Garcinia Cambogiafree trial offer — unauthorized credit card charges

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August 12, 2016 on face book I answered an add for a free trial of the product, that Dr. Oz was promoting for weight loss. Cost was $4.95 plus $1.99 shipping & handling. . A second offer for a Cleanse was made & I refused that. No more commitment made. Received the free bottle and spoke with a nurse friend about this product. She said I should look into their "ways of following thru". I have not opened it and NOW my husband tells me we have a charge of $79.68 on our checking account.!! The bank has told me it's showing a--hold But is there to be paid out."I did not give permission for any more product to be sent .! Bank advised me to get in touch with them ---I have tried to no avail! no phone number available either.please---i can not afford this to be paid out!!! i am asking for help in stopping this money from going to them.

Aug 26, 2016
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  • Fa
      Jan 02, 2017

    lI'm having the same problem as the above note except I never received the free bottle of Garcinia Cambodia - just 2 shipments containing 1 bottle each of Garciniua Cambogia and 1 bottle of Premium Cleanse for which my bank was debited a total of $317.74 plus $9.52 shipping and handling. I have sent a letter to the address these products were mailed from. If I heart nothuing my only recourse will be to cancel the credit card that was used and request a new one so that any future shipments can't be paid for.

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  • Se
      Jan 10, 2017

    I'm having the same issue...I was charged $4.95 on December 29 and after calling the number on my bank statement after seeing the $79.95 charge on January 10, I got ahold of a customer service rep. They told me that I agreed to the price ($79.95) after the 14 trail period, something I don't ever remember checking that I agreed to, nor do I remember seeing anything about a 14 trail period...why because I was looking for the hidden sell. I told the rep to stop all future payments, which he continued to tell me it was cost me more money (39.00+) and that I would need to send the product back unused (which it is, unopened) and pay a restocking fee. The rep started agruing with me after I asked for a manager...I had to raise my voice to shut him up. Finally, with him continuing to argue with me, I hung up.

    Funny about the 14 day trail is January 10, 2017 and the charge hit my account of December 29, 2016, which means today is Day 13, even if I did this on December 28, today would be Day 14 and they rep still agrued with me about cancelling.

    I've since called the bank and noted everything, they said I had to wait until the charge posts and then they will disbute the charge for me.

    I'll say this much, never buying anything like that again online...damn Facebook ads.

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  • Ic
      Sep 15, 2017

    Don't give up when speaking with their customer service representative. They will first offer you 30% refund then 50% refund then 70% refund. Say no to all and tell them you want a full refund of your money and cancellation of your so called account with them. They will give you a hard time but say they are advertising the products incorrectly with hidden notes about the recurring charges. Tell them you will dispute this with the bank. They will tell you that you will not win as they have the terms and conditions you've agreed on but don't give up and say go ahead and present that to the bank I'll continue with the dispute. They will then put you on a brief hold then will tell you that they will reimburse the full amount and will cancel your account. Don't give up! They are scammers!

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  • Sp
      Sep 25, 2017

    they got me too, this month 9/17, didn't see no where on their site that said I would be charged in 14 days for $94.86 B- - - - es!!!
    Never again will any of em' get me again!!! I too are fighting this S- - - !
    I don't know if Dr.Oz is in on this scam or not, nor do he know they are using his name
    this is so sad how people just figure out ways to scam people of there hard honest earned MONEY
    I want my MONEY BACK!

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  • Gr
      Jun 26, 2018

    BUYER BEWARE!!!I have just had the same problem in answering an add on Facebook that promoted a product that was seen on Shark Tank. I ordered the free trial, and have been dinged anywhere from 74.92 to 84.92 every 2 weeks. I called them, and the girl told me I had signed up for a subscription, which I never had, and I had received multiple orders (left on my doorstep) which I have never received. After arguing with them and telling them I'm contacting my attorney generals office as this is a BIG SCAM, she offered me a 75% refund. I'll see if it will come then I'll let VISA take care of them. The # I called that was shown on my VISA statement was [protected].

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  • De
      Jul 31, 2019


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