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I ordered several human hair full lace wigs from this company and received synthetic lace wigs.Basically I was taken for my money.The resale value on synthetic hair is far less than for full lace wigs.The company has ceased all communciation!!!They stole identification from a trusted site to make their site look legit.I paid through western union and now have no recourse at this time for a refund.
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A  31st of Oct, 2008 by    0 Votes
I feel for you. I have to say that you should always watch out for people who offer Western Union as a method of payment as you may never be able to be protected should there be a fraud (such as in your case). In the future, only accept payment methods through Paypal as it is the safest and you are protected against frauds.
Hope this helps.
A  6th of Feb, 2009 by    0 Votes
I agree they got me too. I ordered three lace wigs and received three synthetic horrible wigs! They weren't even nice. LOL. I complained and nothing was done
N  6th of Feb, 2009 by    +2 Votes
UJKT company of Trade tang company are lace wig frauds also. I ordered three wigs from them thinking that they were reliable because they were hosted by another site and they did the same thing to me . They sent three syn. wigs. Now trade tang wants to only send me back a portion of my money and not the full amount. I spent $@06.00 and they want to send me back $160.00. I'm starting to believe that all Chinese people are crooks!!!
A  8th of Feb, 2009 by    +2 Votes
I ordered lace wigs accessories from UK academy of beauty(Diane Shawe..the owner) since november 2008..I nerver received them...she never returns her calls or email...please don not order from her website www. ukacademyofbeauty.com
A  5th of Apr, 2009 by    +1 Votes
DIANE SHAWE of www.ukacademyofbeauty.com is an unscrupulous business owner and a SCAMMER!
She will only return your emails once you have filed a complaint through your credit card company and will charge you for items you never recieved. DO NOT BUY FROM WWW.UKACADEMYOFBEAUTY.COM, you will not recieve your orders and will have to fight with your credit card company to get your money back!!!
YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! (I wish someone had warned me).
A  20th of Aug, 2009 by     Best Advice +4 Votes
I recently order 2 full lace light yaki wigs from a comapny in china. www.lacewigsco.com

They shipped me to brwon synthetic curly wigs. The worst wig i ever saw. I really trusted this comapny and thought they were legit. They refuse to respond to any of my emails. Buyers please beware, so it will not happen to you. They also stold from another site pretending to be that company. Please be careful there be time scammers!!!
A  23rd of Aug, 2009 by    +1 Votes
Hi, everyone who has been "conned" by this unscrupulous business owner called Diane Shawe of UK Academy of Hair and Beauty. My friends and I have also been duped by her, and I am looking for all testimonies of her tricks so I can have the evidence to bring justice to us all. We must stop her!
D  24th of Aug, 2009 by    +1 Votes
UK Academy of Beauty would like to warn sellers to beware of fraudent buyers. We have been defrauded to the tune of over £2, 100 with credit card payments that are not genuine. This is how it works, someone uses one of the new prepaid mastercards, or they have used a friends card with authority or stolen the details.

They go online and purchase the goods through our secure online facility. They pay for the goods, and then send us an email asking us to send it to another address because they are on holiday, just moved or something.

We then send the goods out by special delivery, because the goods are valued for over £200.00. The goods are delivered and signed for and then we receive notification from our bank once the goods have been delivered that ther card holder does not recognise the transaction. The funds are then clawed back from the account and the client gets the goods free.

We have since had to introduce 3d security to our online services, what this means is that if your home number, postcode name and pin/password do not all match then the order is not processed. This protects other peoples credit cards from being misused on our website.

We have even supplied and fitted lace wigs, taken photo's of the clients, and once they go home they claw back the funds.

We have only found this a problem since we have been stocking and delivering lace wigs, whilst we want to supply a quality service, we have to protect our business from professional thieves.

Like any other company we sometimes have our problems and we learn as we go along, we have even learnt today that a company is shadowing (company id theft), that people casn register your website and email address on other sites without your knowledge. If the banks can get scamming email, small businesses can also be victims.

