GameHouse / not able to sign into my gamehouse account and play my games

Seattle, WA, United States
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I have been a member of Gamehouse for many years but now my email address in the log in menu is not recognized. I'm unable to play any of the games I bought over the years and the reset password option will not work because the site does not recognize my email address. I have also sent multiple emails asking for help but not one of them has been answered. I have followed the instructions to uncheck the remember me box. signed out of the website and cleared all cookies and browsing information from my browser. I have called the only customer service number I could find and get a message that all the answers I need are available on their Gamehouse website. I am not able to determine if Gamehouse is still charging me for my membership. I had 4 game credits approximately 2-3 months ago. I would like to keep my membership, get my game credits and play the games I paid for.

Dec 21, 2018

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