Genie slim jeggingsCompany double charged my credit card

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I call to order these jeggins after seeing them advertised on tv. I called on December 29th and when I placed my order the machine would not let me hang up the phone without trying to get me to order more stuff.everytime I would say no or press the number for no it keep asking me what size I wanted. After about a hour of saying no it finally said ok your order has been place and that I would get a email in the next 20 minutes. I waited and never got a email conformation. So i waited 24 hours and went to customer status to check and it keep saying there was no order for me. I got suspicious and went online to reviews and saw the bad reviews so I call the 1-973 number to cancel my order and they had no record of my order so I check my credit card and there was a pending charge for twice the amount of my order. I call my credit card company and report to them. They told me that they would put a hold on the amount I said was fragelent and for me to file a dispute the next day when someone was in the dispute office. The next day I called customer status and still no record of my order so I called my credit card company back to file the dispute and try and cancel the charges. They could not do anything until that company applied the charges but they told me as soon as they did to call back. I checked my account everyday to make sure they had not charged my credit card. Seven days later I get a email conformation from customer statue with the charges on them. They had charge me for two set of jeggins plus an additional $19.98 processing and handling charge and a $4.99 shipping safeguard fee which they tried to get me to get the safeguard fee when they had me on the phone for $7.99 and I said no. So I called customer status when I got the email and told them I wanted to cancel my order that they had charged me for things I didnt even ask for. She ask me was I ms and said my name and I said yes she paused a minute and then said your order is cancel. I asked for a conformation number and she gave me my order number I said that's my order number she said it's the same. I said have y'all charged my card she said it was a pending one and I shall see it gone in a day or two. I keep checking my card to see if it's there. So the moral to this story is don't trust this company. I will not order from any of the tv advertisement again. Be aware these are not the companies they have brought rights to these companies products.

Jan 06, 2015
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  • Te
      Jan 10, 2015

    I ordered buy one and get 12/9/14 and I was told that my order would be here the 27th of dec. I called the service rep and I was told that my order was back logged. I called about my order again and I was told on 1/7/15 that my order would be before saturday because it was still in their warehouse and it be here this week. Today is sat. Iwould really like someome to explan to me about this situation HOW CAN YOU PUT BUY NOW BEAT THE CHRISTMAS RUSH AND WHEN I CALL YOU SAY THAT IT WILL BE HERE IN TWO DAYS .WHY LIE TO ME ABOUT SOMETHING I SPENT MY MONEY ON ? YOU MAKE WAIT OVER A MONTH BUT WHEN I CALL IT WILL BE HERE IN TWO DAYS ( FAST TO TAKE THE MONEY BUT SLOW TO SENT YOUR PRODUCT) NEVER WILL ORDER FROM THEM AGAIN

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  • Mo
      Jan 12, 2015

    I order leggins and bra on12/29 it is now 1/11 and still have not recieved...I ordered something else from a different company on the same day and recieved it a week ago...this is insane...I called them and they told me it has not even been shipped yet...I asked why and they said it is just their way of shipping...I told then to charge me 14.95 in shipping and handling and that it would be 3 weeks till they ship is insane...then they have the nerve to ask me if I wanted to buy something else from them I told them they are crazy and they took my money the same day and havent even shipped my items yet that I will never be ordering anything from them ever again...poor way of doing business !!!

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  • Ma
      Feb 02, 2015

    I filled put all the ordering information for genie slim jeggings on their website. after seeing the shipping would be almost 10$ and take at least 3 weeks to ship I changed my mind and did NOT select submit. The next day (Thursday) I saw that they had phoned as well as the following day. Again on Monday I got a call from 'unknown' and answered only to find they had saved my information and were using it to harass me into buying the product. I told the caller to stop badgering me and to delete my personal information. I don't want them to be able to charge my account. I notified my credit card company to not allow any such charge. I hope I have no more problems with this company.Thank you

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  • Yv
      Feb 05, 2015

    I called to place an order on 01-07-15 the amount for order was pending the same day as soon as I got off phone with them. Then the next day the money was back in my account I called customer service and asked about my order. They told me they had no order for me so I said fine don't worry about it. Then on 02-05-15 $29.95 was drafted out of my bank account by the jeggings company saying I had ordered the jeggings a whole month later they just up and took money from my account without any notice mind you they said they didn't even have a order for me right. They are a fraud rip off please do not deal with this company now I have to wait two weeks for my money to be replaced in my account very inconvient I'm changing my bank information:-(

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  • Jo
      Feb 23, 2015

    I tried to cancel as soon as the order was placed. They said no record of my order.
    Then they sent me 9 pair of their junk and charged my credit card for a huge amount. Junk, junk, junk.
    I filed a complaint with my credit card company.

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  • Ge
      Mar 16, 2015

    i ordered the 3 colors from them and after several weeks of waiting recieved them with a $$19..00 shipping order. i don`t know what kind of scam this is or where it comes from but BEWARE !!! after many call of having them tell me i had not placed an order, it showed up on my credit card with the crap they called jeans, i have dishtowels thicker.

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