These sites are good, but if a person had a genuine complaint then why go to a free site.
A  29th of Sep, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I heard such horror stories a lot!Those companies are located in China, and once you send them your money IN ADVANCE as they always request, there is nothing you can do about it when they chid you.Listen, to buy a cheap full lace you don't need to go to China, there are good online store right here in the U.S.A.You can buy a cheap full lace wig at: http://www.fulllacewigsbyhottipsfashion.com/page/2
They have a large variety to choose from, with trendy hairstyle in various colors a great hair texture!
N  6th of Oct, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I Just ordered Lace Wig from lacewigco.com. Beware!!! They are a Scam Site. This is not a full lace human hair wig. Was originally going to purchase $5000. worth of inventory. Bought one as a sample. Lucky it only cost me $160 to find out that they were dishonest.
A  17th of Oct, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I have just paid for a 'FULL' lace, Human Hair wig from Diane Shawe (Uk Academy of Beauty) what I've been supplied with is a Lace Front, extremely rough hair'd wig. I have emailed and text'd but no reply. I am now seeking to make a claim through the Small Claims court and also through my card company.

Diane even came to my home to fit the wig, but made shaw that I didn't see the inside!!! a total of £290 for the wig and £115 for fitting - wasted!

A  18th of Nov, 2009 by    0 Votes
I too ordered a full lace wig only to receive a regular wig which was not of good quality.
I sent $90.oo via Western Union. I trusted Alice because she promised to pay for return if I was unhappy with what she sent. What she sent was not close to what I ordered. She is not answering my emasils. I will continue a cycle of emails. She is a very dishonest person. All Chinese vendors should band together to catch her, because she is making it tough for them also.
A  18th of Nov, 2009 by    -1 Votes
I ordered 2 units on the 12th of november and Alice has been answering my email and today she stopped. I sent the money through moneygram, , but I am going to contact my bank and get my money back.Thank you for this forum. I will definitely put the word out that she is a thief.
A  30th of Nov, 2009 by    -1 Votes
Do not trust Diane Shawe
1 mins ago
Hi there, I have just read the comments regarding Diane Shawe of Uk Academy of Beauty with great interest as i too am in conflict with her regarding her recent application of hair extensions. She has opened a 'training academy' in the last few weeks in my area of London - Chingford. I saw one of her ads, visited her website, believed myself to be in good hands and applied to be her 'model' for hair extensions at a reduced price.
We had a discussion by phone where i made it quite clear that having experienced pre bonded extensions for 6 years that would be my preference and i was told 'we 'll decide' what technique to use at consultation. At my appointment she insisted on using the weave technique and when i showed protest she insisted that due to my current hairstyle being a bob that any other method would be useless - it would take too much hair and too much time...as it turned out it took the woman almost 7 hours anyway!
She went on to tell me that chinese hair is good quality and the most similar in its make-up to that of european hair...i thought this a little odd considering i had been a wearer of hair extensions from various hair salons for over 6 years and had not once been offered chinese hair only european or indian remy. Upon some belated research i found out that chinese hair is the most widely available, the cheapest, coarsest and totally unsuitable and not recommended for european heads.
I am now sporting a head of extensions of horrible quality...dry, thick, coarse and unstylable weaves of hair that are causing me constant intense itchy and pricklyness which is worse at night when in bed.
Having suffered for 4 days i contacted Diane and told her of my problems for her to tell me my problem is due to lack of oilyness from my scalp and that i needed to use a leave in conditioner - well working in hair and beauty myself i cannot see firstly how suddenly my scalp in not producing its normal amount, and that i should be following the written care instructions - which were never given to me. In fact she never offered any aftercare advice until i asked her verbally.
The woman refuses to offer any help other than take the extensions out and flatly refuses to offer any other technique without further cost as it means spending her time having to re do work for free - never mind the fact i may be having an allergic reaction to whatever it is she has attached to my head - not just a case of my being an awkward client disliking the extensions and wanting a refund...i am experiencing problems!
How do we stop this woman from taking people for a ride??
D  30th of Nov, 2009 by    +1 Votes
Complaint is unfounded. This is a client the day after, I have lots who could dispute the above angry untrue unjust persons angry statement. visit www.ukacademyofbeauty.com to view genuine testimonials from satisfied clients.

