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Global Courier Service Company London. United Kingdom / regarding to get lottery prize

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I am rahul hiwarkar. I have received an e-mail from the "yahoo/msn lottery" yahoo/msn@lotteryboard.Org, add sender to contacts, that i won the loterry. And they said to me that the global courier service company, was the official service which has the authority to send my winnings to me. I won in the sum of, (200, 000) two hundredthousand great britain pound sterling. With that they also to ask me to pay 400.00 pounds for the insurance of my parcel. Know, i want to know if this thing is true, was i to send the money to them as insurance fee?. Please help me.
Yours truly,
Rahul hiwarkar

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  • Ka
      16th of Jan, 2010
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    Dear sir
    Recently we have received a E-mail that we have won the prize which REF NO: M154S/WL04-F0442623, AOL/MICRO (LOTTERY) CHIP NO: 9465021 and PARCEL REGISTRATION NO: BAC-902 -7640ORDER CODERD-FL/668530092 and we can get our graft through GLOBAL COURIER SERVICES please sir check that this information is true or not,
    we have received the email through, Mr.Steve Martins,
    Online Co-Ordinato, AOL/MICROSOFT MEGA JACKPOT LOTTO WINNINGS PROGRAMS South West London Consultants, 3 Millbank Court, London, SW1P 4LG Phone:+4470-31815924 Fax: +44-706-077-61 REF NO: (M154S/WL04-F0442623) CHIP NO9465021), deliver officer Mr Robert Watson, Regards,
    Mr. Roy Mason
    Customer Services
    GLOBAL COURIER SERVICES, South West London Consultants,
    3 Millbank Court, London, SW1P 4LG
    Phone: +447017769379
    Fax: +44-87-92-9602
    This address and He is calling us at New Delhi India, with amount charges of courier,
    If this information is not correct then you should take the strict action against him who is trying to make us fool and also trying to spoil the name of your company,
    He also sent us emails, I will forwd to your mail address

    your sincerely

  • Ya
      2nd of Feb, 2010
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    Dear Sir,

    Recently I have received an email that I have won an AOL/MICROSOFT MEGA JACKPOT LOTTO with REF NO : M154S/WL04-F0442623 and they have asked me to collect the price from Global Couriers, London

    Kindly confirm the correctness at

    Yours Sincerely
    Yatin Samel

  • Ba
      25th of Feb, 2010
    -1 Votes

    i bought some iphones and the guy gave me your company name global courier service i want to know why so many peoples money are being fraudly used and the global courier service cant even see who is doing these fraudelent act and these guys took my money..and they also gave me tracking number and phone number which is not valid...i willl hire a lawyer against global COURIER SERVICE AND SUE THEM...IN UK

  • No
      5th of Aug, 2010
    +3 Votes => hoax site => yes, it's true

  • Gg
      27th of Oct, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I received an email stating that I had won $1, 000, 000.00 in the lottery from the prestigious Canadian Promotion. I noticed the address was from the United Kingdom. I filled out their form and sent a copy of my drivers license. The form was for my address, male or female, marital status, phone number. They asked how I wish to be paid. I said a cashiers check. Then they sent an email to fill out the information for the Courier. Then I sent the information for the courier. I am then receiving the email, supposedly from the Courier that shows a break down of money that needs to be send through Western Union. Hello, I am not sending $360 to some one for a check that doesnt' exist. I got on this site to check them out and I knew it had to be a hoax. Well, one year ago, I received a similar one from United Kingdom, but they wanted more money. That didn't happen either. I checked with the bank they said this was coming from and It was fraudulent. They had me to turn it in to phish. I did and I am going to again. Have a great day!

  • No
      25th of Nov, 2010
    -1 Votes

    i am agree with you, GG56W...

  • Ab
      3rd of Feb, 2011
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    Good day sir... i am abram rivera.. i receive a notification regarding that i won a rafle draw promo of face book in raffle mega jackpot lottery amounting of 179 155.06 dollars..i submitted all the requirements to claim and then i choose already option how to claim my winning prize..i choose to deliver that is couriere delivery second class. they gave me instruction how to pay my parcel.i will pay through western Union. i want to know if this is true sir.. Please help me.. my email address is

  • Za
      23rd of Feb, 2011
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    The Lotter Limited - Head Office
    311 Shoreham Street
    Sheffield, S2 4FA
    United Kingdom { LONDON }
    Office Tele: +44-7031863524
    W2/A6 - ZP7
    US$450, 000.00
    ( Director of Program )
    Mrs Florence smith .
    Lottery Zonal co-ordinator

    that is true?

