FOX Sports / selection of nfl games to air in hawaii

Sa Dec 30, 2015

I live in hawaii and my nfl team is the seahawks as many others who live here. They are a west coast team. It seems that whenever you (Fox) are covering their games even playing at home in seattle, you give hawaii the east coast games or midwest instead. Three sundays in a row I have not been able to see one single seahawks game! Three sundays ago you screwed up and showed us the first half of their game then switched over to the niners after halftime for the entire second half! Our cable company was bombarded with complaint calls. They said fox told them it was a technical error. What exactly do you think we are rooting for over here in the middle of the pacific? After hawaii is australia, asia, micronesia, new zealand, none fo which have nfl of course. Yes, we want to see the seahawks games here in hawaii. Our cable company (Oceanic time warner) says they have no choice it is you (Fox) who are making the choices as to what hawaii gets to see. You need to fix it or butt out of our games and let cbs or nbc cover them!

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