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Forrester UK Holdings LLC / Fraudulent claims for money

1 United Kingdom Review updated:

Despite returning equipment and paying all fees for equipment rental up to end of the contract, Forrester UK Holdings llc are still chasing me for money they say I owe them. Despite having signed for receipt of the returned equipment sent to the address supplied by Casper from Forresters, they are now denying all knowledge of having had the equipment returned. It was sent registered to their UK address and it was signed for. They now claim I owe them £600+ for this equipment which we were told by their agent is now obsolete in design and cannot be used again. They have appointed a UK debt collection agency to chase me for money I don't owe them. The debt collection agency, TNC Legal Services, have been provided with ALL evidence including copies of paperwork from the UK post office confirming signatures on who signed for the equipment. Still Forresters insist I am chased for money not owed to their client. Next step for me is to involve the Office of Fair Trading and also the banking ombudsman in the UK. This is because LloydsTSB insisted these were the only supplier they had approved for card services provision for my now closed business. This is anticompetitive and places LloydsTSB in part responsible for the mess Forresters have created.

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  • Ma
      31st of May, 2008
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    We have a similar situation where they tried up front to say we owed them arrears on lloydsTSB equipment. We were able to prove via bank statements that we had in fact paid them in advance not arrears. This they accepted. However after I sent the equipment back i unfortunately neglected to cancel the direct debit and the y took another quarters payment. despite faxes and numerous phone calls and emails and have not had a single response from them. They are basically crooks who rely on their call centre being in the USA and shame on LloydsTSB cardnet for allowing them to continue this practice, and by association it must reflect badly on LloydsTSB

  • Na
      27th of Jun, 2008
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    I am having a similar problem with them. I cancelled lease last November writing to their American office. I received letter instructing me regarding return of equiment. I returned it and it was definitely signed for. I canceled Direct Debits, informed LLoyds TSB. Now this awful american woman phones me every day and they keep sending invoices with exhorbitant interest added on. I have threatenend them with Trading Standards and the Banking Ombudsman but I fear as they are an American Company there will be nothing they can do.

  • Mi
      4th of Jul, 2008
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    We are a book-keeping company for a number of companies and have had dealing with them regarding two of our clients.

    The First One - Hypercom was chasing for a payment for a non-returned machine. It hade been returned and our client did not have any proof of this. They wanted a figure of around £600 for the terminal and rental. In the end our client sent them a cheque for £350 stating this would be all they would pay. We have not heard anything since, but needless to say I shall be expecting an invoice for the years rental charge soon!!!

    The Second One - Our client cancelled the contract with them in May 2006 returning all the Hypercom terminals that they had. They were chased in May 2007 for arrears owing, at which time we sent them a letter stating the contract had been cancelled the previous year with copies of the letter and eventually they cancelled the invoice.
    In May 2007 we receive from them another letter requesting payment for "this years contract". I have sent them 3 faxes stating we now longer have a contract with them and copies of previous correspondance and still they keep chasing.
    This is now becoming a royal pain in the neck and my feeling is "they can take the longest walk of the shortest pier" and I am not prepared to send them any more copies. It looks bad for us that we are not paying a supplier but I have explained it to our client and they are happy for them to keep sending the letters.

    Let them chase for payment and take us to court as I feel they would just be told to get on their bikes!!!

  • Ma
      6th of Aug, 2008
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    totally agree that they are hiding behind computer generated invoices and using a UK mailbox to avoid UK law. We too had to use hypercom otherwise LloydsTSB would not service our account.

  • Na
      1st of Sep, 2008
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    Am still getting computor generated demands from them. Last month someone called Darius left a message that why I still owed them money was that they did not get their equipment back until January ( I sent it in December as soon as they informed me where to send it. I wrote (recorded delivery) asking for confirmation thatif I pad the two month hire which they say it outstanding that would be final. Surprise surprise I have not has confirmation. Instead anoter demand but more threatening this time. The person's name on eevery demand is a
    iMs Angel. According to her event though my agreement was canclled last November and the equipment returned in
    December my hire agreement must remain current at all times!

    I have threatened them with Solicitors and trading standards but they are not bothered. Has anyone any suggestions what else to do?

  • Ll
      4th of Feb, 2009
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    Dear ‘Perturbed’ and ‘Rugeley Training Centre’, and everyone else.

    If you use, or have used Cardnet, direct your complaints at LLOYDS TSB, sending them to both your own branch manager and the chief executive, Eric Daniels.

    Most of us have been compelled to use Northern Leasing’s terminals (Hypercom/Forrester UK Holdings) in order to operate Cardnet.

    LLOYDS TSB have known about the complaints against Northern Leasing’s apparently unlawful activities for a very long time.

    However, LLOYDS TSB makes no attempt to warn customers what it is exposing them to in putting them into the hands of Northern Leasing.

