Flexsin Technologies Pvt Ltd / Using Fake softwares (Microsoft & Adobe), Auding records & Income tax fraud by not shoing original income and tax paying

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Flexsin Technologies Pvt Ltd, is a fraud SEO, Internet Marketing firm Using Fake software (Microsoft & Adobe), and maintaining false records & Income tax fraud by not showing original income earned and tax paying records. They run a 80 employee firm but have shown over records much less than 30, so that they can mislead the Tax filing, Income tax, licensing and other important aspects. This firm gets all money from paypal for all business and shift accounts time to time to mis lead account statements.

People involved in this fraud - Satya Prakesh (MD), Amit Sharma (COO), wife Payal Sharma (working as flash designer), Munesh Singh (Business Partner). Their banking partners are Kotak Mahindra, ICICI Bank, DCB.

In this fraud of non tax paying racket, the CA hired on contract by Flexsin is also helping then with ideal to ensure all wrong practices, and settling of wrong accounts details. They have bought land in sector 65, and managed to take loan over it by showing illegal documents, and by bribing bank agents, Noida authority agents and middlemen.

They work on "website development" and "Search engine optimization" projects, specially for unethical industry like PORN website, Banned Medical Products (Pharmacy based), Adult website, Escort website and many other. By selling banned products online they make money and run the business.

I will worn all clients and business associates, banks, Legal Authorities of stating away from such unethical business firms. They need to be put behind bars for this fraud of government money. Indian Government, RBI, Customs and Income tax department should not allow such businesses owners to run business.

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  • Ju
      23rd of Jan, 2011

    We agree, since we are an Ex-employee of Flexsin Technologies and we all agree to this.

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  • Ju
      28th of Feb, 2011

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  • Ju
      1st of Mar, 2011

    I am so sad that i was a victim of Flexsin Technologies, and i lost $22, 450, they now threat me that they will so negative SEO on my website and make goodwill bad on Google, some one please help me ? I have consulted my lawyer and hope to get some relief. I should have been over Elance, they talked good to me initially and Amit Sharma and Satya Prakesh convinced me to work outside elance by mentioning Elance charges 20% commissions and to save costing let us work outside elance, I failed to relies it was a bid trap by Flexsin.

    Pls beware of Flexsin Technologies (P) Ltd –

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  • Ou
      23rd of Jun, 2011

    I know this is a different issue / experience but you must know the the truth... Elance abuses customer Privacy!
    I have just been informed by a 3rd party (who fully disclosed he was a 3rd party) that elance released my transaction history!
    This 3rd party is not a registered user of elacne, there was no subpoena, no warrant and no request from any law enforcement agency but this 3rd party was able to send several well crated emails to elance inquiring about my account, acting as a 3rd party and was able to get access to my transactional history.

    Be warned of elance they do NOT protect your privacy.
    They will release your personal data and release your financial records to anyone...

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  • El
      11th of Dec, 2011

    Flexsin is a company with bad reputation and fraudulent activities. Flexsin is formed by ex-employees of Synapse India ( They stole the data from Syanpse and built a company of their own. Thats why they dont have identity of their own.
    The identity of these guys are as under:
    CEO: Satya Parakash Sharma
    COO: Amit Sharma

    Their major business comes from Elance, apart from that they do not have much of repeating customer. Business is not done with good intentions.
    All the business at Flexsin is done in the name of Munesh Singh, who is supposed to be the partner in Flexsin. Entire sales team works using fake identity. Getting bigger project done with flexsin is Nightmare.

    Beware of Flexsin.

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  • Gl
      16th of Mar, 2012

    We agree completely that Flexsin is a Fraud in the knowledge that they promise as well. We have terminated an agreement for a large contract and they did nothing but lie from the very start. They do not have the required personnel or even experience to handle important and complex projects. So much time has been wasted. Incompetent, disgraceful and complete disappointments. We wish we would have known about these background checking methods and threads sooner.

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  • St
      15th of Feb, 2013

    Don't believe on this kind message ever. That is Indian Company but here the users are not Indian. So, every person can easily understand that you want to spread wrong thing to capture the business of them.

    I Hate this kind of spammers and hope all will also.

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  • Ra
      2nd of Apr, 2013

    I am 100% agree from this post i think this post expose the complete flexin company in short but i have a complain that use miss Bhavna Sharma from your corrupted people list.

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  • Ti
      2nd of Apr, 2013

    Completely agree with all these comments.All these comments are very true to my knowledge as i also suffered from it.

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  • Ba
      14th of Feb, 2014
    Best Best Advice

    Flexsin is totally ### !!! All the thief lives in Flexsin.

