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To whom this may concern: I have been abused by Humberto and his inspection team from Geico insurance. He and his inspection team Alexander and another female have given their word and taken it back server times. This company is not reliable. Back in 2014 I had an accident with the front left side of my car (minor damage) front bumper was dented not cracked. In order to not pay $500.00 deductible for looks on my car I left it as is for a year. I had no issues driving the car and no emergency lights were lit in my car. This year on October 10th 2015 I got into my second accident on the same side, however the car was badly damaged. So I opened a claim and had to get the car fixed. The seat belt got jammed the front bumped was broken. However when I took my car to the body shop the inspectors only gave a certain portion of money to get the car fixed. The body shop had the inspector re inspect the car and came to a conclusion that the second inspection was from the first claim that was opened back in 2014. Keep in mind the first accident in 2014 was never taken to the inspector to get an estimate or to review the damage. So I ask myself how can you assume such damages with no proof? It’s impossible even with the amount of "expertise" they claim to have. They don't have proof of the damages being from last year’s claim. So I reached out to the inspectors supervisor Humberto, he did not trust my word and he personally never saw my car. But he still believed the inspectors word over mine due to "expertise". At that point we both were going in circles and he stated the only way they will take care of the damaged is if I reopen the first claim from 2014. I said no we must have another option, we can’t assume those damages are from 2014 when no one from Geico ever inspected it back then. So I asked to speak to Humberto’s supervisor Mat, He never returned my calls for 2 weeks I would called 3 times a day. At that point I was frustrated that a so called reliable company can help, when the truth is they can care less. So I was forced to reopen the first claim in order for my car to get fixed. A new inspector went to inspect the Car In November 10th 2015 when I reopened the first claim I picked up a rental that day because I had just flew back from Texas when my mother in law was having surgery for cancer, so I needed a car to drive to work and back home. Plus my insurance covers the rental, the car has been in the body shop for 30 plus days after November 10 2015 and today is December 15th 2015. I receive a courtesy call from enterprise saying Geico is only covering the rental from November 10th to November 13th. So I called the inspector and discussed this situation he said don’t worry about it I will talk to my supervisor and get back to you for the rental extension, due to the car still being in the body shop. So Alexander and his supervisor that was in for Humberto while he was on vacation approved the rental extension till December 11th 2015. So now the body shop will be covering the next 3 days. December 14th 2014 I go to pick up my car and as I am in the car the seat belt is still jammed, this is a safety hazard issue so unfortunately I would not take my car home. Before leaving the body shop I contacted the inspector, Alexander and the supervisor Humberto left a voicemail. The following day December 15 2015 I did not receive one follow up call from neither the inspector nor the supervisor. So of course I call back at 11:00 am explained the situation of the seat belt being jammed and how none of the two inspectors fully analyzed if it was a working seat belt. So Alex conferenced called Humberto so we may discuss this matter. Humberto’s conclusion was that Geico will cover the seat belt but not the rental. I was so disappointed when I heard that, and I told Humberto I have two claims opened one that maxed out the rental agreement of 30 days that Alex was able to extend and take care of for me (mind you this claim was the one from last year) and this second claim from this year on October that the rental agreement was not fully used and due to your inspector not Thorley examining the car. I must pay for the rental on the car because of Geicos mistake? That’s abusive if I am covered for $30 a day up to $900.00 per claim why is it that Humberto does not authorize the rental to be covered by Geico? Now let me ask you this if my car has been in the shop for 33 days (I have 2 claims opened) you supervisor Mat never reached out to me. How can you (Humberto) come to a conclusion that you can only cover 15 days of rental because it’s not the insurance company's fault that I picked the body shop and that the body shop took that long; This abuse has gone to far first I was forced to reopen a claim from a year ago because they assume the damages was from back then. Plus now they only want to cover half of a claims rental because they estimated when the job should be finished in 15 days. They can’t continue to assume things and pressure people to do things, this is abuse. I get a call from Alexander he says don’t worry about the rental extension that was taken care of by another supervisor while Humberto was out on vacation and he can’t change that. So that was a weight off my chest, but Humberto won’t authorize the rental for the seat belt needing to get fixed? Pure abuse and I am taking this to my lawyers if no one responds with a solution.

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      Dec 21, 2015

    Vi did you ever resolver your peoblem? I'm having similar issues with Humberto from geico, he is extremely rude and refusing to help me with my car.

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