    Subscription Transaction NO.:GW101Z2) HAS WON £520, 000.00{Five Hundred and
    Twenty Thousand Great British Pounds} IN THIS WEEKS GIVEAWAY WINNERS.
    We have received your claims email and based on this, your prize money
    shall be remitted to you accordingly.
    On behalf of the Management and Staffs of GLOBAL WORLDWIDE MOBILE PROMO®,
    we officially congratulate you as the beneficiary of the cash prize
    £520, 000.00{Five Hundred and Twenty Thousand Great British Pounds} and
    your cheque will be issued in your name and some documents. We advise you
    check the spelling and an order which your name is arranged so as to avoid
    problems at your local bank.
    Good to hear from you regarding the GLOBAL WORLDWIDE MOBILE PROMO®. My
    name is Dr. M. Newton., I am the GLOBAL WORLDWIDE MOBILE PROMO® Cash
    officer assigned to winners on the Mobile sweepstakes. Congratulations, we
    the staffs of GLOBAL WORLDWIDE MOBILE PROMO® congratulate you as one of
    the lucky winners on this year GLOBAL WORLDWIDE MOBILE PROMO® Draw. Your
    Mobile Phone Number has been selected at random by our computer system of
    networking and has won for you the sum of £520, 000.00{Five Hundred and
    Twenty Thousand Great British Pounds} and all information concerning the
    facilitation of your claims will commence as soon as you meet with the
    In line with the commemorating event marking our 144nd anniversary, we
    rolled out over 45, 750, 000.00GBP for our 143nd Anniversary Draws. All
    participants were selected through a computer ballot system, drawn from
    25, 000 company mobile numbers, and 30, 000, 000 individual mobile numbers,
    from 45 mobile networks from UAE, Australia, North America, South America,
    Europe, Asia and Africa as part of International Promotions Program, which
    is conducted annually.

    The dead line set for the collection of winning is ebbing ever so close;
    hence you are to act accordingly to instruction stated herein.

    It is imperative that you keep this winning confidential and surreptitious
    to avoid any one other than yourself from laying claim to your money.
    We hereby wish to inform you that your claims file has been approved for
    immediate payment.

    Also inform us know of your preferred mode of payment:

    Option (1) - Your physical presence in the UK or Switzerland.
    Option (2) - Cheque Delivery or Bank Transfer to your nominated bank account.

    It is very important that you must email your preferred mode of payment as
    to enable this office
    finalize your claim.
    Endeavor to fill the below form for first stage of verification.

    Full Names:
    Postal Code:
    Marital Status:
    Cell Phone:
    Home Phone:
    Alternative Email:

    Payment Options:
    Option 1 - Physical Collection:
    Option 2 - Cheque Delivery or Bank Transfer:
    On behalf of the management and entire staff of GLOBAL WORLDWIDE MOBILE
    PROMO®, we officially
    congratulate you as the beneficiary of this Bonanza.
    I await your immediate response then we shall proceed by sending you your
    winning certifcate and to sign the necessary document to enable immediate
    remittance through your preferred mode of payment.

    Yours faithfully
    Mr. M. Newton.

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  • Mo
      Jan 28, 2016

    I got the same email with different email a dress forward in the same reference number (GW101Z2) but was aI told half an hour ago that I was one of the lucky winners (+44 151 329 0199). I was Senthe reference number from +61 432 577 217 which is an Australian number. And that things had to be put forward to a lawyer to make sure that everything was legit and that I would receive another email by the end of today or tomorrow Great Britain time. I have printed copies of the emails and seriously I want the money and I want to internationally sue for fraud against these people. I remember entering the competition too and I ain't the kind of person who likes to be tricked like that when I remember entering the competition. This is totally lame and I hope that if this is fraudulent that these cruel stupid people get what's coming to them. For real.

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  • Mo
      Jan 28, 2016

    [protected] was the email address I was asked to email the reference number too.

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  • Mo
      Jan 28, 2016

    The top of the email.

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  • Mo
      Jan 31, 2016

    The number has now been disconnected.

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  • Mo
      Jan 31, 2016

    It was a total scam. Also the number that sent me the text voicemail is full so there is no real way to contact them anymore.

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  • An
      May 02, 2016

    Dear Ppl, my kind advise. Please stay away from people who say they can deliver you a product and insist you to make advance payment before delivery. I'm one of a fool who have been in their hands few days back.
    Get to know about them through a local purchase/sell website in India called Quikr and msgd that guy to buy a MacBook. He promised that the product would be delivered after 50% initial payment and I trusted and did the same. But after receiving the advance payment, he created all stories telling that we packed few of the other products also along with yours and only after receiving the rest of payment they can deliver me. I got irritated and asked for his ID proof which he refused to give. I then told him that I found his local accountant details whom we can directly go and raise a complaint to the nearest police station and the reply he simply gave is go ahead. I wondered how a criminal can live so happily in a society wch we feel is much protected. He still uses the same mobile no. And to make others aware of these fraudulents, pls stay away from this guy named Tony with mobile no. +2347089896647 and he used a company called Fancy company USA which is actually there but he is not a part of them.

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