Garmin Nuvi 780rip off artists

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These are the other web sites that this company owns.

Shlomi Albaydadi, Owner Business Name:
86th Street Photo & Video
Camera Giants Inc.
My Wireless Deal
Wise Tronics
Y.E.S. International
Business Address: 2845 86th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11223
So, if you would like to be ripped off by from any of the above. He is listed with the BBB of N.Y. and the government is doing nothing about it. Check it out!

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  • No
      Oct 25, 2008
    Electronics - hacked my address book

    Someone hacked by yahoo email and sent an email from my address to my friends - the subject name : hi,

    I want to know who has done it and please stop it immediately.

    It says buy electronics from this

    Can you please let me know who has done it. I want to know who the cuplrit is.

    Your prompt action is highly appreciated.


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  • Db
      Oct 30, 2008

    The same thing happened to a friend, I tried to delete the email and it kept reappearing in my inbox. It just won't delete. The original sender said he never sent it.

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  • Cr
      Nov 14, 2008 HACK

    same thing just happened to me

    got in to my yahoo and gmail accounts

    emailed all on list and then deleted my address book

    i never reveal my passwords to anyone and am anal about security

    i travel in china extensively - suspect i was compromised via my blackberry or using hotel wifis

    be wary

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  • An
      Nov 15, 2008

    I've got the same problem - only it attached my yahoo mail.
    I can not believe the gmail, messenger, and yahoo mail have all been compromised.
    Its not some one spoofing my email address because it was sent to my whole address book.

    I have a anti phising picture so know if the web address is compromised.
    my host file is locked down.
    My firewall is locked down.
    AVG, pestpatrol, adaware all found nothing.
    Can not say that I'm know hijackthis very well - but nothing jumped out at me.
    I can see no unusual programs running.
    Plan to stop everything running - but would prefer to know how I was compromised - and know that its fixed.

    Flagged something on yahoo mail waiting for their answer.

    Would have expected a faster response from yahoo and gmail.

    They must know unless they give an answer soon as the exploit widens people like me will just go back to pop3.
    I'm about to try trend online .

    The only thing I can see is yamanner a jscript which attacked yahoo back in 2006.

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  • Ej
      Jun 09, 2009
    Garmin Nuvi 780 - Defective
    United States

    I bought the Garmin Nuvi 780 for my husband for christmas. The window attachment would never stay attached to the glass, and always fell. The last time it fell it hit the shifter and cracked the screen, I took it in to get fixed since I bought the ext warranty and they wont cover it. Bull.

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  • Ta
      Jun 16, 2009

    June 15, Monday. I called 86th photo and video store to place an order for a garmin nuvi 780 gps. Great deal at $129.00 plus $9.95 to ship. I got a man who was very nice and said great now which charger do you want the regular is $80.00 and the rapid charger is $100.00. I told him no thanks. I just want the garmin 780. Well, this nice man was not nice anymore. He stated well it is on back order so call back in 3 weeks. He then hung up. So, I waited for a few minutes and called back. Yep, got the same person on the phone. He said what would you like and I told him and he said great. Then again stated about the chargers. So, I told him, I called earlier and you stated they were out of stock. Only when I just said I want the gps. Well, HE HUNG UP THE PHONE!!! Now the price is $199.99. TALK ABOUT RIP OFF ARTISTS. THIS IS HOW THEY DEAL WITH ALL THEIR PRODUCTS.

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  • 4s
      Jun 21, 2009

    Downloadable City Navigator North America NT 2010 Map Update from Garmin will not install properly. I ordered the update for life last week and after hours and days of trying to get it to work. Garmin web tech help failed and the wait for a tech on the phone was 45 minutes. I requested a refund and was told that my credit card wouldn't be credited until 2 billing cycles. I believe the Map updates for life are you have to wait for life until they work out the installation issues. DO NOT BUY GARMIN MAP UPDATES FOR LIFE. Garmin is not the company they used to be. Time to change vendors for GPS products.

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  • Gb
      Jul 16, 2009

    I had a similar experience with 86th photo and video. They would not answer their phone half the time. When they did they kept telling me garmin 780 was backordered 2 weeks after six they cancelled the order. They never answered any emails. Now they have cancelled the order saying they are no longer carrying item yet it is still avertised at 279.00. They are liers and cheats. A very irresponsible company. best be advised to stay away from them.

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  • Ra
      Feb 06, 2010

    I purchased a Garmin Nuvi 255W in December. Its packaging said free map updates would be available for 60 days after purchase. What they do not tell you is the download for the maps is 2000 mb and, unless you have high speed internet access, it takes days to download. I emailed their tech support and was told they would send me a DVD with the update, but the 'shipping and handling' would cost $15.00. Some 'free' update. Took the unit back to Staples for a refund and bought a TomTom.

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  • Di
      Aug 29, 2011
    Electronics - scamed took $256,thru Western Union
    Chinaspint/Wholesale Electronics
    United States

    Made a purchase, cost $256. Paid thru Western Union . Informed thru Western Union that money was picked up. Was emailing a Linda Lu. Was emailed that product was going thru customs, then no further contact. Company is out of China. a very nice website. very professional looking.

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  • Gi
      Jan 18, 2015
    Electronics - Anyone know this company if fraud or not ?
    Jaci Technology Limited
    United Kingdom

    Any one can tell me if this company is fake or real email me at [protected]

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