    Nor is LLOYDS TSB making any effective effort to stop its preferred supplier (Northern Leasing) ruining people’s lives.

    Northern Leasing is based in the US, where it has an even worse record than it does in the UK. It is therefore difficult for UK-based customers to tackle the company.

    We maintain that LLOYDS TSB has breached its duty of care by exposing us to Northern Leasing without warning us of the multiple allegations of fraud and harassment that exist against the New York-based company.

    LLOYDS TSB is UK-based. It cannot ignore our perfectly reasonable and fully justified complaints without jeopardising its reputation. Especially if we all write to the BBC’s ‘Watchdog’ programme. However, ‘Watchdog’ will not pursue this matter unless there are enough of us who complain – so e-mail them at:

    Following is our letter to our LLOYDS TSB branch. It shows who everyone is in this sorry tale and how you may contact them.

    Read it. Act. Report the results to this magnificent website.

    Good Luck. Let’s take the fight to the enemy.

    Llewelyn ap Gerald

    Letter reads:
    Dear Mr. Harvey,
    Thank you for your time this afternoon.

    Eric Daniels
    Chief Executive
    Lloyds TSB
    25 Gresham Street
    EC2V 7HN
    Fax: 0207 356 2477.

    Anne Phillips
    Credit Manager
    Hypercom GB Ltd.
    C/O Unit 3/6
    Milford Trading Estate
    Blakey Road
    SP1 2UK
    (Company also Woking-based)
    Mob: 07932 558701

    Forrester UK Holdings LLC
    363 Stockely close
    West Drayton
    UB7 9BL
    (post box only)

    Northern Leasing Inc
    132 West 31st Street
    14th Floor
    New York
    NY 10001
    Tel: 212 216 8214
    Fax: 212 760 0862.

    TNC plc
    Chris Vicary
    Portland House
    Albion Street
    England GL52 2L
    (Also: Sloane Portland Associates)
    Tel: 01242 529424
    Fax: 01242 529418

    To recap: Lloyds TSB gave us no option but to lease our terminal from Hypercom.
    While you individually may not have known about Hypercom’s relationship with Northern Leasing and the problems that were arising, your company most certainly did.

    We are aggrieved that Lloyds TSB did not show due diligence and failed to warn us that it was exposing us to Northern Leasing’s seemingly unlawful activities. & are just two web complaint sites carrying extensive lists of cases concerning Forester UK Holdings LLC, and Northern Leasing Inc.

    Hypercom and Forrester are subsidiaries of Northern Leasing.

    Our Cardenet/Forrester account ran for more than four years. There was therefore no cancellation fee to pay Forrester (Northern Leasing).

    Their terminal was returned to them by recorded insured post, twice. The first time it was rejected.

    We have received a demand for £144.00, but the paperwork gives no clue as to what for. We wrote back by recorded post denying the debt and stating our position.

    They have ignored that letter and our earlier correspondence.

    We are now receiving up to five abusive telephone calls from them each day demanding money that is not owed.

    Their staff are well trained and working to scripts that contain threats and comments designed to cause offence, quarrelling and upset.

    The most offensive call we have received to date was from, Gasper Kewley (legal department, who claimed to be ringing from West Drayton.

    Vice-president of Sales and Marketing, Richard Hahn (, let slip that that Kewley is in New York.

    Their telephone staff’s common tactic is to blind customers to Northern Leasing’s existence.

    All correspondence is directed to Stockely Close, and then ignored.

    Non-payers’ cases are ultimately referred to debt collectors, TNC plc. Whom it seems accept work from Northern Leasing on a no-win-no-fee basis.

    Web contributors claim TNC’s tactic is also to use harassment and threats of court action.

    I have found no evidence of any cases coming before a judge.

    Northern Leasing’s whole strategy appears to rely on making bogus claims for money and then aggressively frightening and harassing people into paying up simply to be free of them.

    And it seems from the web complaints that a sufficient number of victims do just that and in so doing make the process worthwhile for the aggressors.

    I look forward to your promised response.

    Yours sincerely,

  • Fr
      14th of May, 2009
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    I am having similar problems trying to cancel after numerous phone calls and no response to e-mail.
    I am reluctant to send terminal back after reading complaints .Any suggestions?

  • Jo
      5th of Nov, 2009
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    Hi I stumbled across this site while looking for an address for Forrester's as I wanted to terminate my lease as I had retired.
    Wow... The only thing I can say is 'Fore warned is fore armed' having read all the previous posts I did the following:-
    The two things you have to do is give Forrester's 30 days notice to terminate your lease, and return your terminal to Hypercom, if only it was that easy!

    Returning your terminal, firstly telephone Hypercom in Salisbury 01722 332255 (get the name of who you are talking to) confirm the address is correct and ask the procedure for returning a terminal under lease to Forresters.

