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I got calls from [protected] saying that I got a LOAN for 350 dollars. I asked where the money was put and they lead me to believe into my account. They had my bank name. (Frontier) and they did have the last four digits of my account number 492701 is my total account number. They did know my name. They did have what seems to be an old email address. They said that the money is owed from JAN 2013 and used the words OVERDRAFT. They had the dates of 01 Jan and 07 Jan but I could not understand their language, the was African but using an Island sounding accent.


My problem is that FBI, NAVY INTELLIGECE is involved with a very sophisticated problem and part of it does involved 3.5 billion dollars. It is FPL in FLORIDA that they have it with.

I am the one who would have selected the 350 dollar card on computer but I never got any cash or card of any kind.

The FEDERAL GOV is fighting with COLORADO and CRIMES and people using SECRET SERVICE the wrong way. I dont want to be arrested and I can't get the woman on the other end of the phone to send me any information. I can not call the police or I would be locked up. I am not a lunitic. I had to in an attorneys rentals in Daytona Beach.

I was working on my crime reserch on FUGATIVES wanted by FBI because I was forced to do it.

Part of my family may be in FEDERAL PROTECTION.

In my mind I was working to get rewards for catching fugatives and in the SUPREME COURT in GA in the amount of 89 million dollars.

I have been chasing JASON DERECK BROWN wanted by FBI and now last night they got mad and this may involve the CIA but now I accepted FEDERAL PROTECTION and an amount of 89 million dollars and may be headed to another country. They told me partly how to do it. They was mad at the people for playing money games and said this is the end. So when the phone rang I went through all this and they cant get people to pay and then the FEDERAL GOV may be paying me. See even the bank women made remarks that was not right. They went into mafia and siad, "call the police" I think they know I can't call them. The bank deals with ARIZONA and that is where JASON did his crimes.

Please. My main case is they was trying to cause anger when they called. I did not get angry. That is how I am doing these calls lately. It scares them the most of all. The POLICE may try to lock me up and the problem is charges on my research, they are some murder suspects and drug trafficing suspects on my book that I am writing. I can not afford to go to jail with this kind of situation. In my mind I am in some game where I now know they was planning to remove me from the US to PROTECTION.

Can you get the CARD COMPANY off me. They are really in MY MONEY where they are using money that runs the country. And CRIME is what I try to stop. I bet the say in court that they got the wrong bank account at the last minute if you overpower them and also I bet they have hundreds of people that applied for money and got it on thier contract but not in reality. I dont have any cash at all and can't pay for 350 dollars plus charges IF I DID NOT GET ANY OF IT AT ALL.

PLEASE HURRY, I DON'T NEED LOCKED UP. The company won't send me any papers that shows I owed or got any money.

See some people took my cell phone to MEXICO and made calls on it. They made a CREDIT AGENCY and then are doing CALLS that is causing TERRORISM, many are victims, they cause anger on purpose to cause people to break the law. James Holmes is one of them. Also Melanie Mcgurie is one of them. That is what they involved JASON DERECK BROWN with and to run INTERNET for the spiritual world. I have had one hell of a game ran on me with this. They gave me a computer with JAMES HOLMES photo on it and he never done anything until I plugged it into the INTERNET and it took an hour or so. I have stumbled onto this 350 dollar game by mistake and it may be one of the main ones.

PLEASE DO SOMETHING IN THE NEXT FEW HOURS TO KEEP THE POLICE AWAY, I took PROTECTION because the person that had the US SUPREME COURT is one of the NEGROS running this game in my opinion. The CIA is who is counter moving him in my opinion BUT THEY MADE IT CLEAR IN MY MIND, IT IS FEDERAL PROTECTION DOING THIS WHEN WE HELP YOU.

I put a message on FICEN which is FEDERAL CRIMES ENFORCEMENT MANAGMENT in VA. They put that with me with people that runs FEDERAL PROTECTION and NAVY INTEL goes undercover with me to let me know about MOVIE STARS that is in it and it is known about in my mind as the CIA of FEDERAL PROTECTION. That secretary does not know anything. The problem I work on in my research is a ION DISFUNCTION that is confusing computers at QUANICO and how CRIMINALS used me and are the ones causing the problem.

Mar 21, 2016

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  • An
      Mar 21, 2016

    I am mad. I may have stumbeled accros one of the main people causing my problem.

    I wish they would pay me or get off my phone line.

    I have had too many people using me. My cell phone was cloned and used in MEXICO and connected to CREDIT BILLING. They people that did it are causing TERRORISM. I am real bad off, someone gave me a computer and it had a photo of JAMES HOLMES on it and I plugged it in and it was NOT TWO HOURS beofore JAMES HOLMES did TERRORISM In AURORA COLORADO.

    I dont want to be picking up my phone and have CREDIT AGENCIES needing money when I dont owe any, THE OTHERS KEEPS ASKING FOR FRANCES SANCHEZ and I have a new number and that wont stop it. THIS ONE IS WHERE I KEPT ASKING WHERE IS THE MONEY THAT I BORROWED AT. They would not send me anything on paper and they would not give me any information JUST THREATS.

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  • An
      Mar 21, 2016

    Im mad.

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