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I bought a Foton Tunland Double Cab, 2.8 Diesel on 2 March 2013 from the Foton Dealership in Boksburg. (Atlas Lifestyle Centre, cnr North Rand rd & Atlas road) Since I bought this vehicle, I had endless problems with this Bakkie, and it seems that NO one can and wants to help me.

Let’s start by naming a FEW problems I have…...from most current onwards.

Today, 24 April 2014 my Foton Tunland Double Cab 2.8 L Diesel Bakkie went in to (Foton Dealership, Atlas Lifestyle Centre, cnr North Rand rd & Atlas road) for its 30 000 km service, whereby I asked them to look at the vehicle as there is absolutely NO POWER, as it seems that either the Turbo has gone or there is a broken Turbo pipe. I also asked them to look at the right front driver side window, as the electric magnetism seems to be broken as it is only making a noise but won’t function. I also asked them to look at the right front suspension, as it feels if there are some bushes that is worn because everytime you turn, stop or pull away, it feels if the whole front suspension is giving way or moving.

At about 2.30 pm I phoned to ask if my bakkie were ready, as they told me in the morning when I took the bakkie in that they will phone me once I can collect. Obviously no one called me so I called. I was then told that I can collect the bakkie and all is done on the vehicle. The person I spoke to was Johan Lubbe.

On arrival, I met up with a very pleasant technician called Dwaine Fourie, who told me that they had to fasten the bolts on the right front suspension, as it was so loose that you could turn it with your hand.

He also told me that they had to put in a warranty claim on the window magnetism as there was no stock.

He also told me that there was no stock on the Turbo Pipe and I had to wait around 21 days as they had to import that.

I then went to the Managers office, a so called Johan Lubbe, who I escorted to my bakkie that was standing outside. I told him that I am leaving for the Natal South Coast at 2am the following morning, but I can’t drive the bakkie with no power as the turbo pipe has a hole in it.

His IMMEDIATE response was: “What do you want me to do?”

I looked at him and thought by myself to keep calm, as this was NOT the attitude or service I expected.

I answered him very calmly by saying “what plan can you make?”

He told me that there is absolutely nothing he can do, and I just have to wait as this is not his problem when there is no stock.

By this time my blood is boiling because of this Arrogant Person.

I stayed calm as my wife was with me and I asked him once again, as I was leaving on a week’s holiday, if there is nothing he can do to help me? I asked him why can’t he take of the turbo pipe from one of the many demo bakkies on his floor and help me with that?

He did not answer me. I asked him again the same question, and he replied to me “because I am saying so”, that is why he can’t give me a turbo pipe from one of the demo bakkies on the floor.

By this time because of his BAD and STINKY ATTITUDE, I wanted to hit him through the wall………

Luckily my wife was with me and kept me calm.

I left it at that and decided to type this letter, BUT still I don’t have a turbo pipe and my problem/s is NOT resolved.……… BUT WAIT, THERE IS MORE………

Myself and my family started our Easter Holiday, by driving down to Kwazulu Natal, with the Foton Bakkie on 30 March 2013, where we will board the MS Simfonie cruise ship departing in 1 April 2013, returning 5 April 2013.

Just before arriving in Durban, the Bakkies "Engine Malfunction Warning Light"came on, and just after that the "Engine Shutdown Warning Light" came on, whereby I immediately pulled over just before the Marion Hill Tollgate in Durban.
Obviously I was and am EXTREMELY upset about this, as this Bakkie is brand new. I phoned the Roadside Assistance, whereby they told me they would send a flatbed truck to collect and take the bakkie to the nearest Foton Service agent in Durban. The problem is that this situation did not help me, as how do I get to my holiday destination in Uvongo, and again from there to Durban on 1 April to depart on the cruise ship. As it is the Easter Holidays, no dealership or service agents are open.

I phoned to see if I can hire a vehicle from any Car Rental place in Durban, BUT no car rental dealership has any vehicles available because of the holiday. So who will collect me, my wife and two kids with all our luggage?

So the problem still remains the same, as I have a vehicle that is not drivable, yet I bought it brand new, and only have 2000km on the clocks...

Eventually the Bakkie was taken to Foton in Pinetown, and I explained my situation to Shane Benvie, the Service Manager, where he was more than willing to assist me. They have done a "diagnostic" and fixed the problem for me. I really want to thank Shane and his team, as the service was great. I wished I could get service like that in JHB.

A week prior to this I was stopped in Johannesburg by a traffic official that gave me a traffic fine as he says that my number plate lights is not working. The next day in day light when I inspected the bakkie, I realised that there is NO light bulbs for the number plate, but furthermore, the actual light fittings is not even fitted, it is hanging loose on the wires. DID SOMEONE ACTUALLY INSPECT THE VEHICLE BEFORE GIVING IT TO ME????

By inspecting this, I saw that the left rear tail light on the bumper is not even fasten, and I pushed this light fitting out of the bumper.