    When you return the unit (I used DHL) track it and get a print out. Include with the terminal any information you can, Lease number etc. As soon as you know the terminal has arrived, e-mail (he is the booking in clerk) and ask him to confirm safe receipt and when the terminal will be scanned and logged into Forrester's account (It take about two weeks in all)

    Just one thing I forgot when returning the terminal add C/O Forrester's to the address otherwise it will get lost!

    30 Day notice, as we all know forresters will not acknowledge anything, e-mail or post they will always try and say they never received it.

    Again I used DHL the letter was tracked door to door even with the name of the person who signed for it I included in the letter this:- 'Be aware this correspondence has been tracked from origin to destination!'

    Just a couple of other things if you haven't got all your original paper work, if your original agreement was with Hypercom' you pay you quarterly fees in 'Advance' there is only a termination fee if you cancel within the first year!

    A letter I received from Forresters in June 2006 clearly states:- The Hire Agreement shall in all other respects continue on its existing terms!

    Well best of luck I stopped my D/D today I wonder if after all my effort I will start getting phones calls? Watch this space.

  • Ma
      18th of Nov, 2009
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    This is totally frightening! I have just closed my shop and have had a hypercom terminal for many years, for which I now want to return and cancel. I have yet to find the address to send the terminal back to and every telephone I have been given has lead to a dead end. I am now emailing them in a hope of getting this problem resolved. If all else fails I think I am going to take my terminal back to LloydsTSB whom originally organised it for us and tell them it is their problem! If someone could confirm their differently is an address in Salisbury I am happy to drive their and hand deliver it myself.! Shame of LLOYDSTSB! Maria Robbie

  • An
      17th of Jul, 2010
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    The company, Forrester UK Holdings LLC and now First Collect International, (on their behalf), have been chasing me for a debt that does not exist for over a year now. The amount is a measly £190, or 'Final Settlement' of 'JUST' £63. They never answer the phone, don't open their post and they certainly don't have any email address's or regular contact names. In plain terms it is a scam, we have been sold out by Hypercom who sold on the leases for the Cardnet terminals reccomended by Lloyds TSB. Interestingly, Lloyds no longer recommend this criminal outfit.

    Just take a look at the google search results to know that we are not alone: Google: UK Forrester Holdings for the best results and you'll see what i mean.

    Should it go to court i am confident it will be laughed out of the building. They operate a policy of no-contact so you will have to tell them exactly how far you are willing to take it and, by recorded post too, to prove it even got there. I would rather die than pay these criminals.

    I have today sent them both this letter as i have now reported them to the FSA, I will also take the matter up with both my MP and the Press should they continue to harass me:

    (Contact Names should you need them are: Derek Johnson and Ms. Angel. Frankly i don't know how they get out of bed each morning.)


    I am not going to waste my time on either First Collect International or Forrester UK Holdings LLC any longer. You only have to look at the dates of the enclosed letters to deduce that neither ‘Company’ knows what they are doing. At least if you are going to operate a scam together, do it properly. What you are attempting, knowingly outside of UK regulations, won’t work on me.

    I have today registered a detailed complaint with the Financial Services Authority and also agreed to talk to the media, (about both companies)). I should warn you both now to choose your fights more carefully. I am good with a pen, I have all the time in the world and my partner is a Solicitor in a very large London firm. In effect I have a free Legal Team, do you? I am also today sending the Financial Services Authority further details of our correspondence along with a colourful selection of other people’s complaints.

    I should make you aware that I am now considering a case against you. I have suffered considerable stress because of your continued harassment. Stress that I can prove I have suffered, in court, and with GP letters/documentation. If you think all the costs you have already incurred, the postage costs, the man hours, (not to mention the possible legal fees), are somehow finally going to be worth the measly £62.96 “settlement fee”, (fees you have been trying to extort from me for over a year now), you couldn’t have been more wrong.

    I have now moved from my former address and so will now, thankfully, not even receive your ridiculous letters. My temporary telephone number you somehow procured goes dead in three days. As far as I am concerned, that is the end of it. You too would be wise to consider this matter closed. It is now in the hands of the FSA, and should you want it, the press.

  • An
      19th of Jul, 2010
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    Alexandria Aponte Tel – 001 212 457 8438




  • Si
      15th of Jun, 2011
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    thanks very helpful
    we have been receiving PAYMENT ON DEMAND letters for a contract which we cancelled in 2010 and returned the machine.
    in December of that year. After a telephone message I finally managed to get someone on the phone who agreed that the contract had been cancelled but that the machine had not been received by them until February 2 2011. But that I still owed them One quarters rental.

