FWM Labs / Acai Berry & Probiotic Clealnse

Acai Berry Order was not received and I cancelled. I was, however charged shipping and handling for product never received. I had also ordered Probiotic Cleanse and my account was charged $39.95. After a month of email chats with the support center, the product was finally received and it was actually mailed to me locally in Oregon. By this time I had given up on the item ever arriving and/or getting my account credited. I didn't bother to return the Probiotic Clelanse and having figured out that the company was not trustworthy, I saw no point in spending more money to send it back. I tried the pills but the result was very negative and painful as I had stomach pains so bad that I had to take to my bed. Please do what you can to keep others from falling for the "free trial" advertisements of these items. I don't want anyone else to be taken in. The run around I got from this company's support center for about 4 weeks was unbelievable. At least this taught me a lesson. Thank you I live in Portland, OR. My email is: m.[protected]

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