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I spoke with the company He promised to provide all documents within couple of days. I got only half and the rep excused, because they had a lot of stuff to do. I told that it was ok, but time went ahead and I got nothing. Their promises became more stupid and completely inappropriate. It was the last time, when I have worked with me and of course I didn’t recommend this website.

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    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

  • GetDivorcePapers Customer Care's Response · Jun 20, 2016

    Dear Jeffrey Haight

    We do provide 100% Money Back Guarantee and we do honor our polices as well . You have applied for our services on 04-01-2016 and paid for our "New York Divorce Forms Services". The order was completed on the same day and you have downloaded all the forms .You have downloaded all your completed forms on 04-01-2016 and 04-02-2016. Our policy is very clear we provide 100% Money Back when court rejects the papers . Please read the Refund policy :

    "We are very ready to provide a refund under our court approval guarantee but only under these conditions:
    -If we are not able to fix any errors on the documents and the minimal chance that the court rejects the documents
    -If you give us the copy of the rejection letter"

    In your case yours forms are not rejected by the court. You are asking for 100% refund because after you received the order you wanted to use some other services.This does not qualify you for a refund. You have received your completed order on time and we have provided you the same services what you paid for.

    We request you to send us the copy of the rejection letter and your refund will be processed on the same day.


Aug 18, 2015
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  •   Aug 19, 2015

    We are deeply saddened to hear that you had a bad experience, however we would never provide only half of the required documents. We offer a court approval guarantee and the court would not approve a case with only half of the documents given. Also, if one of our reps told you they were "too busy" please give us the name of the rep so they can be reprimanded immediately. We would like to fix any issues you have. I am the manager at the company and I will personally handle your case. Please give me your name and client id and I will resolve any issues right away.

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  • Cw
      Jan 28, 2019

    @Get Divorce Papers I’d like a refund myself. This company is horrible. Took 2 weeks for papers ok. They screwed up about half of it and said reason for divorce is we are related and after emailing several times they said they fixed it and no it’s not fixed. Those reviews are fake or they only publish the good ones. No apology or making this right.

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  • Je
      Jun 20, 2016

    Almost every page of the website contains a large 100% Money Back guarantee logo. After entering information, I heard that NYS has free forms online with proper guidance for completion. The website forms were not accurate and they refused to honor their money back guarantee. This was for case [protected], on April 1, 2016.

    The website is available for inspection; most screens contain the money back guarantee boldly. Should not advertise untrue information or provide misleading information to consumers.

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  • Su
      Nov 15, 2016

    I'm suing this company in small claims court because their documents are not eligible to be filed in Alameda County, CA. They say they will only refund my money if I file and return a rejection letter from the court to them. Why would I spend hundreds of dollars on filing fees to be refunded less than the cost of the filing fees? I'm not going to do it. I'm going to sue them in small claims court and report them to the board of consumer affairs here in CA.

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  • En
      Dec 29, 2016

    This also happened to me...they are only really selling back to you a piece of paper with the division of property and what you are actually paying for is a piece of paper "Marital Settlement Agreement". This paper only states how you are splitting your possessions. The actual paperwork is FREE from them to you as a gift. So when you take your paperwork that they altered..."they removed 7 words at the bottom of the state divorce papers because it read " this form is available free at" because they removed those words, the papers were rejected by the court. My court doesn't write letters for scams...You don't even need a marital settlement agreement in order to file for divorce. Plus the paperwork that was "free" was 4 years out of date...I mentioned that and they told me i was my responsibility to provide them with updated paperwork. If you search, you will find that this co. Has done this a lot...this co. Is NOT willing to work with you if you have any issues...they don't care, they have your money...

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  • Ch
      Mar 29, 2017

    I paid for my divorce papers on 2/24/2017. I am still waiting to receive them!!! I am getting extremely discouraged. after filling out all the online forms, I assumed I could download the forms and take them to the courthouse! This was not the case, wanted me to pay an additional $19.99 to have them mailed in 7-10 business days. which makes the $140 I originally paid now $160. Every time I try to access the website they want $80 more to express ship my papers. I am starting to feel like this is a scam also! I am a single mother of 3 in Texas and I just can't get a break, everywhere I turn their are scam artists just stealing from my poor kids! If I could afford an attorney I wouldn't have to go online for this! Now It seems like I am going to have to get 2 attorneys! case# Tx-BENAVIDES-238660

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  • Jo
      Nov 05, 2017

    The same thing happened to me. They say there's a money back guarantee which is an absolute lie. The paperwork that they sent me was not what the court needed and they told me they would only refund me my money if I gave them documentation stating that the courts rejected my papers but it cost more to file than I would get back with my return so they screwed me out of a couple hundred dollars. Worst company I've ever dealt with. Terrible customer service and very scheming. This company is very deceitful and I would never recommend it to anyone.

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  • Ch
      Mar 03, 2018

    They completely ripped me off they keep taking money off my card and the papers were not up to code with pa i had to hire someone else to do my paperwork the right way and they are still taking money off my card.

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  • Ch
      Mar 03, 2018

    Sorry it was my fiance account Harry contact it's bull

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