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On April 6 2009, I purchased 2 Toshiba laptop computers along with a further two year warranty on each computer, and two computer bags.

On Feb 20 2010, I drove 100 kms to bring my computer into Future Shop (5900 Mavis Road) where I purchased them. I explained that I had reformatted the computer. After doing such, the system was throwing out of memory error. Performance was slow, freezing, and non operational. Error was due to a .Net framework issue. I felt there was a problem with the memory. I signed a receipt from Future Shop which included saying that I was aware I could lose my information if reformatted. I had no concern as I had no information on the computer as I had already attempted to reformat. I then drove 100 kms home.

About three weeks later, I called Future Shop. They said my computer was finished and was at the customer service desk.

On March 21 2010, I drove 100 kms to Toronto to pick up my computer. I spent a half hour in line, before I received my computer. The agent told me that the computer was fixed and to make sure I recharged the battery before use.

On March 22 2010, I was furious when I turned on my charged laptop and found the same error. The work had not been done, and I was now forced to make another return trip to Toronto to get the computer fixed. IT HAD NOT BEEN FIXED THE FIRST TIME.

On March 31 2010, I returned to the Future Shop. I went to the computer repair area. The agent looked up the information and told me they hadn't fixed the computer. She said they had tried to contact me. I told her that was fine. I asked why I hadn't been told that when I arrived on March 21 2010. She didn't know. I told her, if I had been told on March 21, I would have left the computer and returned at another date, like March 31 or early April and would have a computer. She went over to the person who had served me on the 21 March. That agent said they would be right over after serving a customer. After 15 minutes and at least 3 customers, the agent had not come over. He knew that I was upset and they had made a big mistake. (Must admit the female employee did her best given the situation. I was very upset due to the incompetence of a fellow employee.)

I am without my computer now from February 20 to it looks like mid April. I now have to pay for another return trip to Toronto. So, I am out my computer for a month, and the expense of a 200 km return trip due to the incompetence of the initial agent who served me on March 21 2010.

Fabulous service eh?

To be honest I feel I should be compensated for all the difficulty caused by an incompetent employee.

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  • Je
      5th of Aug, 2010

    future shop is such a scam

    bought 170$ in gift cards..went to use them..and were at zero dollar balance...had the recipt and everything but yet they insisted we used them already..even though the number on the back was scatched off by their OWN EMPLOYEE THAT DAY

    future shop needs better training, better managment and needs to learn that costumers are their first priority

    but then wonder these poeple are working at future shop...their brains are so small they cant get anywhere else in life

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