Finesse Eye Serum / Scam

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Phone: 1877-569-8437

This company offers a trial for their product but does NOT tell you, you will be charged over 90 dollars after you have received the product. It is very deceptive advertising claiming you only have to pay 4.95 in shipping. Then it adds another product to order even though you decline to order it because they items "work" together. When you try to cancel they offer more time and a discount. If you insist on returning it UNused they still charge a 9.99 REstocking fee.

Jul 13, 2015
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  • Jo
      2nd of Dec, 2015

    It's True Screwed Twice One California
    Other Florida

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  • Tn
      26th of Feb, 2016

    I wish I had read this comment before I ordered this product. I just got scammed as well. I called to explain I haven't had a 2 week trial and they have been holding my funds at my bank before the 2 week trial expired, the customer service reps "George" and "Steven" were rude and inconsiderate. I asked to speak to a supervisor. I was told the Supervisor was not available. I persisted. Then the "Supervisor" Eric badge #978417 came to the phone claiming he had just gotten out of a "meeting". He was rude as well. I asked him not to refer to me by my first name. He continued to do it anyway. I'm very dissatisfied.

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  • Ri
      8th of May, 2016

    I just got scammed as well. I got the serum 8 days ago and they have charged my card over $90. When I called to complain, I was told the 14 day trial started the day I placed the order. I was told on the recording I could return the product, however, the representative was so rude and told me I should have read the details. There were no details...Please don't get duped by this scandalous company, plus the product is junk, not even worth the $4.95.

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  • Ma
      4th of Jun, 2016

    I was charged $89.53 for a product I did not receive. Spoke with Deyon and had 2 witnesses for the call. He was screaming at me and would talk over me when I was trying to tell him the problem. He than said I was disrespecting him and swearing at him which was not true. He said it was my word against his. (I had witnesses including my credit card company) He than said he would refund 1/2 my money and became very hostile when I said no I never got the product. He refused to let me speak with a supervisor or give me the name of the company owner. After an hour of his abuse he hung up. I will be contacting everyone I work with to warn them as well as our local news. No one needs this abusive treatment. I asked him if it bothers him to take money without providing what was paid for and he said no it doesn't bother me at all.

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  • Sh
      24th of Jun, 2016

    I also fell for this along with the Face Serum $90.00 each and was told the trial starts the moment you submit . I'm wondering if a class actin law suite can get started ! I don't know where to start this .

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