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I placed an order for balloons for delivery on a specific date (today) - my grandson's homecoming from the hospital after surgery. He's eight. The Get Well balloons didn't get there and even though I signed up for an email notification of any problems with delivery, I didn't get one. I just happened to call my grandson expecting he would have received a cheerful bouquet from me. Otherwise, I might never have known that I spent $50.00 on nothing. Interesting that today I can't find any customer service email address or phone number on the website. Note to self - don't order from an online company that doesn't have "contact us" link on the page! I found a customer service phone number [protected] and guess I shouldn't be surprised but there was no one available and the message box was full. Yep. I got ripped off. A friend suggested I find a local gift shop near my daughter's home in Oklahoma and use them in the future.

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