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Garden State Nissan / rude, unhelpfull dealership

1 400 River StreetHackensack, NJ, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 800-613-8205

First Week,

First Issue - I just saw a "Nissan Murano 2005 w/26500 miles" at their website that i wanted to buy so badly and went for a test drive. A sales person called "PEDRO" introduced himself and offered me a test drive. Everything was going good the first day. It took them 5hrs + to apply for a finance on a name that we have written clearly on the forms ... everybody in the showroom needed glasses i think ... anyway after battling all those hours, they accepted my trade in and offered me the good news of approval on my murano. They accepted that it was their fault for applying for a finance with the wrong spelled name.

Second Issue - Second day i start the car, and realize a funny noise coming from within the hood, out of curiousity i opened the hood and dropped my jaw when i saw the EMTPY POWERSTEERING FLUID RESERVOIR and MISSING ANTIFREEZ CAP + ANTIFREEZ WAY BELOW MIN LEVEL in there. Well instead of spending my time and money on gas + toll charges to get to jersey from NYC i just simply thought i would go to the nearest dealer and grab a CAP for antifreez and then get a PowerSteeringFluid and top it off. ( Not to mention - they charge $600 dollars when you purchase any used car, and according to sales person, the charge was for the vehicle's care while it was at the dealership, such as oil change, all the lubricants and those minor issues, guess what i paid, and for my bad luck these ###s didn't do what they charged for. )

Third Issue - To make the fool out of myself, i just kept believing that they were an established dealership who will have good customer experience and such. Anyway they proved me wrong in less than a week. Again in a couple of days i started hearing the same noise that i heard earlier. Guess what, the power steering fluid was way below COLD MINIMUM level this time which i just topped off two days ago. Heck yes, there was a leak which i wasn't even notified about. I made a visit to the dealership and i was told that they are going to order a vehicle specific PowerSteering Hose which they don't have in stock and wanted me to come back in a week. As i doubted when i walk in back again, they told me it hasn't arrived yet and to come back another week later.. Phew, that was already two weeks. Then they told me to come on a Saturday which i called in to make sure if the part has arrived before i walk in, just to avoid all those gas and toll expenses for me to go back and forth. Guess what they told me no it hasn't and to come back a week later. Crap after all those three weeks finally the part came in and they fixed it for me. But then, my gripe is that they haven't kept the promise. I lost two days of work and money just to get my car fixed.

DAY 20,

Fourth Issue - ( Remember, as i am from New York City, and the vehicle was purchased at New Jersey i had to wait for the licence plates to come in ) I paid my fifth visit to jersey to check if my LICENCE PLATES has arrived, especially because my temporary pass was expiring. Well most of you know what i am about to say, "No, it hasn't arrived yet" the lady in the front said and she also said the person called "SARAB ___" went to vacation and she forgot to send in somebody to DMV to get my plates in. The lady at the front desk was nice enough to appologize to me and give me another TEMP PASS so that i can keep driving. I left the dealership with no more choices.

DAY 37,

Fifth issue - At the same time Suprisingly i recieved a letter from CHASE AUTO FINANCE ( Bank ) for my older car which i traded in with them ( i had payments on it which has to be made every month, but according to trade in policy of this dealer, they are supposed to pay off the vehicle as you trade it in and clear it out and add the difference to your new car's value and get you financed for the new amount, in simple words **previous car's balance + your current cars value = your new cars financed amount** ..., Did they make the payments ? heck no ) i had to pay visits to the dealer 3 times since the bank started sending me unpaid due of last month and late charges and such. To get things more intensed the bank claimed that they will report it to my CREDIT and kill my CREDIT HISTORY for not making any payments which i thought the dealer would have settled at the time of my new vehicle's purchase. Having 3 days left from bank's due date, i paid a visit to the dealership again to find out the lady had made the check and sent it in a day earlier. Was it true ? I am yet to find out. however the sales guy PEDRO was able to obtain a copy of the check for me. Well i had to take it and go back home, since the sales guy PEDRO was repeating that he can't do anything about the FINANCIAL DEPARTMENT'S issue and he is just a sales guy, but when asked if i could speak to FINANCIAL DEPT and that SARAB LADY in specific he mentioned she just stepped out, which was a lie and insisted she will back after an hour or later.

