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GE Monogram Refrigerator / leak poor quality

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We purchased this ge monogram built in side by side refrigerator 14 years ago. This was suppose to be top of the line US equivalent to a subzero model. The first problem was the design of the pull out trays (small plastic nub with wheels that broke off within the first 30 days and there was no fix except the same as a replacement.
Ice maker problem (fixed by purchasing a replacement changed from the model that came with the refrigerator)
Then water began leaking from the top into the freezer compartment. Repairman says this is a known problem because of a GE design defect that made a drain line too level so that it clogged up over the year. We are told at one time GE had a replacement unit with a better drain but this is no longer available.
So the repairman blew out the line and the leak stopped, BUT following that repair the freezer and refrigerator compartment no longer cool down (freezer to 30, refer to 50). Repairman returned, first identified a switch that is not working to defrost causing a clog up. He replaced that. Now freezer cools to 0, refer still only to 50. Repairman cannot find cause.
Repairman says from history these models are expected to last about 15 years.
WHAT JUNK. Are we to believe that a custom installed unit must be pulled out and replaced every 15 years and cannot be repaired?
And for your added amusement with GE problems, we bought a GE monogram oven at the same time. The control panel (electronic of course) stopped working last month and requires a $450 replacement panel.
WHAT JUNK. Are we to believe that a top of the line oven is only to last for 15 years.
And for your added amusement with GE problems, we bought the GE microwave/ oven combination. The list of problems there are too long to mention. The unit was repaired several times, then totally replaced at 11 years.

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  • Ed
      4th of Jan, 2008
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    Are you nuts? 15 years? You should be psyched that you got that life out of the refrigerator. Get a new one. Today's refrigerators are so much better than anything you could have gotten 15 years ago. Your electricity bill will go down and you will have a better refrigerator.

  • Mi
      10th of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    I have a GE monogram and the ice maker always freezes up an dis unble to deliver ice. Does anybody know how to resolve this?

  • Mi
      19th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    I also have an older 36" side by side built-in monogram refer. Bought it for a new house that never got built, kept it in box for 5 years then installed it in existing home. Problems from the beginning. Refer freezes food near center wall, freezer only keeps ice cream mildly frozen (soft). Have had GE out four or five times, spent hundreds, not able to fix or explain. Have replaced everything except compressor (which I cannot believe is the problem - either it works or it doesn't). I believe it is poor design from the git go and GE won't help. Has anyone else experienced this problem and MORE importantly gotten it fixed?

  • An
      6th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    I bought a new GE energy efficient refrigerator and my electric bill went up.
    The sealed system overheated and melted the internal parts.

    Watch GE profile video on fire.

  • Wh
      3rd of Apr, 2012
    0 Votes

    My Monogram worked for 2 years then the freezer got colder -10 and the frig got warmer 50 degrees. Told it needs a $950. modification to the tray under the evaporator to keep it from freezing up. Thanks for the faulty design G.E.

  • Ma
      10th of Feb, 2014
    0 Votes

    Complainant is right. While it is clear that a refer might not last 15 years, that is not the point. The design is faulty in many areas. My twin refers (one refer only, one sxs frzr refer, has had nothing but problems. The enamel falls off the shelf brackets for no apparent reason other than faulty powder coating, the plastic liner on one door broke and it requires an entire door to fix it. $1200.00. that is just greedy. the ice maker works fine, but the drawer houses an ice auger to move ice to the cutter blades. that fails because the steel paddle is simply a stamped piece of low grade thin steel and it does not stay in place, it just sits while the shaft spins. there is no real mechanical connection between the two. not a pin, screw, clip, nothing. just a flat spot on the shaft to mate up with a flat spot on the metal paddle. the drain doesn't work well under the refer only and water collects and grows stuff because the evaporator doesn't work well. then it overflows on the floor. I am a designer/builder doing custom kitchens and would not have believed all the problems I and others are having with GE. they put their name on an appliance built by others. quality might go in, but it must fall out the open door shortly after purchase. Never again, GE. there is a sucker born every minute its been said. but this one doesn't plan on being 'reborn'.

