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Genesis Rei / Criminal activity

Rochester, NY, United States Review updated:
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Genesis have kept my rent payments since last October. They have paid no bills, let my units become ruined, returned no emails or phone calls and refuse to pass on my money or financial details to my new managing agents. They sold me the units for over double their real value and they did countless repairs but could never produce a receipt. They are absolute criminals - never deal with them!


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  14th of Aug, 2008
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We bought a house from Genesis back in 2005. We are in Australia, and a few years ago, James came to Australia to encourage people to invest in western NY to be cash flow positive. We never met him but knew someone who went to the meeting, and said he came across as honest and ethical, and with their emphasis on Christian values we trusted Genesis to do the right thing by us. We have a list of complaints so long that I can't even remember them all off by heart, but to cut a long story short, the house was rented for 6 months, and as we were always paid two or three months late, we didn't worry when our rent stopped coming. It was not until several months later when we learned that the tenant had left because they were unwilling or unable to pay bills. Genesis didn't bother telling us, and by then it was winter so it was too hard to rent for a few months. We were sick of never receiving replies until we had sent emails with larger and larger font each time. We had issues with insurance, Genesis had not paid us the correct rent when it was rented, they never passed on receipts, just told us we owed for this or that, and when we told them we wanted to sell, they weren't much help either. Finally, and this is 2 years since it has been empty, we are in the process of selling through another agent for half of what we paid for it. After paying out all the costs involved in selling (and these are many) there will be hardly anything (if at all) left for us. James Graham is a greedy crook who is good at making promises but does not deliver, AND NEVER RETURNS EMAILS OR PHONE CALLS. We did get to speak to him a couple of times after much pushing, and he was very charming on the phone, but said he was completely unaware of all our issues (even though we had sent him many, many, many emails. He said after all this that we could contact him at any time and gave us his cell phone number. He has never returned our calls since.
  15th of Aug, 2008
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I've also worked with Genesis since 2005... there's been some ups and some downs but in the end they always helped take care of me.

Initially I had some problems with vacancies in my properties, but I do know that they increased their staff exponentially to help with that.

Eventually, I just couldn't hold on anymore, and needed the money back here at home, so made the decision to sell. When I contacted Genesis for assistance they offered to buy it back, at the same price i paid for it, over a couple of years which I happilly accepted. They closed on the property and now I collect a mortgage payment every month, and the property is out of my name.

Like I said, some ups and downs but overall they always acted with great integrity, were responsive to my needs, and did the right thing whenever they could.
  22nd of Aug, 2008
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This SOB James is a real slick one. he used the name of the Lord to unload properties on ususpectiog out-of-town buyers. They sold me junk properties, overpriced, and half, tenanted. They then promised to buy them back, yet have not. They are currently trying to stick me with taxes and utilities on a house that they bought back from me. James refuses to give me the closing documents from this sale. He is a fraud, just a chain-snatchin negro posing as a buppie.
  2nd of Oct, 2008
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CONSUMER BEWARE James Grahm and his company have also done me in. He has stolen over $70, 000 dollars of my hard earned money by selling me severely over inflated priced rental buildings that turned out to be in catastrophic condition after the tenants he and his lousy management team placed in there. I have since forclosed on the two buildings (one being a four family and the other being a two family) after sending him tens of thousands of dollars to repiar the buildings and thus being able to put better quality tenants in place to rent, he ended up pocketing my money with minimal to almost no repairs being completed!!! I am currently filing a lawsuit against him and his company ALSO MY ATTOURNEY HAS ENCOURAGED ME, AND I ENCOURAGE ALL OTHERS TO FILE A COMPLANIT WITH THE BETTER BUSINESS BEREAU OF ROCHESTER, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY FILE A COMPLAINT WITH THE (NY. STATE ATTOURNEY) AND THEY WILL LAUNCH A CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION INTO HIM AND HIS COMPANY. THE WEBSITE IS "WWW.OAG.STATE.NY.US" CLICK ON THE CONSUMER FRAUD TAB AND THEN FILL OUT THE FORM AND SEND IT IN. THE MORE OF US THAT DO THIS THE MORE LIKELY HE WILL BE SHUT DOWN AND PROSECUTED. This Jame Grahm preached half the blible to me in the year and half I delt with him he is a criminal in every sense. It's our turn to get this sicko i ask for u to do you part and file with state general attounrey as I am.
  12th of Feb, 2009
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I have filed a lawsuit against Genesis and of course, James Graham did not show hence I have a default judgement against him.

There are a few judgements against him totalling $360, 000. The state also filed that his company did not provide worker's comp. For a company that believes in God, it is amazing that he did not care to take care of his employees if they are injured.

Also another judgement is from Australia which is so funny.

I am asking Rochester Business Journal if they can run a story because what is happening to people there and investors is so fraudulent, worse than the Madoff scheme which people are still being scammed.
  6th of Mar, 2009
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I too was taken by James Graham and the promise of making money. I put a lot of trust in the guy because of his Bible preaching and knowledge of the business which I knew little of. He seemed to have a lot of contacts in the area and even sat me down with a couple of folks on the city council which added to his credibility. Because of this I trusted him and his reports and evaluations of the properties that I bought. I should have hired my own home inspector, it would have helped in my negotiations when purchasing. I became suspicious about his operations after doing some math in my head while waiting for my rent checks to come in. In the end I figure he still has over $30, 000 on rents and security deposits. He had a lot of employees, I didn't think he would be able to successfully run that kind and size of operation with the fees he was charging. It became more apparent that I was right on the money when the rent checks were getting slower in coming until they stopped. I still own the properties and have rehabilitated them. I've also learned a lot about renting property in the inner city and have a new property manager, "Ricole Realty". They are great and the communication could not be better.
I hope to be part of any class action effort against him. I believe there is great opportunity in the area because the risk vs. reward is good. But the key to it all is still to have a property manager that you can trust. I now get my rents within the same month they are collected and have new leases that give me more power when it comes time to evict. If there is a God I think he was the one who hooked me up with this property manager.
  31st of Aug, 2009
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Please join yahoo groups "Genesis REI investors". I am posting updates there and gathering people's issues to either close down James or keep him accountable to his words.

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