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De Clearwater, FL Review updated:

My issue is that I enrolled in a Medical Codeing Course on-line. After having difficulties continueing the course I called and to have my course changed to Medical Billing. They agreed and informed me that the initial charge would be exchanged for the newly enrolled course. Then in 2008 I began receiving legal notification for collections under a different name attached to my sss#.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Clearwater, FLNote prior to this I had never received any billing statements at all. The collection agency Arrow Financial bought the debt from GE Money Bank, Arrow Financial never contacted me, but instead pursued legal proceedings to extort money from me totalin over $3800 plus legal fees. I tried to prove my case to them and was told my circumstances did not matter, due to, the name matching the sss#.

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      Feb 15, 2010

    Discovered "Account Security" charges on my statement.

    Never signed up for this service, and informed them that these
    charges are a fraud.

    Called the "Account Security" telephone number today, and gave them a 24-hour deadline to credit back everything they have ever charged on my account. The total refund amount is USD $251.10. Told them that if refund is not applied within 24 hours, I will file a complaint with the Office of Thrift Supervision (they regulate GE Money Bank) and with the State Attorney General's Office.

    The "Account Security" department refuses to provide a physical address
    and a telephone number for their "Escalations Department".

    The GE Money Bank Customer Service Representatives hung up on me when I requested them to place a dispute on these "Account Security" charges. Names given were Lisa and Britney.

    If GE Money Bank thinks they will make me go away just by "wear and tear" they are sorely mistaken. OTS Complaint is already written and ready to be faxed. State AG's office is a 10 minute cab ride.

    BTW, this account has been on automatic payment since Day One, and I have never missed, or been late, on a single payment.

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