I asked for another Temporary Pass since its day 37 before temp expires in 3 days, so that i can keep driving until the plates come in, the sales guy PEDRO a was getting rough on us and said that they don't offer temporary pass unless the old one expires and he wanted me to come back 3 days later, WTF ? why do i have to pay $35+ for each visit on gas and toll for their mistake in not getting my plates in time. With no choice ( believing the bank was settled ) and half bad news ( the license plates are still not in ) i had to leave the dealership. In less than ten minutes this salesguy PEDRO calls me and tells me he can offer me the papers for registration, license plates and title and i could take them to local DMV and do it in my own ( which is what i asked for since these lazy bums are not doing anything at all ). To finish all these nightmare, i asked the salesguy PEDRO about what to do with these papers now and wanted to ask him questions, and guess what, this guy just turns his face away and go takes another customer while i am trying to talk to him and keeps ignoring my call. Again i leave the dealership with no help and guess what, same day i went to DMV and got my plates myself, got my car inspected, got my registrations and all of things are finally done ... In my opinion all of these won't take two days to finish, but this LAZY DEALERSHIP just took almost 40 days and still haven't done a thing. All in all i had a very bad experience and i advice you my dear fellow consumers to stay away from this dealership. This is not the place to visit if you are expecting honesty, and work getting done.

Ratings -

Showroom - 2/5.
Service - 2/5.

Manager - 0/5. ( he knew that i walked in for an issue and saw me everytime and kept himself hiding and didnt even talk to me once even when i called on to talk to him. He avoided me all times and never talked a second.

Sales Guy Pedro - 1/5. ( he was good first when i met him, but he didn't take responsibility or try to help me with issues and he acted "i dont care, its no more my problem" policy... voices were rough and very unhelpfull at the end. )

Sarab ( Finance Dept Lady ) -0/5. ( She needed a vacation before she finish the work, my advice she should have never came back if she is that lazy to finish up her work before making the customers wait for her. She forgot to make my payments, She forget to send in my licence plates )

Dana ( Accounts ) - 4/5. ( she was the one who misspelled our name and got us waiting to get approval, but she was very polite and nice enough not to be angry to explain, and answered all our calls, while all the others never answered )

Front Desk - 4/5. ( These girls were very polite and helpful eventhough there is nothing much they could have done for me they at least kept me informed and been honest while one of those girls gave me a temp pass without my question understanding i have to travel long miles to get to dealer everytime )

if there is anything good about this dealearship, its just the girls at frontdesk and the accounts person dana, i thank you both, while i hate the rest of your dealership.



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  • Ne
      28th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    Day 42,

    as if today, the payment hasn't been recieved by the CHASE BANK yet, even though this stupid dealership claims that they have sent it in already... lets hope that this gets done by tomorow, or i am calling for the help of law, and suing this dealership and all those misbehaved with me at the dealership.

    people, if you have similar experience as me with this, please come join hands, and together we make them pay for what they did.

  • Ma
      28th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    I have been here to this dealer but i was lucky to understand them at first sight and avoid the deal. The manager is indeed very rude and unhelpful. Nobody picks up calls for sure too. They tried to do business with me without telling me the car price and i told them, leave it fellows i aint the stupid you thought me for lol and left. Good luck for you friend to get everything settled.

    Avoid this dealer at all cost.

  • Ne
      10th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    Day 55,

    as if today ...

    thanks maria, for sharing your comment.


    The check ( which, supposed to pay of the trade-in vehicle ) reached the bank last week, after a week of another battle. But then, the nightmare doesn't end here yet... guess what peoople, "THE CHECK HAS BOUNCED" ... i really don't understand what kind of a*hole dealership this is ... but everything seems horrifying ... I mean, what is with these people, why do they have a hard time paying the bank the money they got from Nissan Motor Acceptance Cooperation.

    Anybody here wants to give me a suggestion on what to do guys ? i mean i am tired of dealing with these bunch of ###s. Trust me if i had a bomb or something, I'll just blow up the dealership and walk away... sometimes i do wish to be a superman so i can manhandle things. anyways, dreaming aside and back to business, I'll keep you guys updated about more of my experience with these loser dealership.

    guys if you ask me for an advice, please stay away from this Dealership. You'll thank me later.

