Food 4 Less / Checkers talking on the phone during transactions

5318 South Main Street la Ca 90037, Los Angeles, CA, United States
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Phone: (323)846-8895

I was having a wonderful Sunday afternoon until I went
through the line today at Food 4 Less on 5318 South Main Street. My cashier was
talking on the phone discussing dropping off the car to a friend’s house the
entire time I was in line. The person was making him upset because he really
really wanted to drop off his car at his friends house and I guess by the way
he was checking me out on the register that “Miguel L. was upset and was going
to get even with the public” I was the unlucky customer of Miguel L @ Food 4
Less all of a sudden. He was talking so bad to the person that I forgot to give
him my coupon. After the transaction I was made very uncomfortable as I watched
Miguel L. continually ring up the order three times then, after I gave him the
coupon Miguel L. got continually worse in behavior. The customer behind me
literally was amazed at Miguel’s behavior and just starred at him to confirm
that he was being watched. I thank her for that. He even had the nerve to ask
me for my card so he can ring up the order total for the second time and I
refused for him to try to purposefully ring up and charge me for the second
time. I saw him ring up a order and clear it then ring up another order then
clear it again. That’s why I said no! He then started ringing up other
customers and more customers before he helped me and the line was intensively
getting longer and longer as everyone came to his line to see what I was
yelling about. “I totally felt assured that everyone knew that he was wrong but
maybe they thought otherwise. Because he then he told me to go to another line
because I would not allow him to charge me twice. He really has a nerve to
behave this way at all especially in a business with so many cameras running on
the joint. I thought that I felt safe going into Food 4 Less and still do. Even
with unattended baby stroller in the isle ways for all to see. Additionally
during the fifth transaction with me and after running 3 customers Miguel threw
the coupon on the grocer belt and away it went to the floor with intention for
the coupon to get lost and then he said “hey did you take the coupon”? I looked
on the floor and it was there. Additionally he said that “why did I did I give
him the coupon in a combative way – stating that I had just received the coupon
from him from the initial ring up.” Food 4 less I started yelling in the store
and told him that it was going to get worse because I wanted to talk to the
Manager. Every girl checker in the check stands came to Miguel’s service as a
joint team and stood by and around him. I asked again I am not sure that I
actually talked to a manager then again I was directed to a fellow named “Bill”
he was standing acrossed all registers but nor did Miguel make the effort to
provide “Bill” but a checker told me that “Bill “ was the manager.

After receiving my refund of a $1.00 with the help of every
checker there. I walked out of the store then back to “Bill” and stated that I
was having trouble receiving a refund from your cashier and he said that he
knew and he will talk to him about it.

I am furious that Miguel tried to do anything on the
register that I could not see because I say all of his intentions to cause each
and every customer disrespect. By Miguel being on the phone at all should be a
“Yelp” incidence. I cannot believe that employees are allowed to talk for the
maximum of five minutes on the phone and no manager says anything but to put
them on the check stand when they are talking on the phone even in the isles.
Is there something going on at Food 4 Less with Miguel. Are you going to
continually allow him to talk on the phone and play with the register and tell
people to do as he says or leave?

My initial transaction time was 4:59 pm then the time I
received the refund was 5:06pm

Sep 28, 2014

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