Gigats / Job application hijacked by Gigats

United States
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Phone: 1-866-930-0587

I was filling out an online job application for an open position in my local area (which was supposedly being submitted to the Act-1 Employment Agency, and Gigats hijacked and intercepted my online submittal. Masquerading as Act-1, the online tool prompted me to enter a phone interview time to supposedly pre-qualify me for the position. I then called that phone number at the scheduled time, and spoke with "Will" who kept repeating himself and was pushing for me to commit to furthering my education. He refused to discuss the actual job that I had just applied for and kept saying an email would be sent to me with all the information I needed. I began to suspect he might not even be a live person, might have been a well-programmed IVR voice response system recording. He kept me on the phone for 20 minutes and never discussed the job, never asked me questions to "prequalify" me for the job, just kept pushing for a commitment to advance my education. Now I'm worried that I will be baraged with junk emails and phone text messages trying to sell me on an educational institution. I don't even know if the Act-1 Employment agency ever actually received my application!

Jan 30, 2015

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