    I had initially contacted Loyds Bank Cardnet who were responsible for the initial contract and for our new contract with a different leasing company.Managed to find the original Rep from Cardnet who had visited our shop and signed us up for the new lease.she agreed that the terminal had been returned and the contract cancelled.She told me to return the demand to Forrester and send copy of my cancellation
    letter which I did. and to contact her if I received any further demands.
    Unfortunately I am still receiving demands and my contact at Lloyds seems to have disaappeared
    See what happens next. See if Forrester send me an invoice for the Quarters rent.
    Back to Loyds I think since they are responsible for the whole mess

  • Si
      15th of Jun, 2011
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    keep you informed

  • Ca
      16th of Jun, 2011
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    My company is small and is receiving the same treatment from Forrester. Lloyds TSB Cardnet gave us no option but to cancel with Forrester and sign up a rental agreement with another company. I managed to find someone at Cardnet who has compiled a record of returned machines serial numbers so at leat we were able to prove it was returned. But they are still chasing us for monthly rental payments. It is now June 2011 and another threat arrived in the post today. I am going to attack Lloyds TSB who got us into this mess. That will include a sit-in at our local branch where we have four accounts.
    Telephoning the LloydsTSB Cardnet person who fixed up the latest contract gets no response.

  • Ca
      17th of Jun, 2011
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    Further to my post of yesterday. Our Lloyds TSB Bank Manager where we have our four accounts (business and personal) refused point blank to do anything to help or to get involved at all. Told us to deal direct with LloydsTSB Cardnet.

  • Si
      18th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    i wrote two letters again to cancel my contract with CPS,

    not happy with the service and aslo a few hidden charges are popping up here and their,
    now i'm facing that i was sold this contract on false pretenses, were i was told i would have a
    18 month contract as my shop lease was a short lease and had only 18 months left, , so i put this forward to your sales person
    and i was told that is not a problem as this is only a 18 month contract, , but infact as i'm now told buy CPS & FORRESTER UK that it is 24 month contract,
    i dont see why i should get chraged for it as the contact was not provided to me on correct information .
    i suggest them to finde out who the sales person that it was, that gave me this contract on false pretenses and make
    him pay for it, as i will not pay any more money to your self and have now canceld all my direct debits.!!

  • Si
      18th of Jul, 2011
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    I'm writing again to cancel my contract with CPS & FORRESTER UK,

    not happy with the service and aslo a few hidden charges are popping up here and their,
    now i'm facing that i was sold this contract on false pretenses, were i was told i would have a
    18 month contract as my shop lease was a short lease and had only 18 months left, , so i put this forward to your sales person
    and i was told that is not a problem as this is only a 18 month contract, , but infact as i'm now told buy your self that it is 24 month contract,
    i dont see why i should get chraged for it as the contact was not provided to me on correct information .
    i suggest CPS & FORRESTER UK to finde out who the sales person that it was, that gave me this contract on false pretenses and make
    him pay for it, as i will not pay any more money to your self and have now canceld all my direct debits.

  • Ca
      25th of Aug, 2011
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    An update of my experience with these American gangsters.
    I wrote to the Chairman of Lloyds Banking Group and received a reply from an underling who said they had no control over the activities of Forrester Holdings but volunteered to put money in our bank account so that we could pay them off!!
    This week I actually received a letter from the Forrester Holdings employee who telephoned me last week chasing payment of £64 when I demanded that she put in writing exactly what the payment was for. Her name is Rachel Essendoh, Forrster Holdings LLC, 132 West 31st Street, 13th Floor New York 10001, USA.
    My response to their claim is that they are demanding money for a period when we were paying another provider of the terminal who was approved by Lloyds TS Cardnet. As the Forrester terminal was not at that time approved by Cardnet, they failed to provide the service they contracted to provide.
    DO NOT GIVE IN TO THESE PEOPLE - WASTE THEIR TIME AND MONEY BUT NEVER PAY - We still do not know of any occassion when they have dared to take it near an English Court.

  • An
      7th of Oct, 2011
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    my original contract with hypercom expired years ago. they now have sent paperwork demanding i sign a new 4yr contract.they are impossible to contact by telephone and do not reply to "e"mails. O.F.T and the F.S.A have the power to deal with them!why have they not done so?

  • Gs
      19th of Mar, 2012
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    Don't know if this will help in any way, but we have had an awful time with this shocking company Forrester Holdings. We sent back their (faulty) equipment and paid them up to date. But we get bill after bill demanding money (amount increasing all the time) and have sent in several complaints letters which they never acknowledge in any way. They are just disgusting bullies!!!
    So now, each time they send in another demanding letter, I am sending them an invoice for the the custom we lost due to their equipment not working. I will increase this amount on a regular basis (which is what they threaten us with) if they fail to pay up.
    Any-one else having problems could possibly send them in invoices demanding money for the stress they are causing, or the time wasted in dealing with their nasty threats. Perhaps if enough of us do this they will back off.
    Also, if WATCHDOG get enough complaints about them they will act on it - so if you have a moment why not email watchdog?!
    Good luck

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