Forrester UK Holdings LLC / Harassment for non existent debt

1 United Kingdom

Jan 31/2014 : I notified Forrester via email that their services were no longer required and my contract was legally terminated on Feb 28 as I was retiring.
Feb 04/2014 : Payment for the month of February was debited from my Bank account;
Mar 01/2014 : Hypercom POS machine was shipped to Forrester.
Mar 04/2014 : Hypercom POS machine was received by Forrester.
Forrester then invoiced me for the month of March. I declined to pay this as I was no longer under contract to them and the machine had been returned. To date they have escalated this initial £18 invoice to £108. Despite many phone calls and an exchange of 13 emails they will not accept that as their contract was terminated in February they are not entitled to a March payment. They are now threatening legal action. To summarize: I owe absolutely nothing to Forrester. Any further attempt to extract money from me can no longer be considered an accounting error. It is fraudulent. Does it take a silver bullet to stop the continual harassment?

Jul 30, 2014

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