Garden Ridge / No checkers and pictures

11801 Chenal parkway, Little Rock, AR, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 501-219-1144

I went to your store for the first time on Sat.the 24th of March. I went to gets some rope lights...
1. No employee's to be found on the floor anywhere to help.
2. Went to look at the metal art work it was a hazard, if you moved one the whole pile would fall, it really was a disaster! The worst I've ever seen...I did not take pictures but I will go back to take some if you like?
3. When I got to the check out line it was forever long... I can't believe that there was only 2 checkers and that I actually stayed in that line for 40 minutes to check out!!! The line wrapped all the way around the shopping isle that they have to incise you to buy, and into the store!!! I can't believe they had no one to call up to the front to help!!!

It was my first and probably my last trip into the store! When I asked for the website one of the managers gave me [protected] when I went to that site it said it was a phishing site!!! I really hope that they get some help in that store!!!

I must say that my checker was very nice young man and had great customer service! He would be the only reason I would give the store another shot...
Thanks for your time,
V. Farlee

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