FROEBEL SCHOOL TAOYUAN Plan Manager Nolan David Van vuuren / estafa,violence against woman

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Nolan David Van Vuuren, visited my country Philippines and during his stay here, he told me he is in a desperate situation and that he lost all of his valuable things and taht he could not withdraw any money from his bank account as he had it blocked because somebody stole his credit cards.
He told me to send him money and he is willing to pay it even in triple.I told him that I do not have an extra money and that what i have is for paying my bills due for the month of February.He promised to pay me, send me the money from Taiwan once he gets back to taiwan last Feb27, 2013 but he did not send up to this date.He ignores all of my messages to him on Facebook and on his mobile number.This person I thought could be trusted is a person of very bad attitude.He even did something to me that is considered violence against women here in my country.When to think I offered my place for him so he could save money to pay the hotel.
I told him If he dont pay me, I will file a complain against him and instead of telling me he will pay me and apologize to me, he even told me to go ahead and file a complain against him.I told him he will be banned from entering the philippines but he said he dont care.He said he is using 2passports.I have the proof of his message to me.It only means, he is using 2passports one is genuine and one is fake.It is considered as public document.why NOLAN DAVID VAN VUUREN CAN USE 2PASSPORTS TO TRAVEL ABROAD?IS THIS ALLOWED?
I want this person to get punish for treating me this way.He did not pay me, he abuse me.

Mar 04, 2013
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  • Uh
      Mar 12, 2013

    This NOLAN DAVID VAN VUUREN for sure is some kind of a scam.And about sexual abuse, May I know what he did for you to say he sexually abuse you?

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  • Fi
      Mar 12, 2013

    This NOLAN DAVID VAN VUUREN forced to put his dawg in my ### and from that day up to present, my ### got swolen and everytime I urine, I feel pain in my cave.I have informed him about this earlier and told him I need to go to the doctor but NOLAN DAVID VAN VUUREN ignore me.He borrowed money from me, did everything for him so he could save money paying the hotel during his stay here in the Philippines by offering a place for him to sleep, I even pay taxi just to pick him up from the airport as he told me he had no money anymore as someone took away all his bank cards international but until now instead of paying me and assist me so I can go to the doctor, he stops communicating with me.Now he's nowhere to be found.If all foreigners will be like this, do you think he should be allowed by the immigration officer to enter Phillipines next time he visits?This NOLAN DAVID VAN VUUREN is giving a bad impression to all foreign men.Attached is the photo of this NOLAN DAVID VAN VUUREN.

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  • Er
      Mar 26, 2013

    According to a friend of this guy here is a bit of his side. He borrowed 2000 pesos of which he gave back 1500. As for the sex it was consensual sex. It wasn't forced as you have stated. The infection you allege that he gave you is called UTI. When doing a research here I find that urinary tract Infection is most common in women. Now whoever gave who this is debatable. However this is cured by buying medication called Azithromax. Cost 10USd. Or 400 pesos in your country. As for doctors fees that would amount not more than say 2000 pesos. I also read that he told you he was on his way to send you about about 5000pesos until he read what you had posted on his Facebook and over the Internet. As a sane person I also would've broken off all communication with you and also not send you a single cent. May I also add that I have read all corresponding emails to him. You started out by blackmailing him with amounts of first 50000 then 10000 then eventually 6000 pesos. So what you have written is not entirely true. I do believe that he gave you a camera worth 200usd which is about 8000 pesos on his own free will.
    So if he had abuse you miss you should be fair in that you should tell the whole truth so that people who read this can weigh up both sides of the story. As a 40 year old woman surely you have the intellect to have laid a complaint against him same night for forced sex.

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  • Da
      Oct 23, 2014

    He borrowed money off me then disappeared. Went to find him at his hotel, they were also looking for him because he never paid his bill. The receptionist lost her job for allowing him to stay 3 weeks without payment. Oh and he called himself Patrick Duffy in Angeles City.

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  • Mo
      Jan 01, 2015

    I have the same problem with this guy. He told me he stayed in the Philippines too long and thus his Taiwan bank cards stopped working at the ATM in the Philippines... He only needed some money to get back to Taiwan. After I sent him money, I found out that he was fired from Frobel, his landlord in Taiwan kicked him out for not paying rent and he owes money all over Taiwan. I am now in talks with the police, and have shown them all the emails he sent me. I still have the receipt from the wire transfer and will start court proceedings soon. If anyone knows this guy's current location, please tell me. There are many people interested in his whereabouts.He has cheated a lot of people. If you, Nolan, ever google your name and read this, know that I will never stop looking for you and my money.

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  • Bl
      Jan 22, 2015

    the last news i heard about him that he was in south africa now.

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