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  • Ak
      25th of Sep, 2014

    Flexsin is very bad company. not recomended.
    he did not tell anything after interview clearence he tell when you go to join the company.
    submitting original 10th certificate for 1 month
    2 yr agreement, and if leaving before then 1 month notice period, and 3 month salary

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  • Ju
      31st of May, 2015

    I have joined the company in the year 2008 when they have almost started the company. There was only 4 employee at that time in the company & I was the 5th one. As soon as I
    was able to understand there way of working, it was a shocking for me. Management (Satya, Amit, Bhawna) were doing unnecessary politics in the company to take control on the employees. If someone who is not agree with what other people, I will advice you to go and spend some time (3-4 months) in the company and than see what is happening over there. I know one of my friend to whom they terminated in front of all employees and embarrassed them by telling his mistakes. They have even asked him to write written apology letter and kept it with them and threatened him to transfer to the police.
    Its not a surprise that they have even looted clients also. Everything that has begin is to end one lets see when these guys have a ending of there so called beloved company FLEXSIN...

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  • Fl
      18th of Jul, 2015

    Dear Reader,

    After reading the post and comments we thought to composing this letter to legitimize the organization's credibility and accreditations. The post written by JUSTICE2011 (Seems Fake Identity) is with the purpose of causing damage to the company's reputation and more importantly to confuse and mislead our "Clients and Associates". Here are the answers to all illegitimate statements against Flexsin technologies Pvt. Ltd, made by some bad rivals & it's associates.

    #1 Regarding fake company and Software licenses

    Flexsin is well Established and Reputed software development company having 200+ employees along with huge list of clients worldwide registered under "Ministry of Corporate Affairs" of government of India. As far as software licenses are concerned, we have all required licenses of Microsoft, Adobe and many others. In fact, we are partners with them. We request our valued "clients and associates" to contact us directly by visiting our corporate site "" or email us at [protected] and we will show you the certifications and licenses that we have received from Govt. of India and reputed software license providing organizations along with contact details of the respective authorities to verify the same.

    #2 Regarding income and tax paying

    As the company have been registered under Govt. of India and is filling all tax returns as per the Govt. rules / policies as other companies doing. It's fact that Government is much powerful with huge machinery to cross verify each and everything related to company financials. Well, we request our valued "clients and associates" to contact us at [protected] and we will show you the required information and provide contact details of respective authorities to verify the same.

    #3 In the post individual "JUSTICE2011" (Fake Identity) have written untrue and derogatory remarks against management / associates to malign and tarnish the image and reputation. How is that possible that everyone including associates, Bank and other Government Authorities are wrong and this individual (JUSTICE2011) who haven't disclosed the REAL NAME is right? Let's reader judge the fairness of the post and the comments.

    #4 About individual JUSTICE2011 who posted wrong criticism is having fake identity, here is our findings...

    In the post the individual stated that he was an ex-employee with the company and posted about the company's reputation. In the next post, the same individual JUSTICE2011 has written that he was a client of Flexsin and lost money. Both statements are contradictory and stands fake, the comments posted with a cheap intention to damage the company's reputation by any rivals / associates.

    23rd of Jan, 2011: JUSTICE2011 stated he agrees to the complaint that is actually posted by the same person and states to be the ex-employee of the company.
    1st of Mar, 2011: JUSTICE2011 is now the client of Flexsin Technologies who lost $22, 450. A person who posted the complaint as non-identified individual in the comment posted reply as being the ex-employee and then one of the client who has been victimized by the company.

    Well the Individuals "Justice009" and "Glad to Help" and many others are instance ID created by "JUSTICE2011" to post baseless comments to give weightage to the post. Seems kidding, as they don't know 0 + 0 = ZERO.

    In conclusion, we found that Flexsin's rapid growth from the scratch within short span of time is the main cause behind such postings. The post and the comments are completely fake and defamatory just to tarnish the image of the organization and management/associates, posted by the bad rivals/associates. This is cheap & disgraceful act and it's crime.

    Nevertheless, the legal process against the fake post and comments have been processed and they will face the legal consequences very soon for the criminal and defamatory misconduct. Therefore, We request and advice our valued clients/associates do not get panic and just contact us. We would be very glad to answer all your queries with real evidences and proof.

    Legal Cell - Flexsin
    Email: [protected]
    Address: G 63, Sector 63, Noida

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  • Pa
      31st of Mar, 2016

    I was associated with Flexsin for more than 3 years and it is an amazing place to work at. If you are a diligent professional Flexsin as a company will offer you every possible avenue to harness your optimum output . I have come a long way in my professional journey thus far and it would not have been possible without the opportunities and platform offered to me by my then reporting manager Mr. Amit Sharma. And as we all know "People only throw stones at trees with fruit on them" And all these negative and defamatory posts against Flexsin bear tell tale signs of envy and personal grudge. Any person with common sense can tell these are baseless and untenable posts. I wish Flexsin exponential success and growth in the years ahead!

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  • Ka
      8th of Apr, 2016

    Totally disorganized scanners

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  • Ke
      28th of Jun, 2016

    Indian scam company that is incapable of any product delivery. Relies heavily on unsolicited spam and bull ###. Want to see a terrible designed and out of date website? Visit theirs and it speaks for itself. AVOID.

    -3 Votes

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