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Gerdt Furniture / Delivery charge nearly three times bigger than agreed amount

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My complaint is about a furniture store in Indianapolis, Indiana. I ordered a few pieces of furniture from Gerdt Furniture in July 2006. When it arrived I was going to drive to Indy and pick it up to avoid any additional charges for delivery. However, after talking to the warehouse on 2 occasions I was told that the delivery charge would only be $35. We discussed this at some length as I was skeptical that this would be the total charge, but I was reassured three times during the conversation that $35 was the charge. Based on this information I had the furniture delivered to my home. Unfortunately, when it arrived the delivery charge was nearly three times that amount. I accepted delivery because a significant down payment had already been made which I was told would not be refunded. I then called Gerdt Furniture and was not able to speak to anyone about my concerns. I then e-mailed customer service and sales at Gerdt Furniture but received no response after 3 weeks of waiting. I called the warehouse to speak to the person who had provided the information to me earlier but she simply said, "I didn't say that". What I have requested is quite reasonable. I want to be charged the amount that was quoted to me. It is quite possible she made an error in her quote but I made my decision to have the furniture delivered based on the information she repeated to me three times. The additional money is less disturbing to me than the total lack of response or concern demonstrated by Gerdt Furniture. I definitely would not recommend shopping or making purchases at Gerdt Furniture as they clearly have no interest in retaining customers.

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      13th of Apr, 2007
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    This complaint is completely without merit.

    Our minimum delivery charge has been 49.95 for years. The area where she lives has been posted at our secondary delivery ring for 79.95. As to the complaint that we were not responsive to her complaint, I must disagree again. I spoke with her, and her only valid point is that we would not lower the delivery charge to 35.00.

    I might also point out that our sales orders are preprinted with the "Local Delivery 49.95" charge since we adopted that as our rate some years past. I don't know where or if she heard a quote of 35.00, but it certainly was not from one of our employees.
    I might also point out that this was a delivery in excess of 70 miles from our warehouse.

  • Ga
      1st of Nov, 2007
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    My wife and I have visited the Gerdt furniture store on numerous occasions in the past. Your furniture is far superior to any of your competitors, in quality, appearance and your Sales Staff. I applaud you for this.

    We have purchased furniture from your competitors and the floor model was great, when we received a new one out of the warehouse it wasn't the same, sat uncomfortable, something didn't work properly, etc.

    On 6/4/07 my wife and I had the opportunity to visit and purchase a Sectional from the Store in Avon, Indiana. It was a flex steel P 4061 Series. We were and still are extremely satisfied with it. It looks good and is very comfortable. At the advice of the Sales Associate we purchased the Guardsman Protection plan control number FP5Rd JUP 77232312.

    The Sectional we purchased apparently has one or more flaws in it as far as the sewing is concerned. The fabric has pulled and separated in at least three different areas. Needless to say we ae unhappy about the problem.

    My wife contacted Guardsman and was referred to Gerdt, and than passed off to repair service and talked with a lady by the name of Sheila.

    My wife was informed that the sectional we purchased was not covered under any warranty, we both reviewed the literature that was available to us and was not aware or informed of no warranty on this furniture.

    My wife was told that since we purchased the Sectional on the floor was because we were sure that we would be unhappy with a new piece from the warehouse, only because of our unfortunate experience. I might add this particular piece was not discounted.

    We have purchased Gerdt Furniture in the past and will convince to do so.

    But this unfortunate circumstance has most definitely made us think. HAVE WE DONE THE RIGHT THING.

    Sheila informed my wife that we had to pay for a Service call and repair because we purchased the Sectional from the Show room floor.

    She scheduled an appointment to have the Sectional repaired, unfortunately at our cost. The question we ask of ourselves this morning was?


    Please respond.

    Ann & Gary Folck
    Phone: 765-352-1255

    P.S. The service man was reviewed our furniture and has taken two pieces with him to have repaired.

  • De
      29th of Dec, 2007
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    Oh my gawd, I can't believe the President of this company has nothing better to do than post here? And post over what, an amount of money equal to less than $50?

    WAKE UP Frank, your employees do not always tell the truth. One of your store managers told me the most idiotic lie you can imagine. I'm sure the mfgr of my furniture, who is also being named in my small claims case, will get a kick of out. This so obvious/ridiculous lie includes their company too. I was speechless and could NOT respond to it. It was just that crazy sounding...childish.

  • Of
      8th of May, 2010
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    Please check out to post your comment about Gerdt Furniture.

    I purchased an $890 mattress from Gerdt furniture out of Southport Indiana in July of 2009. I purchased the mattress box springs, and frame from Gerdt and was told I would get a one year warranty. I am from Romania and believe I have been taken advantage of by Gerdt Furniture but we will see. I just moved from downtown to fishers and I had a professional moving company come and make the move. Before leaving the old apartment the moving company showed me a broken boxspring that was purchased from Gerdt Furniture; the broken wood looks as if it has been done before delivery as there where no splinters on the floor and missing pieces. Before moving I noticed the bed had started to sink and now it just keeps getting worse.

    I wasn’t going to say anything about the box spring but now the mattress just keeps sinking to where I can’t get a good night sleep I had no choice but to call. I called at 12:30 and was ask if I wanted services voicemail. I called but was not called back so I had to call Gerdt furniture service department again. I was told there had to be 1.5 inch difference before they would replace the mattress. I was not told this when I purchased the mattress but I measured it today and it is over 1.5 inch dip in the middle. I was spoken to very rudely as if I was trying to take advantage of the company. The service crew from Gerdt Furniture is coming on Saturday 4 days after my call stating I cannot sleep on my mattress I purchased from Gerdt Furniture. I have the pictures of before the move, I have the pictures of the bed dip and I will post with the results, the attitude of the employees and how Gerdt fixes the problem they assured me they would fix.

    The service tech just left my house and said he may be able to do something. The box spring they sold me is broken within the year warranty and they stated, they may be able to do something they have to talk with their boss. He said he may be sent back to repair it but when I set the bed on the floor their was a big U in the middle still so that won't get the job done, it needs replaced as the warranty states.

  • Of
      8th of May, 2010
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