  • Hi
      19th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    New Yorker, I'm in a similar if not worse situation. I'm 148 days out from PURCHASE of a car from this horrible dealership. (Stealership). To date, I have no registration, my bank doesn't have the title, and can't get anyone at the dealership to answer the phone, much less call me back. I'm currently pursuing recourse through Nissan, BBB, and Law enforcement.

  • Ne
      18th of May, 2009
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    Exactly well said Higgs. This is the worst dealership i ever met. Because of these freaks my credit score was down ( Because collection agency started to investigate, thus leading to a affect my credit ).

    I was talking to Nissan itself too. They were very helpful and wiling to work on my side. But the dealership kept showing the rude face to me. Finally when they decided to pay, it was already 4 MONTHS from the day one. I believe this Dealership is a SCAM and wonder why NISSAN MOTOR CORP is still allowing these kind of uneducated dealers to be in business. In my opinion, NISSAN SHOULD VOID THIS DEALERSHIP CONTRACT, AND RUN THEM OUT OF BUSINESS.

    If you guys ever wanted to buy a car, look for any other dealership which has better reviews and good customer relationships, or simply shop in New York Nissan Of Garden City ( this is in Long Isand guys, i know they sound similar but last word, i bought my Altima here and things were right on time and no hassles. ), even though its expensive, its a price you pay for reliability and peace of mind.

    Keep me posted, HIGGS, and i wish you a very good luck to get your things done and i feel your pain bro. Coz i dealt with the exact same monsters. Update in here if you can. I really wish to follow up your story. Good Luck again.

  • Ne
      18th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    The other day i was calling them, just when i wanted them to make my trade-in vehicles payment, And finally i got to speak to the FINANCIAL CONTROLLER, i forgot his name, but this ### was insisting that he might hang up the phone on me for asking to pay me for car that i have traded in. I told him, and i was recording the converstation, so that i can show it the law firm as a proof of how everytime i called them they just repeated the same info and not answered my question directly, while being rude or never pickup or return calls.

    FINANCIAL CONTROLLER - was the guy who sends checks to the bank to clear out trade in vehicle's exisiting balance, and you'll be laughing if i tell you how the system works. Let me say it anyway just to keep my fellow shoppers informed.

    " Checking in particular - after sales ( money in ) and expenses ( money out ) each day will leave their account with different number of balance. Off that balance is where the trade-in vehicle's pay off and other expenses are covered. Due to many checks are sent out by dealer everyday, the FINANCIAL CONTROLLER has to calculate and chose which checks to pass on and which to hold according to the money left in bank.

    This is where, this FINANCIAL CONTROLLER guy sent my checks 3 time and recalled them due to no avail of money in bank. My gripe is that this ### was playing with me for no reason. Why did he kept recalling my check and gave me all these headaches, and take advantage of my quiet, polite nature. He knows that if he was doing this with somebody else, he would have ended up in jail, or in hospital due to vicious attack.

    Higgs, Keep us updated

  • Ne
      18th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    Higgs - The person who is responsible to get you your Registration info and Licence plates is called, SARAB BERNARD. The accountant. I know because i had to deal with them as well. Why dont you walk into dealership and just ask for this lady. I know she might try to slip, but dont let her, just wait in the showroom and tell the manager that you are waiting to see her and leave a msg to her who should be sitting in her room ( 9am to 4pm most of the times ) i did this.

    After a lot of cursing and yelling, she decided to give me the papers so that i can file for REGISTRATION, TITLE, and LICENCE PLATES myself.

    Licence Plates and Registration i got it the same day i went to DMV myself, and TITLE or Proof Of Ownership will be mailed to you in couple of months which is normal. I am glad i demanded and filed it myself. Or else who knows how much more time and money they would have made me waste.

    Just tell them, if you are not going to give me the plates today, just give me my papers and info, i'll go to my local DMV and get it myself. Which you can have your plates the same day that you pay visit to DMV. Thats what i did buddy and it worked. So just go there, and Demand for it or threaten them that you will file a lawsuite or call police on them. As a matter of fact, its okay if you really call the police because these buncha rats deserve it.

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