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Flextronics / Employment

1 NJ, United States Review updated:

Earlier this year, I got a call from a recruiter for this company telling me that they saw my resume online and would like to interview me. I accepted, as I was desperate for another job at the time that paid a bit higher, which they did. I went to an interview, which had numerous other applicants filling out paperwork, and then was put through two interviews, which took about a half an hour total.

At the time of the interview, they told me that I would have heathcare and dental after my two week training session (which was two hours away from my home and they would not pay for a hotel). They said that all expensives of tolls and gas would be paid.

The two weeks of training was complete B.S. For one, half of the people in my training class did not know how to read properly, which is what we were doing, going around the room and reading the training manual. I felt like I was in 4th grade all over again. Most of the other employees either had no previous experience or no real idea of business ethics, as there was "drama" starting for the people who did happen to get hotel rooms. These people were in their 30s and 40s and were acting as if they were in high school. This gave me an idea of the type of people they hire and I was somewhat insulted by the fact that I was in this group of individuals.

After training, they gave us all of these addresses and information on how to get our gas and toll money back. The process was unbelievable and they said it could be up to two to three months before I saw a dime of my expenses. I still haven't seen it, and this was from February.

The training was annoying, but it was no as bad as when I was transferred to the store. This company, and it could be the store I worked in, has numerous HR issues such as racial profiling and sexual harrassment, both of which affected me greatly. My first manager was very rude to customers unless they were a certain race, and that went for her employees as well. The girl who was training me in store was nice, but she left out some important things, which I, personally, go into trouble for later.

After a few weeks, the first manager left and a new manager came in. He seemed very nice, but shady at the same time. He continuously would insinuate that he would want to date me, such as asking me to go out to the bar with him, telling me that I wouldn't have to do anything sexual for him if I didn't want to, to get promoted, etc.

Also, this is after a month of working there, and I was told that I would not see health care probably for another five months.

I had a planned vacation set in April which they were well aware of. When I asked for the time off, I got a large amount of complaints from the DISTRICT MANAGER, not my manager, telling me that I had no choice but to work. I will admit that the week before my vacation, I walked out on my lunch break and never went back. After this, I was getting 5-10 calls a day from the territory and district managers asking me to come back. I ignored all of these calls. The manager that was sexually harrassing me was also calling me, and I had refused to even go near him after a while.

I also became very ill for a bit during my employment. I was working overtime, and had no choice but to call out one day (it was actually the night before my shift) because I had a 103 degree fever and no voice. I was written up for this.

Also, when I was hired, I was told that we had no sales expectations, because we were not working off of commision like the sales people were. Three weeks after I was in store, if we did not sell a certain number of accessories, we would be written up. Yet we got no commission off of this. I have had jobs that have sales expectations, but they realized that there were good and bad days, we were never disciplined for it as long as we were putting our best into it.

After I walked out, about two weeks later, I got a letter telling me that I was terminated. I laughed at this because I knew I wasn't there anymore.

If you're offered a job for this company, take it in stride. I think my experience was a personal one, but the company just seems to be a group of misfits. They kept complaining about having no real office, and the district and territory big-wigs were in our training sessions because they "finally had a place to do their work." Also the training session could be taught by monkeys.

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  • Ar
      1st of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I think I work in the zone that you had issues, and know all three of the problem managers. Just to be fare It sounds like you had a very bad experence with a few bad people

  • An
      21st of Jan, 2012
    0 Votes

    I was hired last year in ny. It was the same ###, and after 4 month i quit, i didnt receive my last paycheck, they never paid me my last two weeks of work.

  • Ju
      20th of Feb, 2012
    +1 Votes

    I have been interviewed via yahoo messenger for a work at home position. They are tellin me that there is a store opening up close by, and I will be placed there at that time. What would you suggest? Does this even sound legit to you?

  • Je
      18th of Jun, 2012
    0 Votes

    the sam ething happened to me! justwonderinghere..did they offer to send u a check t buy all needed materials for ur "mini office' AND did they?

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