  • Se
      28th of Mar, 2011
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    I receive your message that i won the online global lottery service and I'm to claim a sum of $450, 000 US dollars and i was told that my lucky winning number falls within the Asian representative's booklet in JAKARTA INDONESIA. Sir i am a Nigerian and i have sent my details to the Asian representative but i haven't receive any reply. please sir help me before it expires. Thanks

  • Se
      30th of Mar, 2011
    +1 Votes

    i need your answer concerning the online global lottery services if real or not

  • Se
      30th of Mar, 2011
    -1 Votes

    The Lotter Limited - Head Office
    311 Shoreham Street
    Sheffield, S2 4FA
    United Kingdom { LONDON }
    Office Tele: +44-7031863524
    W2/A6 - ZP7
    US$450, 000.00
    ( Director of Program )
    Mrs Florence smith .
    Lottery Zonal co-ordinator

  • No
      3rd of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    For Seye,
    I am agree with Quasarblue. Don't send any money. Wasting your time...
    It's all about FAKE. HOAX.

  • Ja
      5th of Aug, 2011
    0 Votes

    >>>> we are from GLOBAL UK COURIER & DIPLOMATIC SERVICE, in malaysia we are ricieve your package yesterday send by Mr.Francis hughe your package arrive here now is with us now so you have to clear it soon as possible we have check your package is 9kg you have to pay the some of RM2, 430 after that we have to make the clearance and get the package to you try to do it so you can get the package now thanks this is our contact number +6016-3973542 thanks you, have a nice day.
    >>>> Yours Faithfully.
    >>>> South Asia Regional Manager

  • Sa
      29th of Mar, 2012
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    TO: 1 More1 recipientCC: recipientsYou More
    BCC: recipientsYou Show Details FROM:Full Name Message flagged Saturday, March 24, 2012 8:41 PM GLOBAL FOUNDATION LOTTERY SERVICES
    Cooperate - Head Office
    Circle square center CA
    85914 Area Sheffield, S2 4FT.
    United Kingdom { LONDON }
    Office Tele: +447031877591.

    Attn: Dear, Sir / Madam,

    We happily announce to you the draw of 2012 Global Foundation Lottery Services London, Draw, Result & Information - Thelotter - Microsoft Internet Explorer held in London. Your e-mail address attached to Ticket Number 4..., Serial number: ..., Batch Number..., Reference Number... which subsequently won you lottery in the 2nd category of draw lucky winning ticket Number: ... You have therefore been approved to claim a total sum of €250, 000.00 ( (Two hundred and Fifty Thousand Euro) in Cheque.

    This has eventually qualified you for the Winning. This promotional program takes place annually, and is promoted and sponsored by Microsoft Inc, With the support of European corporate companies and organizations to encourage the use of Internet Explorer and computers worldwide.

    Please note that your lucky winning number falls within our Asian representative's booklet in JAKARTA INDONESIA as indicated in your draw lucky Ticket number: ... In view of this, your €250, 000.00 Cheque would be released to you by Our Asian Fiduciary Agent, Our Asian Fiduciary Agent will immediately commence the process to facilitate the release of your Cheque as soon as you contact BARRISTER HALIM HAFIZ Esq . office in Jakarta Indonesia.

    Please contact BARRISTER. HALIM HAFIZ . in Jakarta Indonesia for your claim with the following details below to enable the speedy evaluation and processing of your winning.

    1 Name. 2 Home address. 3 Telephone number. 4 Age and occupation. 5 Ticket Number. 6 Serial Number. 7.Reference Number.8 Batch Number.
    Tel: +62-2190-329-279.
    Mobile: ++62-8389-4934253.


    Your winning details can only be released to your fiduciary agent who will commence the process of your winning, Note : that this winning is valid for one month and failure to issue claims after this period, your Cheque will be automatically void.


    plz telme it's a true or scam

  • Lh
      4th of May, 2012
    +1 Votes

    is this a real passport or its just only edited?

  • Ma
      18th of May, 2012
    0 Votes

    Buenos Dias.
    Recibi a mi correo electronico una nota del Sr. Mr.Kelvin Nolan Gerente. La adjunto.
    Argonaut House, Galleymead Road,
    Colnbrook, Berkshire,
    SL3 0EN
    United Kingdom.
    Tel: (+44) 701 703 8418

    Global Courier Company is the UK's pre-eminent express courier service, fusing innovative technologically-advanced transport control systems with a customer-orientated business philosophy.

    Dear Customer,

    Your particulars have been received in this office and have been confirmed you as the right owner of these documents. This means that you have been officially cleared for payment by the Verifications Dept at the headquarters of the International Awareness Promotion Department of the BMW Automobile Company. This is to formerly and officially inform you that we are in possession of your parcel containing your winning cheque, winning certificate and other related documents.

    To begin the final step of the claims process, which are the delivery/shipping of your winning valued a notarized cheque worth £750, 000.00 GBP (Seven Hundred And Fifty Thousand Great British Pounds Sterling's) & BMW Concept Car, 2012 Model and also your original copy of your winning certificate from BMW Automobile Company and your Covering document (Money Laundering protection and Letter of Affidavit for Claims). You are required to send us the following information's as earlier provided by the officials of the International Awareness Promotion Department of the BMW Automobile Company to compare and be sure that we are dealing with the right beneficiary.