  • Ac
      7th of Mar, 2014
    0 Votes

    To all that buy GE. All their products from the late 1980's have fallen drastically in reliability. I repair many every day. It all started in 1990 when every refrigerator they built in 1989 and 1990 was going to have a failure in the compressor. It was labeled as GE's 5 billion dollar mistake. They found the problem in 1990 after they had manufactured millions of these refrigerators worldwide. They new at that time they were going to have a 100% failure rate. But the real kicker is that they never notified the owners of these units that the failure would occur. Finally the Federal Govt stepped in and told GE they would have to recall all the refrigerator's. GE pleaded for them not to do that because it would have bankrupted the company. So the Govt caved and allow GE to come up with a plan to take care of the problem. So if the refrig. failed in the first five years they covered 100% of the repair. If it was 5- 7 years old you the consumer paid $130.00 for the repair and if it was 7-10 years old it would cost you $270.00. How generous is that the consumer actually had to pay for GE 's mistake. In the years before 1989 GE had probably the best refrigerators and oven/ranges I had ever worked on. They were very reliable and were really built to last. Those days are over. Unfortunately this seems to be the way of the world and I address this because we are now the test dummies for any new product that comes out. My recommendation is don't buy the upper line products with all the bells and whistles. All appliances from all manufacturers are required to supply parts for the appliances they build for only 7 years after the last production model of that appliance. So if they produced that same production model for 5 years they are only required by Federal law to produce parts for 12 years. So they try to change the production model every year so they are not obligated to manufacture parts more that 7 years after that. Thus we the consumer will be obligated to replace our appliances every 7 if the part is no longer available. This is especially common with circuit boards. The electronics change every year and many times they require us the repair people to pay a core charge on the factory rebuilt part (usually $30-$50) because they want the old board back because they are no longer manufacturing the part. But remember they have to provide parts for 7 years so when the 7 years are up they will no longer ask for the boards back for rebuild.

  • Mc
      9th of May, 2014
    0 Votes

    I've had many problems with my GE Monogram. Beautiful looking refrigerator/freezer but...drain in freezer gets clogged/built up with ice and causes water to leak out. The pull out baskets in the freezer are a great idea except the wheels fell apart quickly. The powder coating on the wire baskets has come off. Ice maker doesn't work most of the time (ices sticks together in one mass no matter what temperature I have it set to). The sensor to stop it from making ice doesn't work. I don't have kids and I'm very light on my appliances. I expect a lot more than I got for the price I paid.

  • Gi
      4th of Sep, 2014
    +1 Votes

    Trying to find a decent built-in refrigerator is a nightmare. Look at all the negative reviews across the board for most of the appliances that are marketed to us Americans. A total shame, a lack of integrity for most of the major producers. Our Kitchen-Aid built in has just failed, had the service people out the first year we had it. The ice dispenser locked up, then line froze up, lately they took the water line out, which leaked and ruined our hardwood floor hoping we could temporarily still use the frig. They no longer make the parts to repair, so we're out of look and out of dimes. Kitchen Aid is nowhere to be found. It's a total run around, until they tire you out and hope you go away. We're looking for a European replacement. Were thinking about GE Monogram - not anymore.

  • Ja
      11th of Mar, 2016
    0 Votes

    I have a Monogram refrigerator that had the fan freeze 3 times. They came out and replaced the motor the first time. The other two times they defrosted it with a steamer. Cost me $250 to replace motor and $169 each to defrost. After the last defrosting, it lasted for 2 days before freezing again. They just completed the modification to keep the motor from freezing. Cost: $1095.

    Why are the owners of GE Monograms having to pay to resolve a design defect when it clearly is a mistake made by GE in the manufacturing of the Monogram. This should be a recall by GE to fix their mistake. My repairman said he does a lot of these modifications on Monograms. GE should be reimbursing me for all these costs to fix their mistake. By reading other reviews with the same problem, it appears GE is not reputable and refuses to pay for their design fault. Be aware if you are buying a GE product.

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