When you visit our website you will see that it is very informative, that lots of information is available.

See photo of client with same hair situation that we did the day after! We have client before and after shot the day before and days after.

D  30th of Nov, 2009 by    0 Votes
Joanne C Day is not telling the truth! Her image attached! We spent 6 hours using three different techniques to disguise her very strong bob. She had extensions removed only one week prior and had a strong bob cut. She could not afford full price so applied to be a model with us and try a new technique.

We used integrated weave at the back to build up volume and disguise bob, hook and latch at the top for flatness and strand by strand at the side to fill in bob cut.

She did not follow hair care brochure and claimed she did not receive one. all clients recieve one straight away and the info is visible on our website.

She was told not to wash her hair for the first five day, she washed it the day after.

She contacted us on Monday and wanted us to remove the weave and apply strand by strand, when we explained that it was not included in the models deal and that it would cost more she became abusive and said she would rubbish us.

See picture of her hair in progress. visit www.ukacademyofbeauty.com to see genuine clients and their testimonials.

If she was not so aggressive and dishonest we would have loved to have worked with her to make sure she enjoyed her hair extensions.

She did not have a lace wig fitted, but this website has a funny set up that lumps everything into one basket.

N  30th of Nov, 2009 by    0 Votes
Responding to Do not trust Diane Shawe by women who claimed she paid for her lace wig and fitting and that she was conned. See her photo's below and judge for yourself.

D  30th of Nov, 2009 by    0 Votes
Message from Diane Shawe. We do not accept moneygram or any other type of money transfer system. We accept cards which are vetted through out 3d secure system. Due to the level of theft and misuse of stolen credit debit cards, our system will not accept any payments that are fradulent. Even though an order might be placed if it has not been paid for it will not be despatched.

When orders are despatched they are sent by recorded or special delivery. If the order has been signed for it is deemed as received. We take no responsibility for orders being signed for by 3rd parties on behalf of customers.

If order has not been returned to us we deem it as being received.

Our website complies with the current regulations and any claim that we do not supply is totally unjust.

However since we have introduced 3d security we have seen a dramatic fall in orders and fraudulent orders.
N  1st of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
I'm sure that many of Ms Shawe’s clients, who have had their photo taken, would concur that the photo taking is very much 'sprung' upon us. I know in my case I expressed a wish to not have photo's taken (as my family present at the time would confirm) and yet I was manoeuvred into posing whilst Ms Shawe took photos using her phone camera. In my instance Ms Shawe’s photos are very helpful as proof of the poor condition of my own hair and also to prove that the FRONT LACE wig I have tried to return, but which is still in my possession, is the wig supplied and fitted - proof in Ms Shawe's own photographic evidence.

I am currently exploring alternative routes to getting my money back including Trading Standards.

In my case the money that I paid Ms Shawe was my only opportunity of being able to purchase a FULL LACE wig, I now cannot afford to purchase a FULL LACE wig from another supplier. My hair is still falling out do to medical treatment and I am trying my hardest to stop Ms Shawe from preying on other vulnerable people, when they are at a very low point in their life.

This is my reply to Ms Shawe’s earlier email to me:

Dear Ms Shawe,

None of what you have listed in your reply has any bearing, the contract that we made and what I have paid for, was for a FULL LACE Wig not FRONT LACE.

- I actually asked you if it was FULL LACE before you bonded the wig to my head, to which you replied 'Yes'.