    Fill the Receiver's Dispatch/Shipping Form (TF) Below:
    Receiver's Full Name:
    Receiver's Address (Ship To):
    Receiver's Country:
    Receiver's Telephone Number:
    Ticket Number: 15975357357344
    Serial Number: PTYR-Y67546537
    Reference Number: BMW/4R-654-65735
    Scan Copy Of Any Form Of Identification (For Proof Of Ownership):

    Below are the mandatory delivery charges that you required to pay before we can deliver your parcel to you:
    Status Of Delivery Charges: (Please Choose Best Option For You)



    Delivery Procedure:
    Your BMW Concept Car, 2012 Model, will get to your Country within 16 days after dispatch while your Cheque worth £750, 000.00 GBP alongside your original copy of your winning certificate from BMW Automobile Company Promotion Board and your covering document (Money Laundering protection and Letter of Affidavit for Claims) will get to you at any suitable option you chosen above.

    Have a nice day and we do await your prompt response with details for delivery and option chosen so as to send to you payment instruction and commence on delivery.
    Once again, congratulations...
    Yours Sincerely,
    Mr. Kelvin Nolan (General Dispatch Manager)
    Telephone Number: (+44) 701 703 8418
    Copyright Global Courier 2012

    2012/5/17 Marta Eugenia Ordeñana Hernández

  • Ma
      25th of Oct, 2012
    +1 Votes

    sir i manisha arya recieved a message nd get a information that i won 500.000.00 dollar and they suggested me to contact with GLOBAL COURIER SERVICE for my winning money prize .so please suggest me what should i do further for my money son

  • Pa
      27th of May, 2013
    +1 Votes

    Please what phone number can I use to contact global courier service here in Nigeria and what is their office address in Nigeria

  • Di
      18th of Jul, 2013
    0 Votes

    Global Courier Empresa
    107 Watford Estrada
    Wembley, Greater London HA0 3EZ
    Reino Unido
    Telefone: (+44) 701 004 8105

    global Courier Companhia é o serviço do Reino preeminente correio expresso, fusão inovadora de controle de transporte tecnologicamente avançada sistemas com uma filosofia de negócios orientada para o cliente.

    Prezado cliente,

    seus dados foram recebidos neste gabinete e foram confirmados como o proprietário direito desses documentos. Isso significa que você foi oficialmente liberado para pagamento pelo Verificações Dept na sede do Departamento de Promoção Internacional consciência da BMW. Esta é a antiga e oficialmente informar que estamos na posse de seu pacote contendo seu cheque, certificado de vencedor vencedora e outros documentos relacionados.

    Para começar a etapa final do processo de reivindicações, que são a entrega / envio de sua vitória valorizado um cartório cheque no valor de R $ 750.000, 00 EUR (setecentos e cinqüenta mil grandes Libra esterlina britânica de ) e BMW X6 Concept Car, modelo 2011 e também a sua cópia original do certificado de vencedor da BMW Promotion Board e seu documento Cobrindo (proteção contra Lavagem de Dinheiro e Carta de Declaração Juramentada para Claims). Você é obrigado a enviar a seguinte informação é tão cedo fornecidas pelos funcionários do Departamento de Promoção Internacional consciência da BMW para comparar e ter certeza de que estamos lidando com o beneficiário do direito.

    taxas de entrega:
    Nós não operamos em COD. Abaixo estão as taxas de entrega obrigatórias que devem pagar para que possamos entregar o seu pacote para você:
    Estado portes de envio: ( Por favor, escolher a melhor opção para você )

    1: dois dias úteis (48 horas ENTREGA)
    INCLUEM IVA, seguro, impostos e SERVIÇO

    2: três dias úteis (72 horas ENTREGA)
    INCLUEM IVA, seguro, impostos e serviço
    TOTAL DE TAXAS = 450 £ British Pounds

    Preencha expedição / envio de formulário do Receiver (TF) Abaixo:

    do Receiver Nome Completo:
    Receptor de completa Endereço:
    Telefone do destinatário:
    Prova do Receiver ID ( ou seja, carteira de motorista ou passaporte internacional )
    do Receptor de entrega Opção :

    Procedimento de entrega: O BMW X6 Concept Car, 201 um modelo, vai chegar ao seu País no prazo de 16 dias após o envio, enquanto o seu valor de Cheque R $ 750.000, 00 GBP ao lado de sua cópia original do certificado de vencedor da BMW Promotion Board e seu documento de cobertura (proteção à Lavagem de Dinheiro e Carta de Atestado de Sinistros) vai chegar até você, em qualquer opção adequada você escolheu acima.

    Tenha um bom dia e nós aguardamos sua resposta imediata com detalhes de entrega e opção escolhida de modo a enviar-lhe instruções de pagamento e começar na entrega.
    Mais uma vez, parabéns ...
    Mr. Kelvin Nolan (General Despacho Manager)

  • At
      27th of Sep, 2013
    +1 Votes

    I need tracking id please.

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