Flagstar Bankbilling and customer service.

En Dec 06, 2018 Troy, MI

My loan no. is [protected]. I called your customer service 8 times. The problem started when my mortgage was moved from Cenlar. I was on a bi-weekly payment with Cenlar and when I called Flagstar, the rep said that that would be carried over. My next draft should be on the friday which I believed was Nov 2, 2018. But Flagstar debited my biweekly payment on Nov 7, Wednesday. When I called Flagstar the first time to clarify if that draft would be now on Wednesdays, the rep said that the next would be Nov 16. So she presumed that the Nov 7 payment would be applied on Nov 16 coz the next she said would be Nov 30.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Troy, MI So I was told to put a stop payment on Nov 16 and was not told either that my auto biweekly payment would be cancelled. I then called again and very frustrated so the rep filed a case twice to reinstate it back. Now Dec 6, 2018 I called again, and that rep wants me to do the paperwork. So why should I do an extra work here where in fact everything should have been in place!! This is only one month of the transfer of servicing but I am already pissed with how you are treating me as your client! Your reps should know how to assist and help to resolve the issue and not to tell me what to do if it's your fault that my biweekly has been cancelled!!! I am going to escalate this to BBB because this wasn't fair for me that I kept calling and still the issue is not resolved!!

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