- I continually made reference to the FULL Lace that you were fitting; you made no mention of the wig being different to what I had paid for.

- The wig was actually bonded to my head for approx. 1 hour 30 mins before you left. Please check date and time stamp on your phone pictures.

- I was unable to feel the base of the wig immediately after fitting as you put my hair up (as per your photographic evidence) and asked me to pose for many photo's which took a considerable amount of time (again as per date and time stamp on you phone photographs) After the photo's (approx 30mins before you left) I took the hair down and continuously touched the base of the wig as I couldn't see the back and I felt that something was wrong, you asked me if everything was ok, at which point I could not say otherwise as I had no proof as I have never worn or seen (in-person) a FULL Lace or any other type of wig before. I trusted in what I thought at the time was an 'expert'.

- My family liked the look of the wig as did I, as it meant that I had 'hair' (again proof from your photographic evidence that my own hair is in a bad state and confirmation of why I needed a wig). I expressed to you how my confidence had diminished since my hair started falling out, which my family understood.

- The bond irritating is not the issue, the fact that you fitted a FRONT Lace wig and bonded the back straps and comb to my head, is the issue here. I purchased a FULL LACE wig (receipt as proof).

- I emailed my complaint to you within approx 2 hours of your leaving (email proof for exact time)

- At no point did you tell me that you were fitting a FRONT Lace wig. It is inconceivable that you think I, or anyone, would knowingly pay for a higher price product and accept a lower priced product.

- My main reason for wanting a FULL Lace wig is due to my hair falling out following medical treatment, as already mentioned to you numerous times. Yes I had received an unpleasant comment that I looked stereotypically lesbian, said to you in the spirit of changing the subject away from my treatment.

- My simple expectations were to have a FULL LACE wig fitted; to receive what I had paid for and to receive that for which I made a legally binding contract with you for.

I have sent the product back and a formal complaint letter requesting a full refund, to your Business Address; it was returned to me unopened as 'Business Not At This Address'. I have receipt to prove date and time of posting.

None of your comments are an adequate defence for not supplying the product I paid for.

I continue to seek a full refund.
D  1st of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
Dear Sally,

When you got intouch with us it was because you had done your research, email date below to confirm. When you placed your order, I spoke with you personally to find out how you would be wearing your wig. You confirmed that you would be wearing it full time, so I suggested that it would be in your interest to get a front lace instead because you could manage the front of the hair as appose to the full lace wig. You also explained that you needed to treat your hair and I confirmed that the front lace wig would allow you to do this.

When I arrived at your house, I unpacked the lace wig which was clearly in a box next to the cooker, you was making a cup of tea and took the lace wig out and looked at it. I clarified the type of wig it was before we went ahead. Your mother who was with you the whole time commented on how real and non wig looking it looked. This can be bourne out by the pictures we took before and after.

Apart from the hair loss you had been experiencing, you said you was distressed at constantly being referred to as lesbian looking. (not sure what that meant) and that you wanted to change your look. You knew that your hair was too short for hair extensions and had researched lace wigs. You said you could not find anyone in the UK who could supply and fit a blond lace wig until you came against our website.

When we finished applying your lace wig everyone commented on how natural it looked. You also said you was happy that you could still reach your own hair so as to apply treatment. At that time I asked you how it felt and you said it felt really light, almost as though you did not have anything on your head.

The problem arose when you text me in the early hours of the morning to explain that the bond was irritating your skin, even though we had pre tested four of them.

You have now gone on the assult to try and bully for a refund even though everything you required at quicker than our usual delivery terms was done.

I drove over 150 miles 300 miles round trip to apply your lace wig which took over 3 hours and showed you how to style it. Our terms and conditions are clear. Your suggestions seem rediculous and reading between the lines anyone can see that because for some reason you changed your mind after I left you started to invent all types of reasons.

The images speak for themself and the email can confirm that we was in full communication and everything was explained, down to a care brochure being sent to you in advance. Incendently, my video phone was on when I arrived at your house, it recorded me telling you about the lace wig, before I discovered it was on. Thank you lord!