After collecting the Bakkie after I bought it and signed the paperwork, I drove home from Boksburg to Kemptonpark, about 5km, and I felt that the bakkie is not pulling at all, and I am smelling smoke. After stopping, I thought that the bakkie was on fire, as there was smoke all over the back end of the bakkie. I realised that it was the rear brakes that has seized up. I immediate phone Terence the person where I bought the Bakkie from, as he was not available, so I spoke to a guy called Paul, apparently the Manager, where I explained the situation to him, and his reply to me is that I have a warranty, so I must phone road side assistance and they will sort it out. This is after I just signed the paperwork and drove away from the dealership with a supposed to be a BRAND NEW BAKKIE. Is this the kind of service I get from Foton, after I have bought a brand new Bakkie, to just pass the buck, as they don’t care anymore as they have sold the bakkie, know it is not their problem anymore?

On my way home the back exhaust manifold broke off from the rest of the exhaust. Also there was no exhaust rubbers fitted. Was sorted out by myself after taking it in to “Supa Quick”

The next points are the problems I had when collecting the Brand New Bakkie. Some are sorted out and some are STILL NOT SORTED OUT, after a full year of having THIS PIECE OF SCRAP……

The radio is not working. – Was sorted out.

There is "black overspray" on the rear mag rims. I want to clean this myself with thinners, as soap and water does not clean it. I am scared top use thinners, as it might take of the clear coating on the rims? – I have put on mags and sold the old rims with the overspray.

The "roll bar" has two nasty marks. Scratches on the passenger side, where it seems that this roll bar was dropped before installation? – Don’t worry about this.

There is NO "toolkit" as per the " manual", meaning if I get a flat tyre, I can’t change the spare wheel. Only a jack? – was sorted out

There is a place for the "Vin Number" on the dashboard, but NO plate with the VIN number? – NOT sorted out. It has been months now that Paul & Terence have promised me they will get it for me, but NOTHING? Not sorted out.

The 'Pre-Inspection" book was not signed from anyone from Foton. Was the vehicle actually checked before I collected this? –

Left door on the inside, when you open the window, the whole switch comes out. Seems that the whole was cut too big for this switch.- was sorted out by myself

The “Airbag” sign on the passenger front side by the dashboard was “upside down) – Not sorted out. (not to worry as I have fixed it myself)

Left front door, I nearly stood with the door handle in my hand. Someone forgot to fasten this? – was sorted out by myself

The bakkie is Pissing out oil or break fluid. – not sorted out, even after taking the bakkie back time and time again, eventually sorted out by myself

The Engine Warning light comes on and off as it pleases (Foton Boksburg told me that this will happen and there is no problem) So when must I start worry when the light comes on???? – sorted out by Foton Randburg

Clutch, thrust bearing/pressure plate – when pressing in the clutch pedal, there is no noise, as soon as I release the peddle, the noise is there? – still not sorted out after taking in the bakkie numerous times and at every service. Not sorted out.

The above mentioned problems I have was given to Foton in Boksburg (near East Rand Mall) when taking in my bakkie for the last time on 7 March 2013, as I was going overseas for business for a week, and they told me that a week is more than enough to attend to all the problems.

Let me summarise what I told them to do and the outcome:

"Vin Number" on the dashboard, - NOT SORTED OUT

Left door on the inside, when you open the window, the whole switch comes out. Seems that the whole was cut too big for this switch.- WAS SORTED OUT BY MYSELF

Left front door, I nearly stood with the door handle in my hand. Someone forgot to fasten this? – WAS SORTED OUT BY MYSELF

The bakkie is Pissing out oil or break fluid. – WAS SORTED OUT BY MYSELF

The Engine Warning light comes on and off as it pleases - WAS SORTED OUT – Foton Randburg

Clutch, thrust bearing/pressure plate – when pressing in the clutch pedal, there is no noise, as soon as I release the peddle, the noise is there? – NOT SORTED OUT. They actually told me that they will order a clutch kit and phone me within a week so I can bring in the bakkie to be replaced. It is now a year later and still no call from the dealership?

Steering - When I turn the steering, there is a noise coming from the engine, sounding similar to that of CV joints that is broken, just softer. Right Hand Side. NOT SORTED OUT.

I am sure after reading this you will agree with me that I have the right to be upset.

My question is, if this Bakkie gives this much problems on this low km`s, what problems will I have in the future? Did I make a mistake by purchasing this bakkie? But still I have a Bakkie that is Brand New, BUT not in a driving order?????????????????????

Apr 24, 2014
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  • Ja
      16th of Mar, 2016

    Good Afternoon I have purchase a FOTON TUNLAND 2.8 4X2 DOUBLE CAB at FOTON Menlyn in November 2014 this bakkie is now a year and 4mnths old it has been in for his services twice but 3 times to fix the all the lights the head lights the fog lights and the at the end they had to replace the fog lights because it was melting the covers of the fog lights no I paid R250, 000 for this bakkie in November 2014 without interest from the finance side so at the end the total amount was R324, 000.00 my settlement figure is R242, 000.00 no I want to trade my bakkie in on a new vehicle and the dealer told me he can only give me R100, 000.00 for this bakkie it only has 22000km on the clock almost brand new. So I phoned Foton K.P. to get a book value he told me there is no book value for this bakkie. So I am stuck with this vehicle!!! Is this day light robbery or what do you actually call it!! And in the Auto Trader the trade in value is R264000.00. Were do you go from here!!!

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