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F.R.C. / Scam advertising!

1 1381 S. Missouri Ave., Clearwater, FL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 877-475-4026

I got the same yellow postcard, but mine has an 877 number and then the control number under it. I went online to and it came up with no results for F.R.C. in Clearwater, FL. So then I went to Google and typed in the name and address of the company and found this site. I figured it was a scam because I have never sent anything to Clearwater, FL ever and I don't know any Michell Barbaa. Not only that 877 numbers aren't always free.

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  • La
      20th of Dec, 2007

    I got the same yellow postcard from a Michelle Barbaa with an 877 number. Glad I Googled it first and found other's complaints.

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  • Ni
      10th of Jan, 2008

    How do you keep them from sending this over and over again? This is probably the third time that I have received this same card from them and I would really like to keep this kind of SPAM from coming to me. You know t can't be good when they send you a mysterious postcard and you have no idea who the company is or even who the contact person is. Glad I'm not the only one who received this post card!

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  • El
      19th of Jan, 2008

    I, too, would like to know how to prevent this "company" from mailing cards to us...

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  • St
      28th of Jan, 2008

    I also received the same yellow "we are trying to reach you with good news!" postcard from "michelle barbaa" in the mail today. I'm glad I checked to see if this was a scam, it troubles me that some company has my information, as I only moved to this apartment a few months ago and have yet to receive any other junk mail addressed to my name.

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  • La
      4th of Feb, 2008

    I'm also very glad I checked this site..
    I got this postcard in the mail and decided to look it up on the internet. Glad I did...

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  • Ca
      15th of Feb, 2008

    I recieved the same post card and something didn't seem right about it... so I looked it up... It's a good thing I did.

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  • De
      28th of Feb, 2008

    Yeah I just got it today too. I thought about calling it at first only because it had my first name actually spelt right. But than I figured... its 2008 every company nowadays has an official website so. yahh/

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  • La
      28th of Feb, 2008

    what is this company? i just got a yellow card in the mail. any body know what it is?

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  • Mi
      4th of Mar, 2008

    I called the number listed, and at first they try to tell you that you have the opportunity to win $100,000.00... then the winnings somehow drops to picking one of four prizes. They tell you that according to your great payment history on a credit card, you are now entered into the drawing. Then they start telling you about other free prizes you get, including free magazines. The sales people are very smooth because before you know it, they are talking about you paying 3.79 for certain magazines, then they pass you to their manager to place the order.

    I hung up; I knew it was a scam but I just wanted to see what they were trying to sell. I just moved too and I hate that I am already receiving this kind of crap mail at my new house. SCAM!

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  • Li
      6th of Mar, 2008

    I would just like to know how they are getting this info i too have gotten this card i have read on other sites that these scammers may have gotten my info from capital one which i hope is not true.

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  • Br
      6th of Mar, 2008

    Interesting, I've been getting mail from some annoying company month after month back when I lived in Wilmington, Nc. It was different than what I got this time, yellow card you all have been talking about, but I recognized the Clearwater address RIGHT OFF. Any how, only posting because, I have Capital One... Aren't they always saying, Whats in your wallet? More secure with capital one or whatever... securely giving away your accurate contact information. I got suspicious when they knew my new address not long after I moved from NORTH CAROLINA to CALIFORNIA.

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  • Nt
      11th of Mar, 2008


    Here is the company address, phone number, and contact person for F.R.C based on the National Board of the Better Business Bureau.


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  • No
      29th of Mar, 2008

    Wow I got this little card too, and sad to say, I also have a capital one card. I hate being sold out. Thanks for the warnings though! I'm glad I checked in here before calling!

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  • Cl
      8th of Apr, 2008

    I don't have a capital one card, BUT I also have in common that I have only lived at this address for 7 months. I never received anything like this at my previous address for 20 years.

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  • Am
      8th of Apr, 2008

    I just got this card in the mail today and googled it and found it was a scam. i just moved to this address less than 4 months ago--not living at the address long seems to be the general consensus...that is scary and i wonder how they are getting this information.

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  • Ro
      10th of Apr, 2008

    I also received a Capital One card less than a month ago. I think there's a link. Beware - there is no free lunch and there is no respect for privacy. I hope I don't get spam from giving my e-mail address to participate in this forum.

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  • Be
      23rd of Apr, 2008

    I am also really weirded out by this postcard because I do not have the address registered with anything other than my bank and Just thought I would let you know so that you can keep an eye out on your funds!!!

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  • Be
      23rd of Apr, 2008

    By the way, I do not have a Capital One card... but I did recently get a credit card through my bank. The company is Elan Financial Services... I couldn't find a link, but maybe someone else can?

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  • Pi
      27th of Apr, 2008

    FRC is a scam, don't buy there stupid magazines for $900 dollars for 5 years, who needs 4 magazines plus 2 magazines they say are free but you end up paying for them. DONT get scammed. They need to be shut down. Don't buy anything let them go out of business. PS who the heck is Michell Barbaa? stop sending those stupid postcards!!!

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  • Ac
      30th of Apr, 2008

    I received a little yellow card in the mail yesterday. I live in Southern California and about 5 months ago I got a Capital One card. Like the rest of you, I don't like scam artists knowing my address. the card said:
    Dear ...
    We are trying to reach you with good news! It is really important that you call us.
    Call Toll Free 1-888-841-8459
    Control # 0817232124
    Thanks Michelle Barbaa
    Call 10 Am 10 8:30 pm EST.
    Monday thru Friday


    1381 S Missouri Ave
    Clearwater, Fl 33756-6500

    8825-30-12 1541-4

    Obviously I looked the card up online. I found at least 10 other sites with info about this scam... no resolution provided. This is the only site that had commented about owning a new Capital One card. Good luck people! I suggest filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the post office. In addition, call Capital One. Your next action might be to call the company and get off the list. Finally, it might not be a bad idea to e-mail your local news station.

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