SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / overcharged

I had asked for quote for the transportation of 3 20' containers from Houston, TX, to Miami, FL. I was told that they had to go on flatbed since they were private and modified container. Two of them were regular size and one had solar collapsible solar panels on top. The broker asked me if all loads were legal to of course I said yes. He told me that one of the containers would have to go by itself on one flatbed and the other one by itself on the other flatbed.
I was quoted 1800.00 per flatbed and my card was charged $1, 800.00 twice which was ok. One day after they were picked up, I received an e-mail with a picture of the Solar Panels container with this: "FYI this is not a legal load". I was later told that the trucking company did not have the permit to transport this container because it was too high, but they took delivery anyway and the container was blocked in Pensacola, Fl.
I was later advise that it would cost $5, 200.00 to have a crane load it on another lower flatbed and haul to Miami. I answered that before doing anything I would call Pensacola and find out exactly what happened and how to resolve it. After "consulting with a supervisor" the broker told me that they had already paid the new transporter and there was no need for me to talk to the supervisor. After I specifically said that I will not authorize the charge, the container was delivered to me the next day.
To my big surprise I received an e-mail on SUNDAY NIGHT which mentioned that my card would be charged the $5, 200.00 anyway because the ORIGINAL Trucking company had extra charges for that amount. As you can imagine I rejected it and will not accept it.

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