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hi my name is Angelina, I bought a car through frank shipman and it wasnt untill things went wrong with it that i went to get car loans to complain. Frank offered me a newer car and a job as a receptionist. After 3 days of working with frank shipman he offered me crystal meth and my life has been so hard since frank offered me meth. I have never suffered a drug addiction untill now. frank washes his crystal meth in acetone to make it more powerful. I have also witnessed frank smoking meth infront of his 8 year old son Harry. Frank son harry sleeps naked with frank and i am almost certain Harry is abused sexually. Frank Shipman and get car loans should be shut down. I have also been informed Frank has hiv disease. Please everybody stay away from frank shipman he is very dangerous. regards angelena/ receptionist get car loans.

Feb 05, 2015
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  • Al
      Feb 13, 2015

    Frank is sick and I have witness the same stuff from frank. Im alex and I work for frank and im looking for a new job. Frank messed me up on meth to.

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  • Ja
      Jun 20, 2015

    Is he really HIV positive..? I slept with his ex (Harry's Mum) should i get tested..?

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  • Al
      Nov 11, 2015

    My name is Alex and I worked for Frank from 2008 - May 2015. I did not create or post the above comment under the name alex8585, I believe this is somebody posting as myself who is a jilted ex lover. She writes almost all of the complaints about Mr Shipman and his business, I know this because she would call Frank or myself to tell us she had done so.

    A girl called Angeline did also work for Frank for a short period of time however none of the other information is true, this post was also written by the same woman.

    I'm not going to individually address the rantings of a lunatic woman however I will say, Harrison is certainly not abused sexually and I'm disgusted that somebody would ever make these accusations on the internet.

    That poor boy will be able to read these comments on the internet one day, and if not for any other reason but to spare a child ridicule I believe that these posts should be removed.

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  • An
      Aug 08, 2016

    I have a sister working for Frank Shipman for many years. She lives in another state to us. We see her a few times a year and she speaks to our parents regularly and myself intermintedly. However the last few months her mannerism and lack of contact has posed concerns. We hoped on a plane 5days ago to find her and when we did we were horrified to find her unrecognisable!!! She is a disgusting ICE addict. Whilst we were in town we tried to protect her and keep her from this possible Frank Shipman but he followed us all over town and stole her from us. We have now lost our beloved family member to this evil drug and evil human being. LOCK HIM AWAY FOR LIFE!!!

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  • Xn
      Aug 25, 2016

    is this happening right now

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  • St
      Sep 07, 2017

    @xng Very concerned to read all the above. AngryLady121 I hope your sister is with you now and ok. The Frank I knew a long time ago was successful, clever and full of ambition. I'd like to help if I could.

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  • Ha
      Jan 27, 2018

    Frank shipman is a sick animal and a violent sex offender. Stay away from this animal. He is a disgusting meth addict and very dangerous. He violently raped a 18 year old and is facing charges. This man is dangerous and twisted. His number is [protected]...

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