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I bought a table and chairs from Garden Ridge in Feb/2012. I have owned it for a month and the chairs are already falling apart. I tried to call the store but nobody ever answers. I went to the store and the salesman said I could not return it unless I have the original box and receipt. I bought the table and chairs with my visa. I just want my money back. While my wife and I were at the hospital having our second child, my 5 year old was staying with my in laws at our house and my son fell out of one of the chairs that broke. I am in the Army and I am in great shape. My weight is 200 pounds and I can't sit in the chairs for I am scared they will break.

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      28th of Mar, 2011
    Gardenridge - overcharge me
    United States

    my name is ada merritt on 3/20/11 in springdale cincinnati oh. time 14.57 person service me was 658607 i had (5) item for $19.12 i use my visa debit first for the $8.16 it was accepted but the machine blinked so i was told to scipe the card again so i did (3) other times it was decline but in fact it was accepted so i used my mastercard for the same items and was charge full price idid not know until 3/27/11 at krogers and i was decline icall visa and was told gardenridge had the money ending card no. visa (9251) 1 866-265-8419 mine 513-886-1620. mastercard ending no. (5821.pleases return the $8.16

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      1st of Jun, 2011
    Gardenridge - returns
    United States

    My daughter had a wedding reception. We bought all plastic ware (plates, cups, sliverware, ect.) at gardenridge. I spent about $200 and paid cash. There were several people with me who helped me at the event. During all the busyness the receipt was misplaced. After the event I looked everywhere but was unable to find it. I took all the unopened packages back ( all had garden ridge printed all over the price sticker).
    I thought at least I could exchange these in partial trade for something else. To my surprise, the manager said he could not even exchange without the receipt- that was the way garden ridge had it set up.
    Had I known that, I would have gone to Sams or WalMart to spend my money.
    If your name ( gardenridge) is all over the packages, why can't items at least be exchanged? This isn't right.

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      10th of Sep, 2011
    Gardenridge - security camera checking
    United States
    Phone: 9725522402

    My purse was stolen from the bathroom in Gardenride store, Mesquite, TX...the supervisor suggested that I ask for the security cameras to be checked so that we might have a clue of whome who has lifted the purse.. I tried to reach any body in that store or the customer service of Gardenridge to do something about my purse but I couldnot..I only could get this e-mail from that now I am wondering how to get those cameras to be checked? May be somebody has taken the purse and has taken some of its contents and then stuck it or push it between other merchandise... so if we know where the purse is, I can at least get my keys.

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      3rd of Jan, 2012
    Gardenridge - Refund
    United States

    Purchased a Christmas tree on 12/27/20ll. It was on sale and the person I purchased it for had bought another one elsewhere. Thought on 1/03/2012 I would return it and learned according to manager if you purchase christmas after the 25th whatever it's on sale for is the return price you'll get back. She stated it was on the bottom of my reciept. Honestly how many customers check the fine print on the reciept? I checked to make sure I was charged properly with at that time didn't intend to return it. My family shopped here often and last year alone have spent over $1200.00. I have decided to keep this tree rather than get ripped off. All this being said is it worth losing a valuable customer over $25 dollars?

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