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BE very careful about buying a car and your loan being sold to Fireside Bank.

If you do no have very good credit (due to divorce or what ever), you can still get a car loan at a higher rate, but be careful that they don't sell it to Fireside Bank in City of Industry. There is a current class action suit about this company that you can read about yourself regarding similar issues list here.

This Bank uses methods to harass you even if you are a day late. When you are late, they call you and ask for your address and phone number and any other info just to make it inconvenient and painful as possible. You tell them that you are going to send out a payment the next Friday. So they call you the next day asking again your personal information and ask why is it late and that you are to pay them on the 15th in a threatening tone and continue to ask over and over why is it late. You try to explain your situation and they say they don't care. Basically harassing you every day until they receive this payment. They won't let you get off the phone. If you hang up they call again or try to cal l your work. My wife was so irritated by them that she now refuses to deal with them at all. She turned her phone off and told the front office not to take their calls at work. They got on the phone with the front office and was rude them as well, demanding the must speak to my wife and this was for being 5 days late.

They call me and we both got into a swearing match over the phone where they were not going to let me off until I felt that my privacy was thoroughly violated. Each day you are late they get a more threatening rude person on the phone. Times are hard and the fact we are getting our payment to them each month even if we are 10 days late, they should not complain. It turns out the car we bought was a used car that was a lemon. The transmission kept breaking, the front end must of been in a wreck and the used car dealer never told us any of this.

But we are paying it off - but in either case the bank does not need to harass us this causes violence to occur in our society. So don't bank with this bank.



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      Sep 24, 2009
    Fireside Bank - third party disclosure
    fireside bank
    District of Columbia
    United States

    I was late on my payment and the collectors called my refference and advised her i had until 5pm to call him back. if no call back then they were coming to pick up my truck.

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      Jun 24, 2011

    We too ended up with Fireside Bank..They have been rude, mean and just plain unprofessional! They have called my in-laws in an obvious attempt to embarrass us. They have yelled at me on the phone, threatened to come get the car and then, with 3 payments left, repossessed it. We did get it back and now are ahead in our payments. NEVER, NEVER again will I ever deal with these people..and I will go to EVERY agency to express my discontent with their tactics. I am SOOO glad they are being shown here and on other sites for the horrible people they are...How do they sleep at night?

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      Jul 31, 2011

    I am stuck with them for a while.Yes 90 percent of those ###s are rude and refuse to work things out.Yesterday was a saturday and they called and said if i dont make any payments by 11 a.m they were gonna send tow trucks!One guy asked if i cant afford a car, dont bother getting one, i just recently missed 2 months, i said i would pay it wed.thats 4 extra days, but they would not take it, i said i can give a 100 bucks and a check dated for wed, and they refused!I said 90 percent, it should be 99 percent, if anyone is dealing with fireside, ask for CHAD, he is the only one who helped me in the past, but now im dealing with his boss and man is she a capital B.

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      Aug 04, 2012

    I also had a loan with Fireside Bank. Everything that is mentioned in the above letter is very true. These threatened to repossess the car at my place of employment, My payment was late by one day and I had made a payment arrangements to pay it my next payday which was two days from the day the called me. I am so glad that this bank is being investigated. My car got repossessed the next day!
    My car low blue book was $16000 in 2010. They sold my car for $9000 I was to pay the balance of 13000 which caused me to file bankruptcy.
    H (Denny) Gowan

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