Selection of emails and text messages received from you.

Text message received 17th October 1.45am

Hi Diane,

My head was feeling quite sore and burning around my forehead, so I've had to remove the wig,

My reply:
Sorry to hear you had a reaction to the bond, I will call you on Monday to discuss a way forward.

Note: Before I had a chance to discuss anything with you, you launched into an assult on this website and others with threats.

From: Sally F [mailto:sallyanne.f@
Sent: Thursday, October 15, 2009 10:58 AM
To: mail@ukacademyofbeauty.com
Subject: Re: Order lace wig fitting

Hi Diane,

So glad Friday is a little better for you.

Yes I'm planning on wearing the wig full-time, maybe cleaning once a week and washing my own hair.

My skin is quite oily, do you suggest any glues? I've read that white glue might be good?? I need something that I can feel confident with, something that won't unstick!!??

See you tomorrow eve, thanks again for your help.

Take care

From: Sally F [mailto:sallyanne.f@]
Sent: Wednesday, October 14, 2009 10:39 PM
To: mail@ukacademyofbeauty.com
Subject: Re: Order lace wig fitting

Dear Diane,

Apologies to keep contacting you.

I finish early on Friday 16th, I can be home for 5pm, would this be any better for you rather than 7pm on Saturday? Would mean you could get home at a more respectable hour???

Sorry... I know you're used to travelling, but I just feel so guilty that you wouldn't be finishing work until very late on Saturday.

Also, quick questions...

Dear Sally,

I look forward to meeting you on Friday instead, this would help instead of Saturday.

The hair you are being supplied with is real hair. I do not recommend using any wig shampoos. Read my attached care brochure, this will give you a better idea.

Will you be wearing this lace wig full time?

From: Sally F [mailto:sallyanne.f@]
Sent: Monday, October 12, 2009 12:53 PM
To: mail@ukacademyofbeauty.com
Subject: Re: Full Lace Wig fitting arrangements

Oh Diane that would be fabulous - THANK YOU! I'm so glad you will still do my hair, you seemed the most reputable and experienced company that i could find.

Thanks again


From: Sally F [mailto:sallyanne.f@]
Sent: Monday, October 12, 2009 12:16 PM
To: mail@ukacademyofbeauty.com
Subject: Re: Full Lace Wig fitting arrangements

Dear Diane,

Unsure to the clarification on your email below, you are unable to fit my Lace wig at my home on Saturday 17th October? If this is the case could you please confirm refund of the £290 that I have paid. As already mentioned, I will need to find another vendor very quickly.

Many thanks


From: Sally F [mailto:sallyanne.f@]
Sent: Monday, October 12, 2009 11:29 AM
To: mail@ukacademyofbeauty.com
Subject: Re: Full Lace Wig fitting arrangements

Dear Diane,

Thank you for your email and phone message.

I don't drive, so I would prefer the fitting to be done at my home as discussed previously. The last time we spoke you said the 17th October was convenient for you, we agreed upon this date and you confirmed in an email. I cannot wait another week due to already having patches of hair that are noticeably thin, which seems to get worse by the day.

I'm very sorry, but if there is no way around the dates please can you cancel my order and refund my payment.

I've enclosed confirmation of my measurements, (updated with help of a friend!) in hope that we can still go ahead at my home.

Many thanks


From: Sally F [mailto:sallyanne.f@]
Sent: Friday, October 09, 2009 9:05 PM
To: mail@ukacademyofbeauty.com
Subject: Re: Full Lace Wig

Dear Diane,

Apologies for delay. I've paid for the wig today via your website.

Attached are my measurements.

I look forward to the wig fitting on Saturday 17th October. Will the fitter bring all necessary glues/tapes? is there anything I need to provide e.g wig cap etc?

First contacted us 5th Oct 09.

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