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Hello. I'm playing this game for more than 10 years and a few days ago my account was hacked. I tried to sort out the problem with support team, but after they requested all my details and I gave them I received the answer that they can't do anything and that they don't deal with this kind of problem. Who should I contact then? It has to be a solution because I've made some investments in this game and this account. I think someone should deal with this and get some protection when this things happens. It's just not fair after so many years no one can help me.
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Nov 24, 2018
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      Jan 02, 2019

    I don't know what game you play. Indeed, T&C at Gameforge explicitly states that account ownership responsibility is totally in charge of user. Since hacking of account normally involves e.g. weak passwords, usage of same game password on other sites, sharing of user data that spreads without any control, then Gameforge introduced on lot of games the opportunity to revert account changes. E.g. for Ikariam, if someone steals your account and logs in, changing account email address, original owner receives a notification email and can revert change, then reset password and have account back.

    Clearly, if user does not keep email updated, loses email address access, or doesn't have a minimal care of his account, he will pay consequences for that, e.g. loss of account. In this case, Staff is not authorised to assist players at all, since they can't clearly know what is happened, why and how (e.g. it is impossible to know difference between a password stealing for sharing and a account transfer gone bad), so they can't take the responsibility to reassign a account to person who is claiming to be the owner.

    As a Staff member (volunteer) at Gameforge from 2008, I can tell to have received dozen of "account hacking" reports from players. None of them was caused by Gameforge. We had e.g. players who lost email access, e.g. because they changed password and forgot it, so were unable to recover it. We had users that used a fake or temporary email to register. Someone gave "temporarily" a account to a friend who refused to give account back when asked. Someone else transferred account to another user, and after a month changed his mind claiming to be "hacked". Another players used a shared computer and saved password in browser. Other ones used "[protected]" or "password" as password. Another player used the same password everywhere: personal email, Gameforge game, Google, Yahoo, forums, etc. and finally in a scam site that stole it (and accessing his mailbox also accessed everything online).

    If you give me further details about the game you play, I can try to give you a better anwer. Even if, probably, Support System at Gameforge is the correct place to complain: keep in mind that you can *always* ask to have your ticket escalated, eventually reaching Community Manager at Gameforge.

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