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1 Largo, United States

I brought my wife to Foot Solutions in Largo, FL hoping to find a quality pair of shoes that will help her walk. The sales pitch we received was impressive and she left with a $280.00 pair of shoes. Our excitement turned quickly to sadness when she discovered the shoes caused her so much pain she couldn't wear them. Living an hour away, we went to the store the following Saturday planning to return them. A sales person encouraged her to keep trying and made an adjustment to the arch. After another week of attempting to "get used" to the shoes, my wife's pain was just too unbearable. I kept encouraging her to try maybe an hour or so then to go back to her old shoes as the sales person suggested on the previous visit. On the last day she wore the shoes she developed a small split on the ball of her foot. Being diabetic she became scared and made it clear she would never put the shoes on again. She was very upset.

I took off work and made the hour trek to the store again expecting to simply return them. "The shoes just did not work out, " I explained. I was told very firmly and matter-of-factly that since the shoes had been worn, they would not refund them...period. I explained that they had encouraged her to keep trying on our last visit, but the manager was very cold in telling me that once we left the store we were "on our own." Basically she told me that my wife had the opportunity to wear them in the store before we bought them, but once she wore them outside the store they would not take them back. I explained that we'd be willing to come back someday and try another pair, but obviously the little bit of profit they made on this one sale that clearly did not work out for us is much more important to them than having either one of us ever buy from them again.

That is a red flag of a store that likely won't be open for very much longer as repeat business or customer loyalty is not important as compared to a quick buck in the moment.

This morning, by refusing to take the shoes back and treating me as a fool and a sucker in front of their other customers for having my wife walk out of their store with a new pair of shoes, not only have they lost my family's business forever, I will definitely share our negative experience with everyone we know. All I can say is BUYER BEWARE.

May 22, 2015

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