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My mom recently received a letter in my name from a company called Financial Express regarding an award I had won of $9, 851.80 USD. The letter had a check enclosed of $985.18 USD. Relieved and completely exited because being a university student, I am very short on cash, I asked her to deposit it into my bank account right away. My mom faxed me the letter the next day, and when i read it carefully, i noticed that there was a $900.oo USD tax that I had to pay before the rest of the money was sent to me. I immediately called my bank because that just didn't sound right. I asked them to verify if the check was real. They said they would, and that they would let me know right away if it was so I could start using the money, and if it wasn't, to not touch the money because these things have happened before. Checks like this one bounce all the time and people that do spend the money end up overdrafting. So I didn't touch the money at all, i was waiting on the bank to contact me about the origin of that check. I was not expecting what happened later. I noticed that the check was shown as a withdrawal in my account plus an extra fee! My bank had charged me a fine for being involved in illegal and fraudulent activity!!! And then they blocked my account!!! Even after I had already let them know what had happened and even after I had asked them for advise on what to do in these situations, they never told me this would happen. This is also a complaint for WELLS FARGO BANK because of the lack of information they give you for these situations. They are completely selfish for doing something like this! I still haven't called the "claim agent" that the letter said to call, a certain Nancy Lowes on [protected]. What's the point, I already know this letter is a scam.

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      Sep 13, 2010

    My son received this letter from Financial Express with a cashier's check for $958.18. The letter explained that he had won the sum of $9851.80 and would have to send the "tax amount" of $900 "as per [our] state regulations." It listed a claim number and a claims agent that he was to call to make further arrangements. Obviously there are too many red flags to begin to list here. This is a sophisticated scam designed to catch the unwary, but make no mistake it IS A SCAM. The cashier's check looks very legitimate, and is even written on a legitimate banking institution. I found the Utah Community Credit Union online, so I contacted them to verify funds. Sure enough the check number was not in their system, and as it turned out they were aware of this scam. So a bit of unsolicited advice to others - obviously some people don't realize that you can call a bank to verify funds on a check written on their institution.
    NEVER put something like this in your bank. If you receive a check like this look up the bank online and contact them to see if the check is genuine.

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      Feb 07, 2011

    DO NOT deposit checks like these! When they are charged back against your account the bank will more than likely levy a "Charge Back" fee. So you will pay even if you never spend one dime of this money. These checks are forgeries. It is not a legitimate sweepstakes if they require you to send them money before you get all of yours. Be vey careful out there...

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