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Freeland Chevrolet / Treated Like Crap plus Salesman and Manager Lies 100%

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After going to different car dealerships and not getting approved went on the internet on the night of Thursday February 25, 2010 to where their web site says that they guarantee approval in getting a car and believe in giving people a second chance.

After doing this inquiry a couple of minutes later I received a called from Jim Beam from your car dealership, Freeland Chevrolet. He told me that he has received a lead regarding my car shopping. He asked me what type of car I was looking for and how much money down I was putting down. I told him the type of car which was a compact 4 door car or a mini van or SUV and that I was putting $500 down payment. He said that no problem and I can get such car and that he had a car for me that I can drive out the lot that same day. That they did on the lot financing and credit was not a problem. He told me the paperwork that I needed to bring. Told him that had to look for it and get it all together. Because of that wasnt sure if was going to be able to make it that day or the next day.

Keep in mind that this happened at around 6:30 7:00 PM in which when asked until what time were open he said 8 PM. Since he guaranteed that I can get a car by putting $500 down and such I rushed in getting the paperwork together and heading to the dealership. I live in Murfreesboro and as you know is about 20 minutes drive time without traffic to the Antioch area. While I was on my way there he called me to find out if I was going in tonight or the next day. I told him that I was on my way there.

When I got there I went to the first entrance. Went into the building and when asked for him I was told he was at the building down the road which was the used cars section. I headed that way and when got there I asked for him. He proceeded then to take all my information and put it into the computer. After that he asked me again how much money was putting down and when I said $500, the same thing he was told over the phone twice he told me that he thought I said $4, 000. I told him I didnt know where he got that number from. Then he asked if can put more money down than $500 so I told him that can do $800 instead and he said no problem. He also asked if had the money available to put down on the spot and I told him yes. After running my and my wifes credit he said that had to try a high risk financing special program. He gave me a paper that advertised your Blue Ribbon Program. I read it and found out that you offer Guarantee Credit Approval, 12/12, 000 warranty, and that you have your own finance company. After reading this I saw how the guarantee credit approval was possible since you have your own in house lending. It also clearly said in bigger letters No matter what your credit looks like, we really can work with you.

After filling out a different application he asked certain information and did a worksheet. Then he told me that he can not put me in a car tonight. I asked why and he told me that he had no cars on the lot and that the only car was a Honda Civic or Accord, he wasnt sure. When I asked to see it, the payments, and the price he told me that he did not know any of this because this car was NOT ready and it was still in the shop and not ready to be sold. I told him how can that be possible and was trying to sell a car that was not even available. That he lied 100% and this was a complete joke. He told me that he can give me a call when ready. I told him forget it that this has been a complete waste of time and very frustrating.

Also that didnt need my credit report to get run again and get another hit for this. I then left.

I drove up to the main building to see if there was a manager or someone in charge that I could talk about what has just happened to me but the place was already closed and everyone was gone for the day. I then drove back to the used car building and asked to speak with the manager in charge. A guy identified himself as the used car sales manager. He did not give me his name. I told him about how I ended up coming to the dealership, the phone conversation that had with one of the salesman that called me regarding the lead received and what I was told and everything else.

He told me that no cars in general were available at all. I knew that was a big lie because I saw many used cars label and ready for sale. When I asked about this Honda car that was told about and asked how was that possible that trying to sell a car that is not even available to view or sale or any of the information that asked and needed to know available he told me that car was part of a new truck delivery that was received of many cars that have to be looked at and see how much might cost them to get it fix and get ready to be sold; thats if it can be sold at all at the end; he wouldnt know until the car is looked at and such. I told him that is no way of doing business and I was lied completely and the only reason I rushed to get there and at night is because his salesman has guaranteed approval and that can get a car and such. He was told everything up front and such and was told that no problem.

I told him that I have never seen a car dealership business do business like this and do such thing. That it was a joke and not right at all. Also that to make things worst and add to all the paper I was given that advertises the Blue Ribbon Program is 100% a lie and false advertisement and that was not only right but illegal. He then told me that he did not care and also it didnt matter if I was approved and even if I had $1, 000 or $2, 000 or more to put down on a car because he would not lend the money and approve it and wont sell me a car at all. That my business was not welcome there and it was his decision on who to sell and not to sell and approve and such.

Then I told him that was discrimination as well and I will be contacting the media and other sources about this. That I will be posting my opinion/experience on different web sites online to let people know about what kind of business is Freeland Chevrolet conducts and how they lie to their customers and such. This way so everyone will know and they wont go there and this wont happen to them. He said that he did not care and there was nothing I can do since was not getting approved, getting any car, and also was told that I was not lied about anything and I was making things up.

This is exactly as I remember what happened. As you can see it is very bad, very upsetting, frustrating, and not right at all. Especially when I did not contact you and the contact came from the inquiry that I did on the barnone web site. Also for all this I could have gone the next day and not rush there at that time at night. Makes me wonder after all why did he called me to find out if I was going there that night or the day before. I also never heard of your dealership before until now. We are new to the area and been living in the middle Tennessee area since October 2009.

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  • Su
      6th of Nov, 2012
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    as a freeland employee, I agree with this post. until I can find another, more ethical employer i am stuck here, but I have seen quite a bit of wrong doing during my tenure here. its sad but my family has to eat and have a place to call home so I stick it out as best I can.

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