Global ConnectionsNot getting what we were promised


My husband and I had almost the exact experience as the complaint above. We bought 18 vacations; tried for 3 different vacations (over the past year) and so far they have not come thru. I am currently trying to get a refund thru the BBB of Oklahoma. At this point they want to keep $1875 (of almost $5000) for their marketing expenses!! Well, we never took the "free cruise", that was not free at all. I would have had to take 5 vacation days to stay on a boat for 2 nights, not worth it. So, they did not accrue expenses for that from us. Also, we got a $100 card which we still have, and would be more than glad to send back. The only other thing they gave us was a leather notebook with all the info in it, which is in perfect condition, and we would gladly send back. I do not think that adds up to $1875.00. During the presentation, we had to initial parts of the contract that says they are not promising many different things. We questioned each and every one, and was told each and every time, "It's just a formality" "we can almost always find a place, or use an affiliate"; to get us where we want to go. We specifically told them several times we do not like the typical tourist places, we are scuba divers, and go where there is good diving. We were in Key West the same month we bought the package, March 2011, and already had reservations for May 2011. We discussed that with them that evening. So, when we initialed on the contract the part that excludes Key West, we questioned the girl again, and told again, "we can almost always find a place for you. We were blatantly lied to, and yes we signed it, and absolutely should not have!! This company goes by so many different names; Southern Journeys of Oklahoma, Global Connections,, it is hard to know who to talk to. The person that responded to my BBB complaint has no phone number listed; hard to speak to the right person if you can not reach them by phone. I also looked them up on /link removed/ and there are many similar complaints there; mine will be there soon, as well. I will be using every type of media possible to warn people to stay away from this company. Leslie Armstrong of Oklahoma City

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