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1 JohnstownPA, United States Review updated:

I have had a charge off on my Experian Credit Report for almost 11 months now that I can not get removed despite disputing it 2 times. The charge off says that I owed JC Penney $1200 and that they wrote it off back in June 2002 after it was not paid. I never had a credit card with JC Penney in my life and I never shop in their stores nor in thier drugstores like Eckerds that they owned. I wrote to Experian and told them that I never had this account and they say they verified the debt --end of matter for them. Apparently all Experian does is ask GEMB to verify the account numbers on their computer match my name. They do nothing more that I can tell.They tell me I can write to GEMB to dipute it but thats all Experian will do. So I have sent two certified letters to GEMB at the address they list with Experian which is a PO Box in El Paso, Texas. Both letters were signed for by them at this El Paso address more than 90 days ago. Both letters received no response.
I have excellent credit but now this blemish has appered on my Experian credit report. Trans Union and Equifax do not show it just Experian. I guess I could threaten to sue them for lible and other damages. Experian says it will be removed due to the 7 year rule in December 2008 so like only 8 months away and I figue by the time my lawsuit got to Court they will have removed it and Ill be left with paying hundreds in Court fees for something that was not my fault. Any advice /thoughts on what I can do?

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  • Da
      21st of Apr, 2008
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    I telephoned the toll-free number for GEMB/JCP since they did not reply to 3 certified letters to them from me asking to show me proof of this account. GEMB/JCP then told me by phone that they do not handle JC Penney accounts any longer and that the address Experian has for them is incorrect. I was provided with another toll-free number for JC Penney and called it. JC Penney credit then told me that they have no account for me and that the account number Experian lists is not a JC Penney account number and never was.
    On April 16, 2008 I wrote to Experian about this asking how they verified the accuracy of this GEMB/JCP information on my credit file when the address they list for GEMB/JCP is wrong and both JC Penney and GEMB/JCP say that there is no such account. I copied both letters to the AG in my state. Experian has moved up the date they will remove this negative information from December 2008 to September 2008 which seems odd and malicious to me. I must wait until after May 16, 2008 to sue them if they refuse to remove this false information as per laws in my state. So have to wait and see but if I do sue after May 16, 2008 I will waste hundreds of dollars and the information will be removed before my case makes it to Court.

  • La
      4th of Nov, 2008
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    GEMB does still have the JCPENNEY accounts! I know this for a fact because of my own dispute with them.

    File complaints with the Federal Trade Commission and Office of Thrift Supervision

    Check the Fair Credit Reporting Act on the Federal Trade Commission website.

    My experience and those that I have read on complaint boards - GEMB does not do anything to resolve complaints that have resulted from their mistakes. Sounds to me like this is another issue

  • Di
      24th of Aug, 2011
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    We have had a JC Pennys card for over 40 years, we have NEVER had a problem with it till GEMB took over. Now all of a sudden we have NO card. When I look into the matter I found out that my son who had filed bankruptcy and his name got mixed up with our account. I till DO NOT know this could of happened as they have different birth dates and different social security numbers. When I called to try and get this taken care of I was told that my husband social security was not the one they had down. I tried to explain that NO it wasn't it was my son's. After several phone calls I was told to wirte a letter to GEMB so they could take care of it. WHAT A JOKE!!! My letter come back with the address they give me. Plus my son told me that his name was NEVER on his wife's JC Pennys account. So you tell me how they got things so MESSED up. I guess I'm at a lose at what to do next, I really think that GEMB needs to get they act together and admit when they have made a BIG mistake. I'm sure they would not like it if someone messed up their credit. Does anyone have any kind of help out there for me?

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