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Below is a transcript of the written communications between myself, Cheryl Thurmond, and my former legal representative, Edward Allen, Jr., regarding the dismissal of his services.

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Letter One:

J. Edward Allen, Jr.

Fortson, Bentley, & Griffin

Post Office Box 1744,

Athens, Georgia [protected]

RE: Ronald Gene Horn, II v. Cheryl Thurmond Horn,

Superior Court of Jackson County,

Civil Action File No. X-06-CV-0746

Dear Mr. Allen:

Pursuant to a conversation with Ms. Horn over the weekend and at her request, please accept this correspondence as notification that Ms. Horn, Boots, Etc. and Tuffwear Inc, no longer will be in need of the services of your firm, and wish to terminate your representation in the above-referenced matter. We would ask that any work on this matter by you or members of your firm cease immediately.

We would ask that you prepare a final bill itemizing the time spent and monies owed, if any. We would further request that a copy of all correspondence sent or received from Mr. Camp be included with Ms. Horn's file which we would ask be made available for pick up by Wednesday, January 10, 2007. We would ask that all original books and documents provided to you be included for pick up, including but not limited to the corporate books of Boots, Etc., the corporate books of Tuffwear, Inc., the documentation received from George Beavers, transcripts, and any other originals that you may have in your file.

Thank you for your time and attention with respect to this matter. Should you have any questions, please contact me at the above address or telephone number.


Paula O'Neal Free

Letter Two:

January 8, 2007

Ms. Paula Free

Free & Free, LLC

P.O. Box 1307

Winder, GA 30680

RE: Ronald Gene Horn, II, v. Cheryl Thurmond Horn

Superior Court of Jackson County

Civil Action File No. X-06-CV-0746

Dear Paula:

I received your surprising letter today. I will certainly gather the information and comply with your request. I think you have done a good job for the client and Tom has been unreasonable with you and Mrs. Horn. Reassure Mr. Horn that she is a good person with a bright future. My conversations with Tom seem to indicate that he wants to settle the case. I believe he will continue to do discovery and push this case towards a trial. He will likely settle right before trial. The $400, 000 is not the number. It is much less.

Paula, you are a good lawyer. Go get them. Take good care of the client. She deserves more than she has gotten in this matter.

Yours very truly,


J. Edward Allen

Letter Three:

Dear Mr. Allen:

I have just received and read a copy of a letter that Tom Camp wrote to Paula Free, and he tried to make it sound in the letter like I terminated your services because of that meeting that you and Tom had about discovery. Tom saw Paula and told her that you were mad at me and mad at her.

I wanted you to know that the reason I decided to do what I did was because of the things that you said to me the last time that we talked. You made me very uncomfortable with what you said to me, and I did not think that your remarks to me were remarks that a lawyer should make to a client. You made me feel like you did not have a very good opinion of me, and I was insulted by the things that you said. I did not appreciate you telling me that it could be worse -- I could have been born ugly. I also did not like you telling me that you knew that I liked to have fun and that you liked to have fun, and that we could have fun together, or your telling me that I was a beautiful woman. That made me very uncomfortable, and I don't want to hear these things from my lawyer. All in all, I did not think that I could feel good about you representing me after hearing those things.

I have tried to be nice about this and did not want a big fuss made about it. I did not want to be accused over over-reacting or being some hysterical female. I get the feeling that you and Tom have been talking. I hope that this is not the case.


Cheryl Horn

Letter Four:

Dear Mrs. Horn

I received your letter today. I wondered why my services were terminated. In 34 years of practice, I have never had a misunderstanding like this. I never intended my communication to suggest what you state in your letter. I am sorry that you perceived that my communication was inappropriate. I have never suggested to any client that I wanted any relationship with them other than attorney client. I apologize if my communication upset you or offended you. I did want you to have a good time on your travels and look forward to a better future. I wish you the best of luck in the future and with your suit. Paula Free is a good lawyer and will represent you well. I have said nothing negative about you or Paula to Tom. I have nothing negative to say. I also don't talk about present and former client business. Mrs. Horn I truly wish your happiness and prosperity in the future.

Yours very truly,

Ed Allen

Fortson, Bentley, & Griffin
Fortson, Bentley, & Griffin
Fortson, Bentley, & Griffin
Fortson, Bentley, & Griffin
Fortson, Bentley, & Griffin

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